• Milking the Snakes

    Snakes are one of the most feared animals as many snake species possess powerful venom, strong enough to kill a man in one bite.

  • Working with the Live Mannequins

    While checking out an elegant dress in a fashion store, suddenly you notice the mannequin blinking.

  • The Sponge Divers

    There is an ancient Greek myth that says humans learnt to dive under water to collect sponge. In fact, sponge diving is the oldest

  • Ethical Hackers

    Cyber security is one of the biggest concerns of all the big corporations and government agencies around the world. Hackers are always

  • Professional Line-Standers

    During the release of the new iPhone 7 and sales offers on the occasions like Black Friday and Christmas, people are seen standing in long queues, days before the opening hour of the sales.

  • Selling Luck On the Streets

    It takes a lot of courage to live in a city, especially when it is a city like Dhaka. As our beloved congested and noisy Dhaka grows, so does the hassles of the good people who live here.