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  • Bank of the bold

    Bangladesh International Vote Banking brings you the opportunity to avail dead people votes, double votes, interest-based group votes, and much more, all designed in ways to suit you.

  • ­­New names, new solutions

    Kamrul Hussain, a small trader in Cumilla, sits sprawled across a sofa in his comfortable two-room apartment in the city. He is gloating. “I cannot wait for us to become a developing country. I might actually be able to buy this place if that happens,” he says.

  • Confessions of a Fanush Addict

    I used to fly fanushes when I was growing up. It began innocently enough. Me. My friends. We would sneak up to the rooftop in the dead of the night and slowly light one up.

  • First Robot to become a Bangladeshi citizen

    The provocatively dressed robot, who was recently granted Bangladeshi citizenship, has just gone missing. Law enforcers are at a loss as to where she (?) has gone. The newly formed Ministry to Control Possibly Female Robots (MCPFR) released a statement saying the Robot must return or she (?) will be hunted down and found.

  • Animal Farm in the making

    Animals in and around the country have been raising allegations of discrimination, squarely levelling the blame on the government and its actor for propagating a harmful and hateful narrative.

  • VIP area declared semi-autonomous

    Rafique Ahmed sits relishing his 300 taka coffee. An employee at a top MNC, Rafique is one of thousands of citizens affected by the latest law that resulted in the federalisation of the VIP areas of the country.

  • A light dimmed, a friend buried

    Today we break the mould of satire and really talk because it seems we need to.

  • Gazette for all photographers

    An extraordinarily boring general meeting of ALL Facebook Photographers was uselessly convened and held at Your Typical Sketchy Restaurant and Hotel on 07-10-2017 to discuss the issue of Facebook Photographers taking bad pictures and giving terrible captions.

  • Police grant 3 day head-start to fugitives

    In a surprising move, the Bangladeshi Police have decided to grant newly minted fugitives a three day head start in any attempt aimed at evading the cops.

  • Journalists declare week-long break

    While the global media is traumatised by an impending nuclear war and a lunatic running the most powerful country in the planet, the journalists of Bangladesh have declared a week-long holiday in what can only be called a shocking turn of events.