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Director: Shah Alom Mondol
Cast: Jayed Khan, Anisur Rahman Milon, Porimoni
Strength: Acting
Weakness: Story, Dialogue.
Rating: 1.5/5

Plot: The story of a love triangle and the events that shape their lives for the future. 

Review: Jayed Khan (Raj) and Porimoni (Shimana) were in love with each other since childhood. Also living in the same community is Anisur Rahman Milon, whose father moved into Porimoni's area because of his job. Both families maintained a good rapport and in order to strengthen the bond, they arranged to have Milon marry Porimoni. Jayed Khan loves to travel with friends more than he likes studying. When Milon becomes a police officer, he frames Jayed with a false Yaba case and has him arrested. With Jayed out of the way, he weds Porimoni as per his family's wishes. Jayed Khan and his family begin to suspect that his arrest might have been orchestrated by Milon as a form of revenge. Meanwhile, it's revealed that Miju Ahmed's son also likes Porimoni. While Jayed was taken to court,he managed to escape from the police convoy and Milonis also framed by another officer. While all this was happening, Miju Ahmed's son kidnaps Porimoni but Jayed manages to rescue her in time. Milon manages to regain his post after being proven innocent. In the end, Jayed Khan is killed by the villains in the movie. After this sad turn of events, Milon and Porimoni manage to start their new life together in happiness.

The biggest weakness with this film is the story. Viewers will be quite frustrated with the way the story was portrayed as the ending is quite obvious from the very beginning, taking away the suspense from the movie instantly. This movie also marks Porimoni's debut into the film industry and it's easy to see that she will go far as she was the main attraction for audiences throughout the film. Anisur Rahman Milon also delivers a strong performance here, but Jayed Khan's acting skills need further improvement. This film is watchable if only to see the debut actress makes her intro into the cinema industry but don't expect a mind blowing story here.

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