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  • Thoughts on the childhood home

    Often in conversations people bring up the difference between the words “home” and “house”, or in our case, the difference between “bari” and “basha”.

  • Boishommo - When freedom of action goes awry

    Social media is, without a doubt, deeply entrenched in every aspect of my life. I have a Facebook account to appease prying family members, while I take to Instagram to share the more risqué highlights of the day.

  • Old Dhaka Shakrain Festival 2018

    The Kite flyers of Old Dhaka

    As the rickshaw, painted bright with a distorted Bengal tiger and even more distorted images of Dhallywood stars, breaks through the sea of other rickshaws, the kites appear almost suddenly through the narrow old Dhaka skyline.

  • The case for plagiarism

    Back in school, my friends and I had no access to the internet. This was due to our parents' steadfast belief that the internet was the root of all evil in this world.

  • Of odd jobs and old perspectives

    For those who do not know, an odd job in Bangladesh is equivalent to a normal blue-collar job everywhere else in the world. In this country, it is generally associated with working in the hospitality industry or retail sector or driving a cab—jobs that are at times frowned upon and shrugged off into a category of its own with zero importance or worth attached to them.

  • The old man and the labyrinth of books

    But what do you gain by giving? It teetered, the question, like a teacup on legs performing a balancing act, on the tip of my tongue, but—to my credit, to my utmost credit—I did not say it. Instead, I asked, gesturing to the brilliantly untidy pile of books, “Why give these away? And at so low a price?”

  • Rules of engagement

    A nine-to-five workday spent dangerously close with the opposite sex in a sequestered office cubicle makes it painstakingly difficult for things not to get steamy once in a while.

  • The tales of Sonali: a 1992 Toyota Vista

    The few times I tried fixing it up resulted in my thoughtful colleagues nicknaming it “Sonali Bank” since it kept swallowing up all my money. Here's the story of my car, my unhealthy obsession.

  • Translating Donald speak

    Translating Donald Trump is, well, an awkward process. After all, the president of the free world has about as much respect for basic grammar, word choice and sentence structure as he does for immigrants, women and the environment.

  • My Bollywood love affair

    You know that imaginary friend that every child grows up with? Mine was Rahul. Not a storybook character or a person I'd made up at random, but the Rahul of the dimpled smiles and a necklace that spelled 'COOL'.

  • bKash cash back offers

    MV Dubai Knight: The Knight of the high seas

    “A million people evacuated as a powerful Tropical Cyclone TS MORA expected on 30th May 2017.

  • Together with BTV

    Friday. A lazy day; the entire family is home, relaxing. My three-ish year old self decides to place herself comfortably on Janu's lap (our house-help of the time) on the floor while my mother sits on a chair reading the newspaper.

  • A Fiction of Myself

    I used to get beaten up in childhood by my elder sister, a lot. My mother would sometimes wonder loudly why I always got beaten up, and why I couldn't save myself.

  • There will come soft rains

    It begins with a listless thought, brushed aside. What does a heartbeat sound like, you wonder. Brush, aside.

  • Penetrating a men’s club

    It was definitely after office hours when a phone call came and made me panic. The number on my screen was unknown but it was pretty easy to guess where the call came from. The law enforcement bodies have a digit sequence that most journalists in the city are trained to recognise.

  • Cine Brothers

    The director is a pivotal figure in the making of a feature film. The singular focus ensures the homogeneity of the plot and of the story of the film. The redoubtable Dilip Kumar in his twilight years used to dabble in the work of his director. The Hindi version of Sagina Mahato is mentioned as a reference.

  • When WW II came to Germany

    In his movie "Fury" Brad Pitt plays the role of a Sergeant of American Army advancing well inside Germany in the last phase of WWII. He observes - 'ideals are peaceful but war is violent'. This sums up the blood bath that WW II was.

  • “Remember, remember, the 12th of December”

    Last year around April, I was going through a whirlwind trip. I wasn't much of a morning person; nevertheless I was forcing myself to get up at the crack of dawn so that I don't end up missing my ride to the next destination.

  • To walk alone, but strong

    In the year 1905 Lord Curzon, the viceroy of India announced the partition of Bengal. The provincial state of Bengal had an area of 189,000 square miles and a population of nearly 80 million.

  • Not Another Hashtag

    Women in Bangladesh have always been warned not to go out late at night, because it is unsafe.

  • What's Real and What's Not

    How we perceive other people and how we are perceived depends immensely on our own characters.


    Remember the sitcom, Friends? Of course you do. Remember the time how panicked Chandler and Monica became when they

  • Taste of Summer

    Summer is hot. Even countries with bitingly cold winter can have hot summer. Deserts and arid plains is naturally hot and the

  • Gramophone's Gauhar Jaan

    Gauhar Jaan was a songstress of Hindustani music who came into limelight in the last decade of 19th century and dominated the first...

  • Readying the Future Today

    Can leadership be taught in a classroom? We are confronted with this question every day when we teach leadership to a diverse group


    There's no point in elaborating how the habit of reading helps in a person's emotional, cognitive and creative development: the myriad


    Many of us tend to think that the world of blogging is a realm only limited to the so-called creative professionals - writers,

  • Once upon a time in Dacca

    Marriages are made in heaven but customs are made in society. In pre-partition and early fifties of Dhaka pairs were

  • Gluttony or Gastronomic Delight

    Gluttony is the fifth among the western grouping of seven deadly vices or cardinal sins. It was introduced in fourth century CE for ethical education and confession. The others are pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath and sloth.


    Nobody listens! Everybody just wants to talk. To let our voices be heard is more important than hearing what the other party has to say, it seems. But is that really so?