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  • liberation war

    MARCH 31, 1971: Indira Gandhi pledges support

    The month of March, that saw the ignition of flames of freedom, finally came to an end.

  • Trial for 1971 genocide

    We are happy to hear young Pakistanis, who represent the new generation in Pakistan, take up the cause of letting their people know ...

  • NO to war criminal NIZAMI'S plea

    The legal battle in the war crimes case against Motiur Rahman Nizami has finally drawn to a close after 69 long months. The man, who led the ruthless militia Al-Badr in the massacre of Bangalees including intellectuals and professionals during the 1971 Liberation War, has now only one option left -- seeking presidential clemency by confessing to the crimes he committed during the nine-month war.

  • Jamaat calls hartal as SC upholds Nizami’s death

    Supreme Court upholds death penalty awarded to Jamaat-e-Islami amir Motiur Rahman Nizami for crimes committed against humanity in 1971. Protesting the ruling, Jamaat calls a countrywide daylong hartal for Thursday.

  • Court orders probe into sedition charges against Khaleda

    BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia is sued for sedition for her recent comment questioning the number of martyrs in the country's Liberation War of 1971.

  • ‘Khaleda still loyal to Pakistani forces’

    The Ekattorer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee strongly criticises BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s recent statement on the number of martyrs during the country’s 1971 Liberation War.

  • The frontpage of Dawn newspaper's December 21, 1971 issue.

    After 1971 defeat, Bhutto dreamt of confederation

    Even before the bloods of 30 million Bangalis had dried, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the villain behind the breakup of Pakistan and the political mastermind of genocide in 1971, had expressed an audacious proposal of Pakistan and Bangladesh uniting again.

  • Oh Pakistan!

    It is really not a surprise that Pakistan would make a statement which pretty much echoes what the research has been revealing all along: that Pakistan justifies the war crimes; that Pakistan will not take responsibility for the harm they inflicted on an entire people in 1971.

  • Pakistani prisoners of war leaving Bangladesh in 1971

    [Watch] Journey of surrendered Pakistanis to POW camp in India

    After their surrender, 93,000 Pakistani soldiers had to take an arduous journey to prisoners of war camp in India. They were first taken to Narayanganj and later to Khulna to be transported to West Bengal later by train.

  • 3 Mymensingh, Jamalpur war crimes suspects sent to jail

    A tribunal in Dhaka sends three war crimes suspects to jail for their alleged involvement in crimes against humanity in Mymensingh and Jamalpur during the country’s Liberation War in 1971.