• Shishu Park hoping for a better future

    As the ever-memorable song starts playing, children, sitting on the metallic horsebacks, delightfully start going round and round. 35-year-old Salma Akter holds her daughter Taskia (3), who is too young to manage herself on the ride.

  • All the World's a Stage: DU at the 9th Asia Pacific Bureau

    The stage was set, the lights dimmed. Silence.

  • How to Salvage the Lost Paradise: Saint Martin's

    “Bangladesh is a gorgeous damsel and the jewel in her forehead is Saint Martin's Island,” a quote that rightly explains the indescribable beauty of Bangladesh's only coral island.

  • A History of Breaking Barriers

    You are sitting in the audience row, waiting for a group of children ready to perform. The music starts playing.

  • The Workers' Revolution

    When Rokeya Khatun was in college her father suffered from a cancerous tumour. This led to her family struggle with finances. The strain of earning money became hectic day by day.

  • The Common Man's Art

    Bangladeshi rickshaws are a kaleidoscope of colours, interesting quotations and intricately painted stories.

  • Beyond Flush and Forget

    Asadul, a bus driver of the Dhaka-Comilla route, just reached Sayedabad after a five-hour drive from Comilla.

  • A King without a Crown

    Ever visited the narrow zigzag streets of Tanti Bazaar in the old part of Dhaka? One such narrow lane is called 'Pannitola', where once lived the legends-- Subhash Dutta, Nitun Kundu, Jhantu Das and many more.

  • In Conversation with Murtaja Baseer

    Invincible. That is the word that came to my mind when I met Murtaza Baseer in his house.

  • Metamorphosis: From a workaholic to a hard worker

    At the young age of 19, as I fell in love with work, I would watch others take long vacations, go on beach holidays, travel here and there and I would smirk.

  • The new wave in Qurbani

    We know that Eid-ul-Adha is the ultimate festival of sacrifice and gratitude for Muslims. Who doesn't remember roaming the crowded cattle market in search of the perfect cow or goat or camel or (add your cattle of choice here).

  • Exploring Education

    A couple of weeks ago, right before the HSC and A level results were announced nation wide, Asaduzzaman Noor, the Minister of Cultural Affairs in Bangladesh, spoke at a gathering about how, one must start to think out of the box when it comes to grades...

  • Diary of a Smart Phone addict

    I was never much of a tech-savvy person. Even when I was younger, I never fell into the hype of the newest trendy phones. Since I got

  • Fitting In the 'misfits'

    In the world of house rentals, there are two kinds of tenants- 1) 'normal' people, 2) single or bachelors.

  • The Manmade Deluge

    During the drier seasons from November to March, anybody visiting the northern districts of Bangladesh will come across a

  • Dhaka's Green Heart

    In the centre of Dhaka, the booming city of 50 million people lies a green sanctuary with thousands of trees, spacious green meadows with picturesque walkways, and a serene lake.

  • A Paradise in Peril

    In the magical mangrove forest of the Sundarbans roams one of the world's most majestic creatures. It is so elusive and ferocious that it is venerated as the king or 'God' in the localities around the forest.

  • Young Minds, Unheard

    Sadaf (not his real name), a 20-year-old university student was trembling with excitement when he first participated at the secret get together of a faith based youth organisation – the Hizb ut-Tahrir. Little did he know – the group was banned in Bangladesh for committing anti-state activities.


    The long stretch of road, just wide enough for two cars to cross each other from opposite directions, is perpetually semi-lit.

  • Dhallywood: The Craze!

    It's a popular concept around the world to release mainstream commercial movies during major festivals like Eid, Diwali or Christmas.


    To introduce Bangladesh in the World Wide Web as the most densely populated country in the world, probably the most used


    “I have come from Baitul Mukarram. I read in the news that you were offering iftaar. Can I get a box?” asks a hopeful, smiling

  • Dreaming of a Traffic Free Dhaka

    It was 6 o'clock in the afternoon. The open square of Bashundhara shopping mall was crammed with people desperately looking for public transport to return home by iftaar. Taxi and CNG auto rickshaw drivers grabbed the opportunity very well,

  • The Girl With A Rolleicord

    Imagine women entering the field of photography that has been historically dominated by men. That too during a time when women were confined to certain socially constructed roles.

  • Find the Leader in You

    “If we want to be a leader, we should have patience, eagerness, teamwork, good communication skills that are worthy of attention, and the power to convince the people of the work we do”, believes 20 years old Mohammad Farid Ahmed,

  • Begum: How One Magazine Began a Revolution

    “My father had subscribed to Begum Magazine when I was a little girl. He used to love the fact that the editor and I had the same name,”

  • Maid in Bangladesh

    May Day, like any other national holiday, probably makes no difference in the lives of millions of workers who shed their blood and sweat for a meager pay.

  • Remembering the Legend Siddiqua Kabir

    In an era of online tutorials and a vast number of cooking channels, many of you might argue that cookbooks have lost their

  • The Week in Turmoil

    When unidentified criminals brutally murdered Professor Rezaul Karim Siddiquee in the Shalbagan area of Rajshahi city on

  • Turning a Blind Eye

    As we began last week with the Bengali new year, and hope to let go of the past and hit the restart button, we remember the horrendous day from last year, when on Pahela Baishakh, April 14, 2015, female visitors, of all ages, in the Dhaka University