• tahsan on the beach

    TAHSAN encourages young surfers of Cox's Bazar

    Tahsan is loved by millions for his singing and acting skills. But how many of us know that he loves to surf?

  • Living With The Stars

    Worthy of Recognition

    Our country has some unusual characteristics if you take the time and think about it. We have frequent political violence that shakes the whole nation, crime rates, deteriorating roads and horrid traffic and many other issues.


    Star Showbiz always has grand plans to celebrate some of our culture's wonderful events.


    The topic of current quality standards of Bangladeshi films has already been discussed previously.

  • GISELE BUNDCHEN Is Retiring From The Runway

    The queen of the catwalk is officially hanging up her heels.


    The Daily Star has just celebrated its 24th birthday last Friday.

  • DIAMONDS in the rough

    In the blink of an eye, The Daily Star has stepped into its 24th year of establishment. This passage of time has given it a maturity and presence that a human being achieves when they also reach a similar age.

  • Clearing the air

    Tomorrow we celebrate a very important day to us all over the world; International Women's Day.

  • Straightest Path to SUCCESS

    The difference that lies between the world of television and cinema has been present for as long as one can remember.

  • Habib


    We have discussed the scenario of music in this country. The forms of Bengali music have changed a lot and the business of selling music through CD's is nothing but an economic pitfall.

  • Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga gets engaged

    Pop diva Lady Gaga announced to the world that she is getting married -- to an actor she met making a video, in which she wore her mother's wedding dress.

  • L.O.V.E

    Why is celebrity news so attractive in the western worlds? It's because along with publishing facts, they also publish unconfirmed rumors or gossips.

  • Turning the tide

    We have already talked about the current scenario of the film industry so what I am about to say now will not be alien to the readers, and the current situation with FDC and the foreign films entering our market isn't helping. We have heard a lot of opinions regarding these issues from different people in the media and we plan to hold a discussion with members of the media regarding this as soon as possible. But after all that's said and done, we need more films.

  • Waiting for rebirth of filmmaking

    The New Year has started on a melancholy note with the passing of Chashi Nazrul Islam. Amongst the few good directors we had, he was one. We lost many such talents in the last few years as well, creating a gaping vacuum in the field of creative arts.