• A chat with The Morse Code

    It is never easy answering this question. The Morse Code is a group of people who met for the specific purpose of creating music — music that we didn't know existed or that we were capable of creating.

  • Celebrating Life 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Alam Khan

    The veteran composer has been around in the industry for decades, showering the audience with beautiful melodies throughout his career. Some of his notable works include composing for “Ebadat” and “Ke Apon Ke Por” among many others.

  • A Chat With DOOB

    We would define Doob as half of all our hearts. We want to do music that is so simple that it would touch everyone at their core. You could say at Doob, we don't have plugs.

  • Decoding aynabaji

    Just when it seemed overdue, lo and behold, “Aynabaji” hit the box offices and history was made.

  • A Chat With Dr. Israfil Shaheen

    Dr. Israfil Shaheen is a director and professor at the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Dhaka.

  • Bobby on her latest film 'Oneway'

    Debuting in 2010 with “Khoj: The Search”, Bobby has established herself as a star in Bangladesh's film industry.

  • Syed Abdul Hadi

    A Chat With Syed Abdul Hadi

    I have been pondering for some time now and planning on an album with a variety of the compilation of songs I've recorded over the years.

  • Sadya Afreen Mallick

    A Chat with Sadya Afreen Mallick - Passion for Nazrul Sangeet

    The ever affable Sadya Afreen Mallick is the recent winner of the prestigious Nazrul Award.

  • sharmin


    Sharmin did not have a silver-spoon upbringing; however, she was gifted with a tone that pulls at the very chords of the heart

  • Ramendu Majumdar

    LIFE AT 75

    Ramendu Majumdar was born on August 9, 1941 in Lakshmipur, the son of Late Kuntal Krishna Majumdar and Late Leela Majumdar. He is known for being an actor, stage director, and theatre producer.

  • Khairul

    A Chat With Khairul

    My mother Khadija Begum, being a singer herself, has sparked the essence of music in me and was my initial guru. My uncle Mohammad Ali has also inspired me to analyse music.

  • Adam Kidron

    A Chat With Adam Kidron

    I used to run a big music label called Urban Box Office and we sold most of our assets and a very popular song to EMI records for which I received a royalty from the company.

  • The Melody of Our Roots

    My father saw the campaign on TV and registered me as a candidate and informed me that I should give it a shot as I've grown up listening to folk songs from my grandfather and father.

  • A Chat With Nandita

    I gained popularity at first by participating in the reality singing show, Bangladeshi Idol in 2013. I was ranked seventh in the competition. From there onwards, I started to get recognition.

  • A Chat With Mahmud Khurshid

    I have become popular among the listeners after the band Miles performed my song “Dhiki Dhiki”, “Firiye Dao”, “Jala Jala” and “Shopno Bhongo”.

  • Wind of Change

    Gaan Bangla Television has arranged an event for the first time in Bangladesh, titled 'Wind of Change' which has created a platform for international musicians to exhibit their artistry to our people.

  • A Chat With Nabila Mustary

    I work as an anchor for the TV channel Banglavision. I reckon I can be termed as a new comer in this field; it has just been around a year.

  • Samira Abbasi

    A Chat With Samira Abbasi

    Professionally, I'm an engineer, but by passion, I am a musician at first, and then a writer and poet. These are the avenues I reside in and derive inspiration from; the means through which I express myself.

  • A Chat With Luipa

    I do not know if I am popular to the audience yet, but I love singing. In 2015, my first solo album “Chayabaji” was released.

  • A Chat With Prottay Khan

    The works that gained popularity among my fans are “Tumi Chaile”, “Bhalobasha Ki”, “Ekla Ami” and “Bhalobasha Emone.”