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    I was walking home from university a few days ago when I had an interesting thought. I'm a student of Dhaka University. Unlike many other students, we are blessed with a spacious campus and lush greenery. Despite the availability of ample pavements within DU, I was walking on the road. It was a choice—one that I, and many others, make everyday. I realised this was borne out of habit, an involuntary action I


    The other day I was going to pick some fruits from our village garden when I saw a few people beating a newt mercilessly.

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    Every February, I do not let go of the opportunity to revive my love for reading by visiting the Boi Mela. I let my children accompany

  • A Strong Bond

    While people complain of not having good neighbours, I have been very lucky in this business. My next door neighbour to the left is a family of four.

  • Heavy school bags on delicate shoulders

    As the winter vacation comes to an end and it's time for children to head back to school, my 7-year-old son dreads going back to school.


    I have always been an avid reader. When smart phones started taking over our lives, I became very agitated finding people around me looking at their phone screens all the time.


    Last week, when my car was stuck in traffic on the Kakrail road, I noticed two elderly men and a middle-aged man standing over the crossing in-between the two roads.

  • A few observations and my suggestions

    I have stayed 2 long weeks in Dhaka, a week in Rajshahi, and 2 nights in Sylhet - at The Palace Resort, and am returning to Sydney


    The other day something funny happened. One of my friends and I were in the elevator of his house where we saw his neighbour loudly talking on phone.


    Just a couple of days back, a friend was talking about her “eligible for marriage” sister whom the potential groom's family was about to “see” that evening.

  • Charity for whom?

    Every year, our local community serves thousands of needy families with health assistance, food, and toys.

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    The long road from Banani to Uttara is invariably busy all the time. On a trip to Uttara from Banani, my car stopped at the

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    An Unusual Encounter

  • Sexist jokes are not funny

    These days breaking into a male dominated is not impossible, but staying in it is the real challenge. Gender biases and negative attitudes toward women make it difficult for us to break into male-dominated fields.

  • When will it stop?

    A few days ago, I had an incredible experience which is really worth mentioning. My brother did really well in his exam.


    The other day while I was in a beauty salon, I found someone just went on a rant to a hair stylist because of her unsatisfactory beauty experience.


    I witnessed an accident while being stuck in a traffic jam. A young boy, who broke into a run to cross the road, was hit by a motorcycle which severely injured his foot.


    Yesterday while coming back home from my college, I pulled down the rickshaw hood over my head. The weather was really nice.

  • Speak up!

    In the past few days, several individual news on rape, that too on toddlers, have dominated the news media. Whenever I see such news

  • Coaching centres shut down ahead of HSC Examination 2018

    Dreaming about exams

    Dreams about taking a school test or certification exam occur pretty often. I don't know whether there is any hidden meaning or interpretation about these dreams, but I have never taken them seriously.

  • Mission Aynabaji

    Last week, we finally went to watch Aynabaji, the movie. Throughout the month, whenever I came across any newspaper, any magazine, bus stop or my friends' facebook profiles, I was bound to spot the presence of this movie.


    I always go for morning walks as a part of my exercise regime. Last week, after finishing my walk I met someone very interesting.


    Passing through a crowd in our national stadium seems to be an aggressive kind of movement- it's like getting into a war as people push and shove their way through.

  • The Magic of Kindness

    Today, I had to bury the kitten of the darling cat who lives in my garage. The kitten was the victim of an accident when a car ran over her. Her mother had to suffer many a loss like this due to the carelessness of some humans.


    As I was returning home, I got sad to see a special child, sitting on a wheel chair while a woman was pushing the wheelchair, and asking for alms.

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    Panicking never does any good when it's an emergency- we all know this. But this knowledge seems useless when you are stuck in a lift.



    Last week as I went to the hospital to collect data on the rate of infant mortality, I was a little shocked to hear the yelling of women in the maternity ward.


    I was in my office in Lotus Kamal tower-2, busy doing my usual office work, when suddenly I felt a heavy tremor.

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    I am a sixteen year old student. My father, who is around 40 years, insists on riding his motorcycle without wearing a helmet.


    When I was a high school student, I introduced myself into the world of Harry Potter. When the first book was released, honestly I did not want to read it.