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  • Ferdous Bappy

    Ferdous Bappy

    I am currently working on my regular show Quiz Quiz on BTV. I have been a part of this show for about a decade now, and it is very popular among the people of the country. On BanglaVision, I host a program called Shokal Belar Roddur, which is a celebrity talk-show. I also do a lot of musical programs on different TV channels.

  • An Interview with Sahana Rahman Sumi

    I'm usually very picky about my work, and I only do a project when the script is to my liking. A recent production that we did was Tragedy Polashbari, which is really being appreciated by the audience. An advertisement that I did in tribute to International Mother Language day really could touch the heart of people countrywide and I am grateful for that. Last year, I was in a short film named Story of Golapi, and that was very well-received too. Besides these, I am working as a drama teacher in Scholastica.

  • “My due respect has been taken away from me year after year” - Farooque

    It is obviously a huge honor for me, but there is always a “but”. Not all the accolades in a person's life are the same. From the time I started my career, I did not think of anything except films, and I gave my all to my work.

  • Bangladesh Prominent songwriters Zulfiqer Russell

    A Cup of Coffee with Zulfiqer Russell

    To be honest, I had zero expectations because a Bangladeshi is not eligible to win the award in the first place! This is why even though the song itself was nominated in 6 categories, I did not attend the award-giving ceremony. My song with Nachiketa won the award for “Best Modern Bangla Song”, which is given to the singer, songwriter and the composer. I had done his entire album Benche Thakar Mane the

  • An Interview with Dr. Nashid Kamal

    Thank you very much! RTV showed a special documentary on me, and I became very emotional during that. They even found my childhood photos with my mother, and I must admit that I became a bit emotional after that. My daughter Armeen (Armeen Musa) gave me a treat. Channel i had an elaborate celebration complete with a huge cake, and they have been doing this since the past 10 years. My friends and family have also been visiting or sending their good wishes throughout the day. I am truly grateful for everything.

  • Pritom Hasan

    I am currently working on a single called “Rajkumar”. I am done making the song and shooting for the music video as well. I am sure that the audience will like it very much.

  • Reaching Beyond Boundaries - Arindam Sil

    About a year ago, actually. Years back I had read the novel Dheu Ashe Dheu Jay by Suchitra Bhattacharya and was enthralled at how perfect the story was for a joint venture film.

  • Haldaa - A Film For All

    'Haldaa', the fifth film directed by renowned actor/director Tauquir Ahmed, released on 1st December 2017. His previous film 'Oggatonama' was a huge success and was appreciated globally. He shared his thoughts on this new movie with the Editor of Star Showbiz, Rafi Hossain.

  • The Moon that never loses his Glow

    It has been a long time! What have you been up to lately?

  • Nandita

    I have been learning how to sing ever since I was four years old. My mother loved music and regularly listened to the radio when I was little.

  • Best Debut Film Award - Nuhash Humayun

    Everyone involved in Paperfrogs worked relentlessly hard because they had faith in the story. Of course, its always great to see hard work recognized.

  • Up Close and Personal with Sandhi

    I have recently shifted studios from Moghbazar to Niketon. I have been a lot more productive in this new studio. Even though the studio isn't complete yet, I have composed six songs within one and a half months of shifting. That is incredible considering that it used to take me a year to make six songs!

  • Mithila

    Celebs get “Uncensored” with Rafi Hossain!

    ‘Uncensored with Rafi Hossain' started off as a normal web-series on Star Live of the interviews that we take for Star Showbiz's cover stories. The series gained unprecedented popularity, and some of the interviews went viral overnight due to their candid and honest nature.

  • Up Close and Personal with Adit

    Adit is a name that needs no prior introduction. The leader of the hit and trending band 'Aditarians' has proven to be one of the most versatile musicians in the country, directing songs for many hit films which include 'Voyangkor Sundor', 'Rajotto' and 'Dehorokkhi'.

  • Choyonika Chowdhury's Sweet Sixteen

    I started directing dramas in 2001 with Shesh Belay. I will always be thankful to Mujibur Rahman of “Light & Shadow” for supporting me back then. Had he not been there, I wouldn't be able to reach where I am today.

  • Discovering Open Doors with Sophie Bourdon

    Sophie Bourdon is the head of Open Doors at the Locarno Festival. She shares some valuable information about the sensational “Open Doors Program” that opens a window of opportunity for many new talents.

  • Carlo Chatrian

    All through its long history Locarno Festival has remained as a place of distinction. It has always provided wonderful opportunities for new directors and actors to be discovered.

  • Ashfaque Ahmed Talks about Rajneeti

    I personally knew Iftekharul Alam, who was a close friend of my father. He was a pioneer in film production and the intention arose from there.

  • Naseef Rahman

    He represented Bangladesh at ‘Mister Global’, an international male beauty pageant held in Thailand. Naseef Rahman has earned

  • Ei Shohor, Ei Nogor

    I usually never go out on Fridays, unless it is for a very special occasion. This week, a very close friend of mine invited me to a program.

  • The Couple Behind “Lemon”

    Lemon, as we all know, is a citrus fruit. But there is meaning beyond that. “Lemon” is also a word that is used to describe something that doesn't work, is built improperly, broken, or not as it should be.


    Su Hui-yu is a young Taiwanese filmmaker who had recent success in international film festivals. His most recent work “Super Taboo (2017)” was selected for world premiere in the Tiger Competition for Short Films in IFFR 2017.


    Maaike Gouwenberg is a committee member of the Short Film Selection Program at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Her projects focus on the theatrical and curatorial elements of films, as well as collaborations with artists.

  • Berlinale's Tribute to Milena Canorero

    Milena Canorero has been widely considered to be one of the best costume designers in the world, and she has proven it with her awards and accolades.


    Amir Muhammad is an established filmmaker and writer who has released a number of critically acclaimed over the years.

  • An Encounter with the Festival Director

    Bero Beyer is a Dutch producer mainly known for his works in “Paradise Now (2005)”, “Ford Transit (2003)” and “Salt of This Sea (2008)”.

  • “We have a big lineup of things happening at the festival” - Bianca Taal

    Bianca Taal is the Head of Development Program at the International Film Festival at Rotterdam. We caught with her for a small chat.

  • Zareen Anan Khan Nairita

    I have recently collaborated with Studio58 for the song “Keu Jane Na”, which will be featured in “Close Up Kache Ashar Golpo”. It was sung by me and Arafat Mohsin, and has gotten a fantastic response from the audience.

  • Pori Moni

    Pori Moni talks of her plans, personal life

    Pori Moni is a contemporary sensation for the Bangla cinema lovers. She started in 2015 in Shemaheen Bholobasha and till date Pori has gifted 11 feature films to her audience.

  • Samina Chowdhury and Fahmida Nabi

    Star Showbiz presents to you chat with the daughters of the late great Mahmudun Nabi, the two musical sisters Fahmida Nabi and Samina Chowdhury.