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Director: Shafi Uddin Shafi
Story: Saikat Nasir
Cast: Mahiya Mahi, Shipan Mitra, Ahmed Sharif, Danny Sidak
Strength: Story
Weakness: Action sequences, Acting, Special Effects
Rating: 2/5

Plot: The story centers on the character Big Brother, a female gang enforcer, who tries to change her ways after some personal experiences.
Review: The movie starts with underworld king Golden Gulzar (Ahmed Sharif) being arrested by the police because of a false case made against him by DJ, leader of his rival gang.
This is when Golden Gulzar's child, Big Brother (Mahiya Mahi) comes into action by saving his men. But normal operations for Golden Gulzar's men become difficult because of police involvement. Golden Gulzar, in order to avoid police attention, appoints one of his trustworthy members from out of town to carry out his extortions. This doesn't go well as DJ kills this man and throws him at the train tracks.
While all this is going on, Rana (Shipan Mitra) sees Big Brother, whose name is revealed to be Kajol, in action and falls in love with her. He proposes his feelings to her only to be rejected and slapped to make an example. Not taking the rejections well, he heads for the tracks to commit suicide. While there, he hears a phone ring and discovers that the phone is beside a dead body. When he picked up the phone, he was asked to pick up the extortion money. After collecting the money, he got several more calls, all of which involved money pickup. With all this money, he starts a charity for young unemployed people. Later in the film, it's shown that Kajol is not Gulzar's biological child. She originally came with her sister from Dhaka, but her sister got kidnapped by some thugs. That's when Gulzar discovered her and adopted her. When she finds her sister, she is asked by her sister to leave her current life and get married, as a last request as her sister will soon die as a result of cancer. Taking her advice, she decides to get married to Rana.
This movie is almost a typical Bangla Cinema. The premise of the movie is ok. The director also made some good calls in terms of location choosing for songs. However, some subpar performances such as Shipan Mitra's bad acting do let the movie down a bit. In all honesty, this movie's main attraction is Mahiya Mahi and not much else.

Reviewed by Abdullah Al Amin (Rubel)

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