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    In the year 2019, calamitous environmental changes occur, which bring the pioneers of the world together to make a perplexing system of satellites known as the 'Dutch Boy' built by the architect Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler).

  • Masterclass: Alfonso Cuarón

    To be very honest, my journey is not one that I would recommend to anybody. It is frankly a journey filled with insecurities.

  • Masterclass with Clint Eastwood

    “If you start intellectualizing, or pseudo-intellectualizing, you can get yourself in a real box. You could just be putting out a dull thing.”

  • On body and Soul

    The slaughterhouse in Budapest, Hungary becomes a setting for a love story for two very unlikely people. Maria and her slightly...

  • The British

    Francis Lee's debut featured the much awaited “God's Own Country” this year at the Berlin International Film Festival.

  • Kim Min Hee on the beach alone at night with the Director

    Kim Min Hee won the 'Silver Bear for Best Actress' at the Berlin International Film Festival 2017 for “On the Beach at Night Alone”.

  • Reintroducing Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    If left to an avid movie enthusiast, everyone would have attended the Berlinale if they got to meet the late Rainer Werner Fassbinder.


    I have mentioned before that any film festival in the world showcases a myriad of films; the numbers can rack up to 500 to 600 films.


    The Berlin International Film Festival is known for many things; prestigious awards, wonderful opportunities, and of course...

  • Django

    “Django” is a biopic of Django Reinhart, the famous French guitarist and composer. The film revolves around his life in ...


    Those unfamiliar with the work of Béla Tarr is definitely missing some must-watch films in their lives.

  • Lemon

    “Lemon”, quite frankly, blew everyone away as the opening film of the IFFR. The last thing that the audience expected was for a film to be as quirky as possible.

  • Max Ophüls

    Max Ophüls, (actually named Maximillian Oppenheimer) was a German born film director whose work expanded from Germany (1931-1933)

  • Jean-Pierre Melville

    Jean-Pierre Melville is one of the most pivotal figures in the French filmmaking industry, as he was highly influential in inspiring the directors of the “New Wave” movement in the 1950s.

  • Robert Bresson

    Robert Bresson was a film director known for his spiritual and ascetic direction styles. Born at Bromont-Lamothe, France, the son of Marie-Élisabeth and Léon Bresson, Bresson was educated at Lycée Lakanal, close to Paris, and turned to painting right after his graduation.

  • Claude Chabrol

    Claude Chabrol was a French director born on June 24, 1930, in Creuse, south of Paris. He was a member of the French New Wave group of filmmakers.

  • Alain Resnais

    Alain Resnais was born on June 3, 1922, in Brittany, France, the son of a pharmacist. He was an avid reader since childhood, whose range extended from comic books to classics.

  • Curtis Lee Hanson

    Curtis Lee Hanson was born in Reno, Nevada on, March 24, 1945 and grew up in Los Angeles. He was the son of Beverly June and Wilbur Hale. Hanson dropped out of high school, finding work as a freelance photographer and editor for Cinema magazine.

  • François Truffaut

    François Truffaut was born in Paris on 6 February 1932. His mother was Janine de Montferrand whose future husband, Roland Truffaut, accepted him as an adopted son and gave him his surname.

  • Jacques Tati

    Jacques Tati

    Jacques Tati was a French director and actor who was renowned for his comic films portraying people in conflict with the modern world.

  • Eric Rohmer

    Eric Rohmer was a French film director and screenwriter and an important figure in French New Wave cinema.

  • Ettore Scola

    Ettore Scola was an Italian film director and screenwriter who in his more than fifty year career, has written and directed over forty movies.

  • Giuseppe Tornatore

    Giuseppe Tornatore

    Born on May 27, 1956 in Bagheria near Palermo, Giuseppe Tornatore is a multiple award-winning Italian director and screenwriter.

  • Vimukthi Jayasundara

    Vimukthi Jayasundara is an award-winning Sri Lankan film director, screenwriter and visual artist.

  • Spike Lee

    Born on March 20, 1957, Spike Lee is an American film director, producer, actor and writer.

  • Brian De Palma

    Brian Russell De Palma was born on September 11, 1940. He is an American film director and screenwriter, and is considered a part of the New Hollywood wave of filmmaking.

  • Vittorio De Sica

    Vittorio De Sica, born on July 7, 1901 in Sora, Lazio was an Italian director and actor, a principal figure in the neorealist movement that fundamentally changed the cinematic setting in Europe and outside of Europe.

  • Mani Ratnam

    Mani Ratnam

    Gopala Ratnam Subramaniam, better known by his screen name Mani Ratnam, was born on June 2nd, 1955.

  • Arlette Varda

    Agnes Varda

    Varda was born Arlette Varda on May 30, 1928, in Ixelles (Brussels), Belgium, to parents Christiane and Eugène Jean Varda.

  • Abbas Kiarostami

    Abbas Kiarostami was born on June 22, 1940 in Tehran. His first artistic experience was painting, which he kept pursuing into his late teens...