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  • Pohela Baisakh in local schools

    The Pohela Baisakh (beginning of the Bangla New Year) is being observed in all schools. It takes me back to my own school life in Holy Cross School Dhaka, where we had observed such festivities and it formed the basis of memorizing long poems by Tagore and Nazrul, discovering them through their songs and learning to wear the white saris with red borders. Over the years, the festivities started increasing and the wearing of bangles, application of

  • Sweet as honey from the comb!

    Sohrab Hossain has been a household name synonymous with songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam, the national poet of Bangladesh. 9th April is his birthday. I had the good fortune of knowing him from my childhood.

  • Messages Through The Media

    I have always been a fan of TV drama, especially serials. As a young girl, I used to escape to my grandmother's room at night when my parents had gone to bed. My aunt had bought a TV for my Dadi, who would sit up late and watch TV. So, I would creep in to her room, always afraid that my father would find out anda ear wringing would follow.

  • Golden jubilee plus - Esho Gan Shikhi

    It was the year 1964 and Ferdausi Rahman was very excited to be the first artist for the PTV station to be inaugurated in Dhaka, Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan), when artist Mustafa Monwar proposed for

  • An afternoon with Shahnaz Rahmatullah

    Shahnaz Rahmatullah (former maiden name Shahnaz Begum) has been close to my heart since my childhood. I grew up in Purana

  • Winter music in Kolkata

    I had never heard of the Behala festival. The Kolkata blind school in Behala has this festival every year; this was its fourth year by

  • Amne Saamne

    On 27 December 2017, Pandit Jasraj arrived in Dhaka with his team to sing for the first time in the Bengal Classical music festival. His arrival was delayed by some confusion, his team members complained.

  • Mayurakshi


    When my grandfather Abbasuddin Ahmed passed away in December 1959, my father had just returned from UK after joining the Lincoln's Inn, he had no income.

  • Michael Madhushudan Dutta Award for Sharmini Abbasi

    When you are born to a family of luminaries, it is difficult to exude your own light out of the shadows of the giants who have been your predecessors.

  • Picture of my lass

    ‘Beloved’ is a very special word. In all the languages that I know, and some of them that my friends know (resulting in more than eight), I have found that poets have played with this word. In fact, they have played with the idea of the

  • Diajale

    I am very lucky that I have many girlfriends, however in recent times I have found myself becoming lonely even in the presence of favorite childhood buddies.

  • Soulful Singing

    Her father said, `So many people get admitted to the university every year, they complete their degrees, they take up positions as academics and others. How many people get scholarships to study in Shantiniketan? This is a calling, you must pursue that'.

  • Feroza Begum the precious one!

    Feroza is a special turquoise stone available in Iran and other parts, signifying a beautiful blue, the hue bringing in a radiance and glow which stands out above all other stones.

  • Adieu Nayokraj Razzak

    It just seems like yesterday. But it isn't. While East Pakistan TV had started and my friend Shimul Billah (Yousuf) would take part in a drama serial called Ghoroa. The handsome gentleman starring as her father was Mr. Abdur Razzak.

  • Carrying the music and being a winner

    ‘Safa’ got her name from the two hills in Mekkah Sharif. She is the daughter of former Minister Late Mr. Hafizur Rahman and Begum Anwara Rahman.

  • Shakila Ahmed

    She was the best friend of my sister Naeela and the two of them chuckled and cackled all the time in our Purana Paltan house (in Dhaka, Bangladesh), which also happened to be the neighbourhood of Shakila Ahmed alias Torah.

  • Sudhin Das - End of an Era

    Nazrul Academy was established by the renowned poet and Nazrul devotee Talim Hossain right after the emergence of Bangladesh.

  • Shabana - Lifetime Achievement

    Shabana; a name that is etched in golden ink in the hearts of the Bangladeshis.

  • Rita Shabnam Nezami

    Every year, on Christmas day, we celebrate another important event in Bangladesh. The world's first Bangla channel was inaugurated on that day in the year 1964.

  • Rounding up 2016

    Considering the difficult times that Bangladesh has faced this year, the cultural scene has not fared so badly. If 2015 deserved an A plus, 2016 could do with an A minus, in spite of the violent spate that shook our lives.

  • Celebrating the birthday of a celebrity

    Last week we celebrated the birthday of Mustafa Zaman Abbasi. Through an interesting design of God, it happened to be the birthday

  • Sadya Afreen Mallick - A lifetime with poet Kazi Nazrul Islam

    She entered the BTV premises as a little girl in frock, her plaits hanging on two sides and started singing her playful songs.

  • Bidding adieu to a star- Salma Sultana

    She came to BTV when she was six years' old, a bright brilliant star and remained so all her life until God announced her exit as a star to another world on 29th September 2016.

  • Alamgir

    Dinner with Runa and Alamgir

    It all started with a phone call. The greatest artist of Bangladesh who has put our country in the world map, gave me a short tinkle to invite me at their place for dinner. Their meaning, famous legendary actor of Bangladesh, Alamgir whose acting has always impressed me and Runa Laila.

  • Tangerine sunlight and Samira Abbasi

    `Of moon and sixpence' is one of my favourite books by Somerset Maugham.

  • Minu Haque- Patriotism Personified

    In most common definitions of `patriotism,' we learn about people who went to war, who fought against their aggressors and who laid down their lives for the sake of the country.

  • Shamsun Nahar Shuja

    Singing Florence Nightingale

    When we were small children, we both performed on BTV shows.

  • Shaheen Samad

    Shaheen Samad - A valiant singer

    There was one small TV in my grandmother's room. My father Justice Mustafa Kamal occasionally sat down to watch the musical shows on BTV.

  • Oh Robin Ghosh!

    It was even before Robin Ghosh had married film actress Shabnam. Shabnam's original name is Jharna Boshak, and I called her Jharna Auntie.

  • Channel i Bangla classical festival

    As the month of February sets in, we become emotional about our language movement. The month is thus titled 'The month of mother tongue'.