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Connecting Hearts through Art
Star Youth

Connecting Hearts through Art

It is easy to mend a broken toy but it is not easy to repair shattered dreams, broken hearts and most of all, a destroyed present.

  • Registration for Astro-Olympiad 2018 closes on March 9, 2018

    The regional level competition of the National Museum of Science and Technology Astro-Olympiad 2018 is going to be arranged on March 10, 2018, followed by the national level competition on March 23, 2018.

  • "Build a business leveraging Facebook"

    On February 23, 2018, ShopUp hosted their first SuperSellers workshop, powered by The Daily Star, with Star Youth, The Daily Star, as the youth engagement partner. The event took place in the Daily Star premises, with various online business owners taking part in it to get valuable insights on the possibilities of online marketing and how they can use various methods to enhance their

  • Youth Opportunities

    USTC Chinese Government Scholarship 2018 [Fully Funded]

  • National Tech Competition at SUST

    An opportunity for tech enthusiasts

  • ‘Generate Talent by Immersing in Recreation’ : 12th HGC National Talento’ Genesis Fiesta

    Talent Generating Event

  • Dhaka Half Marathon 2018

    Highlighting Bangladesh on the global platform from a new perspective

  • EconPodium 1.0 – Registration begins

    A challenge to discover the best millennial urban policy makers

  • Are You Ready For Change?

    Vales, eco-system and the market change with time. It is important to understand how one's skill and passion will be beneficial with the changing phenomenon. On the second session of Coffee with Mentor, enthusiast participants from different universities learnt this very crucial lesson from none other than mentor Sabbir Hasan Nasir, Executive Director, ACI Logistics Ltd. (Shwapno).

  • Roundtable: Analytics for Public Good

    On January 18, 2018, WebAble Digital arranged “Analytics to Improve Public Service” co-hosted by The Daily Star, a roundtable discussion with public service specialists to initiate the conversation on analytics and how measuring efforts will help realise a “Digital Bangladesh” that can lead to a better quality of public service.

  • Quiz Competition

    In 1952, the young people of Bangladesh took their voices to the streets of Dhaka, protesting the imposition of Urdu as the state language. They sacrificed their lives to retain the prestige of Bangla, our national identity and culture. Our brave and invincible martyrs inspire us all to be courageous, determined, and liberal.