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  • Art as Process: in architect Tanzim's exhibition at Kala Kendra

    Architect Tanzim Hasan Salim rose to mainstream prominence when he jointly won the design competition for the new Liberation War Museum. But what is lesser known to the public is the demanding creative and emotional labour that he put into executing such a monumental project. His solo exhibition at Kala Kendra entitled “Drawing and Thinking, Thinking and Drawing-2” displays to the public the phases of

  • Into the Fold, Out in the One

    As a reconnaissance of what seems like a neural landscape, Soma Surovi Jannat's oeuvre seems to hover over the "plain of immanence" perceived as Spinoza's "single substance" (God/Nature), thereby, lending

  • Cha Chakra: Tea Tales of Bangladesh

    Faiham Ebne Sharif's first solo exhibition, Cha Chakra: Tea Tales of Bangladesh, curated by Amirul Rajiv and Naim Ul Hasan, was held

  • Unseen '71 by Amanul Haq

    Jomi, Shoheed, Shadhinota, Klanto pa ma-shishu, Sadapaira… (land, martyr, independence, mother and child tired of walking, white pigeon...) Handwritten on the front of yellowish envelope. Loads of surprises inside. It has been many years since he carefully saved those negatives!

  • Landlessness in “Desterrados”: through the outsider's gaze?

    When I heard that there was an exhibition on the Bede community at Shilpakola, and that a foreigner had taken the photographs, my curiosity was piqued—I was interested, but also worried.

  • Phoenix of Longadu

    “After the landslide, it became all too clear where the aid was headed. Of course there would be an inclination to send relief to the Bengalis,” says Mrittika Kamal, Director of Terracotta Creatives and one of the curators of Phoenix of Longadu, a charity exhibition, held between October 16 and 19 at Drik Gallery, dedicated to raising funds for the affected families.

  • An assimilation of classical and contemporary art

    7th Oriental Painting Exhibition under spotlight

  • Whimsical, political, subversive: A review of 'Tasher Desh'

    There are no bright lights, no potted greens artistically arranged around the entrance, no indication that an exhibition is going on somewhere here in Arambagh.

  • The dolled-up, leopard-spotted women of 'Concealed'

    Habiba Nowrose's first solo exhibition

  • Priyabhashini's orchestrations of carbon

    'Megher Shongi', sculptor Ferdousi Priyabhashini's 13th Solo Exhibition

  • Poking Conscience through Photography

    On the evening of 5th January, 2017, a two-week long photography exhibition titled “16” was launched at the EMK Center located at the heart of Dhaka, Dhanmondi 27.The exhibition is a joint collaboration of two renowned and vibrant Bangladeshi photographers, Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo and Imrul Islam.

  • A Journey to the Centre of Art

    A surrealist reflection of oneself, a Hybrid Foundation for a forceful image creation, the play of good and evil, the absurdity of contemporary childhood...

  • Opening up a new horizon of oriental painting in Bangladesh

    In art classifications, oriental art exists as one of the major branches as it is often interchangeably used with the terms Eastern or Asian art originating from various Asian cultures.

  • Rooted in our Soul and Soil

    An indigenous community called Santal lives in the northern districts of Bangladesh. For thousands of years, these people have been

  • A Digital Gypsy

    With more than 1000 artworks, artist Najib Tareque is striving to take our traditional art to a large scale market through his online venture titled 'Art Makes Us Human'.


    It is an unique genre in the art world, a distinctive niche of its own. Meanwhile, it may be deemed as "the common man's art", if you will.

  • The Big Apple's Love for Art

    Famous journalist and writer Tom Wolfe once said, “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years”.

  • Finding Meaning in the Mundane

    An alley of Old Dhaka; an ordinary rickshaw ride; children playing in the rain; and the little joys and every day celebrations that

  • Paris in Pellicle

    From January 22, La Galerie of Alliance Française de Dhaka (AFD) has been exhibiting prominent photographer/ cinematographer


    Edward Morgan Forster, popularly known as E.M. Forster, an English novelist, short story writer and essayist, used the phrase “Only

  • What we left behind

    They named their exhibition Anamnesis, a Greek term that means to look back. Like the name, Iskinder Mirza, one of the artists featured at the...