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Blinded by Beauty?

May 05, 2017

We, travellers, have fallen in love with Sajek's stark, burnt-umber coloured cliffs that jut upright throughout the valley. The sweeping views of the picturesque green villages have become one of our favourite getaways. 

But we are shortsighted.

So much so that we are awestruck by the sight of Sajek's massive expanse of mountains and valleys, yet we ignore the thousands of people from around 22-23 villages who are starving, and on the verge of death, as they did not have a significant harvest this year. 

They are fighting the pangs of hunger by eating roots, wild potatoes and the cores of banana trees. There has been little to no progress in ensuring relief for this starving population.  

If you want to donate, contact Rebang Dewan, Dhaka University Jumma Students' Family (bKash +8801856601897).