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  • Jack Nicholson

    When it comes to raking in Oscar wins and nominations, there is no one who outright defeats Jack Nicholson. Along with three Oscars win and a whopping total of twelve nominations, he has won more

  • Carrie Underwood's grand return

    After a five-month hiatus due to an unfortunate accident, Carrie Underwood has returned to the world of music in a glorious fashion at the 53rd iteration of the annual Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards event.

  • Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut

    Why Kangana Ranaut Abstains Social Media

    Kangana Ranaut is known for many things; being one of the highest-paid Bollywood actors, earning multiple awards, possessing a fabulous fashion sense and of course, never backing down from an honest piece

  • Varun Dhawan's 'October' picks up the pace

    Despite not being in showbiz for too long, Varun Dhawan has established himself as one of the most successful Bollywood actors of recent times. All of the nine films he has partaken in has met with commercial

  • Famous Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone

    Deepika to turn producer

    While the marriage rumors of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are still afloat in the air, new revelations have been unearthed to the surface. A recent newspaper report has stated that Deepika has shown interest in being a producer, following the footsteps of Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma who had also turned from actor to producer in the past. It is currently unconfirmed what the name of her production house would be, but it has been

  • Justin Beiber the Hero!

    The beginning of Justin Beiber's singing career was filled with criticism, flaming and controversy. While it is arguable whether Beiber has tried to leave his rather infamous teenage days behind him, there is now

  • Famous Birthdays - Emma Watson

    Harry Potter is considered one of the most awe-inspiring franchises of all time, and with the succession of multiple films produced from the series birthed many gifted young actors.

  • Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan: The reasons behind the breakup

    The breakup of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan had the internet talking for the majority of last week. The ex-couple had previously announced that they called an end to their love story on mutual terms and

  • Terminator reboot delayed

    The sixth installment in the Terminator movie franchise, as of yet still untitled, has been pushed back for four months. Paramount Pictures has announced that due to technical reasons, they will be unable to release the film on the

  • Salman Khan jail life

    Salman Khan's short-spanned jail life

    The jailing incident of Salman Khan has been a much-discussed topic all throughout the week. Convicted at 5th April for a 1998 blackbuck poaching case, the beloved actor was sentenced to a life of

  • Alia Bhatt's new image in 'Raazi'

    Despite her young age, Alia Bhatt has already found success in the form of recognition and accolades. This two-time Filmfare Award winning actor has built the role of a strong female lead in films such as

  • Bollywood popular actor Irrfan Khan

    Irrfan Khan's ongoing success

    Irrfan Khan has frequently been a name synonymous with success in the film industry. No matter where he is performing, critics and fans alike are prone to applaud his roles.

  • Famous Birthdays- Jackie Chan

    Who doesn't love Jackie Chan? Energetic, spunky, fun-loving and simply entertaining; this martial artist-actor has redefined action-comedy movies in Hollywood despite originally hailing from Hong Kong.

  • The Rock Shares His Story of Depression

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known worldwide as one of the most eccentric personalities both on and off-screen today. However, behind that giant grin lies a story of struggle and pain he has never really talked about, until recently.

  • ‘Ready Player One’ Smashes Box Office

    The trailers and teasers were a premonition of what was to be expected: The smashing success of Steven Spielberg's latest film Ready Player One. In its first four days alone, the sci-fi film raked in $53.2 million,

  • Tiger Shroff hits it big with 'Baaghi 2'

    In a record that came as a surprise to many, Baaghi 2 has topped Padmaavat in being the most successful opener in Bollywood this year. In the first day alone, the film has been reported to have reached the Rs 25 crore benchmark, establishing Tiger Shroff as a bona fide hit among the Bollywood fans.

  • Bolywood Actor Ranveer Singh and Actress Deepika Padukone

    Are Ranveer and Deepika set to marry soon?

    Bollywood's hottest unofficial couple, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, is apparently getting married quite soon! Ever since their secret meetings with each other were confirmed by multiple news sources,

  • Priyanka Chopra plans to leave Quantico

    While speculations have been buzzing around for quite some time, news sources have recently confirmed that Priyanka Chopra is disappointed at Quantico's current drop in popularity and that she plans on

  • Sylvester Stallone unsure who Salman Khan is

    In a sign of good faith, Salman Khan had shared news of the announcement of Sylvester Stallone's upcoming film Creed 2. Stallone, attempting to reply to the kindness, wanted to do the same by sharing news of Salman Khan's upcoming film Race 3.

  • Bollywood Actress Aishwarya

    Aishwarya addresses sexual harassment issues

    News of the Weinstein incident and the subsequent #MeToo revolution has been the prime topic of discussion in Hollywood for many months now. While there have been buzzes in other film industries, it seems Bollywood has something to add to it.

  • Shakib Khan YouTube Channel

    Shakib Khan’s New YouTube Channel

    This past 28th March was the King of Dhallywood Shakib Khan's birthday. On the grand occasion, aside from the usual cake-cutting and a fantastic party, Shakib started a new beginning to the 39th year of his life, in the form of a

  • Anna Faris Opens Up About Split with Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, Hollywood's once-beloved couple, has reportedly been on good terms with each other since their divorce last year. They are also taking good care of their 5-year old son Jack despite the split.

  • Famous Birthdays- Christopher Walken

    “I don't need to be made to look evil. I can do that on my own.” Having acted in over a hundred films and TV shows, Christopher Walken is a true example of a living legend in Hollywood. His roles in the movies Catch Me If You Can, Pulp Fiction, The Dogs of War, Sleepy Hollow, Hairspray and

  • Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Secretly Meeting?

    The heart break of the world came two years ago in the form of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announcing their divorce and officially parting ways with each other. As one would expect from such developments, rumors are still

  • Farhan Akhtar scripting and acting in 'Don 3'

    Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Don 2 shook the theaters during its release way back in 2011. A ripe seven years after, we finally have solid news on the much-awaited sequel. Being directed by Farhan Akhtar once

  • Famous Birthdays Jim Parsons

    Chances are if you are a fan of modern TV series, you have come across this specific buzzword more times than you can remember. The impact of Sheldon Cooper in pop culture as well as commercial success is a testament to how brilliantly Jim Parsons has portrayed this famous character from The Big Bang Theory. Being named by Forbes as the highest earning male TV actor of last year and being a constant presence

  • Hugh Jackman Publicly Announces the End of Wolverine

    After his emotionally stirring role in last year's film Logan, Hugh Jackman's role as the iconic comicbook character-come-to-life Wolverine was finally over. However, since then, many news sources stated that

  • The Fault in Our Stars Bollywood Remake!

    Anyone who has read or watched The Fault in Our Stars will remember it as a story of a young girl stricken with cancer and how she deals with her teenage urges while living a restricted lifestyle.

  • Snapchat's Stock Drops after Rihanna's Denouncement

    Snapchat has recently suffered a market value decrease of a whopping $800 million, all due to Rihanna publicly denouncing the app for an ad that they had published earlier. The ad, which features a game called

  • Salman Khan's latest film Race 3

    Salman Khan the Song-Writer for 'Race 3'

    Ever since the news was first announced, fans have been in constant anticipation of Salman Khan's latest film Race 3. Featuring the prominent actor in an exciting look which is being promoted with the