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Director & Story: Animesh Aich
Cast: Mahfuz Ahmed, Joya Ahsan, Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhee, Iresh Zaker
Strength: Cinematography, unique story 
Weakness: Story-telling
Rating: 2.5/5

Plot: The story tells the tale of a man and woman, wronged by their loved ones and their society, and their plans to exact revenge.

Review: Amit (Mahfuz Ahmed) and Nira (Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhee) is a happily married couple residing in Dhaka. Nira goes to Singapore on an official trip leaving Amit and their son behind but doesn't come back. After a few days, Amit gets a message that she is leaving him and their son to get married to Mushfiq. Coupled with their son's tragic death in a car accident, Amit breaks down mentally and is later sent to Mental Hospital. Meanwhile, Saniya, (Jaya Ahsan) the only daughter of a powerful village monarch chief Patowari, runs away from home after seeing how he misuses his power to forcefully marry beautiful women and murder them later on. While attempting suicide, she is rescued by Wahid, with whom, she builds a physical relationship. She soon finds out that Wahid is involved in human trafficking and before she can take any action, she is sold. Later on, Saniya gets repetitively raped and tortured before she ends up in the same Hospital as Amit. Amit and Saniya get to know each other and discuss the events that led them there. Soon after, they decide to take revenge on those that wronged them, namely Nira and Wahid. This path leads them to becoming merciless killers.
The cinematography deserves a special note as it was wonderful to say the least. Also some of the more complicated effects such as car accidents have been done in a way that's much fresher than most Bengali cinemas. Also, the soundtrack has been given much thought by the director as it feels like it meshes well with the movie. However, this movie also shows what's wrong with Bangladeshi cinema – story telling. Expectations were high with Animesh Aich at the helm, but unfortunately expectations weren't met with this film. Otherwise, everything else was good and audiences may still enjoy the film as long as they don't have their expectations as high as we did. 

Reviewed by: Abdullah Al Amin (Rubel)

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