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12:00 AM, April 07, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 11:33 AM, April 07, 2018

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Where The Stars Align

Sadia Islam Mou, Tahsan and Arifin Shuvoo. These are three names who have been wildly successful in their own sectors of the showbiz industry, at times transcending their own humane demeanor to become true pop icons adored by all. The three juggernauts are now the judges of Bangladesh's premiere superstar hunt and reality show: Lux Channel i Superstar 2018. Star Showbiz presents to you an exclusive insight into the most happening event in town, as well as the three beautiful souls that are tasked with the very difficult job of judging a very talented crop of young contestants!

Hours before the shoot started, the studio was buzzing with various activities in anticipation of the event. Among the placards and signboards being transported to their designated places, the Lux Channel i Superstar logo let out a refraction that caught my eyes as soon as I entered the premise, as if to symbolize the sheer glamour involved in the competition. Tahsan Khan, ever the professional, was the first to arrive at the studio. As he sat down for lunch, he asked around if everyone, including the organizers, had eaten theirs. This was Tahsan's second time judging the marquee competition. He stated with confidence, “I can assure you that this year will bring many surprises. A lot of improvements have been made in order for the event to be an even more engaging reality-tv experience.” The singer turned actor noted that it is extremely important for anyone who wants to join the world of entertainment to have respect for and enjoy their craft. “This year, we have a very talented group of potential stars. They have every chance to make it big, and one advice I would like to give them is to love what you do. You can't be successful all the time and there will be times where you'll feel under the weather. But at the end of the day, it will all be worth it if you have the heart and guts to just stay in it,” spoke out an ever-eloquent Tahsan.

When Sadia Islam Mou arrived at the premises, a huge buzz ensued. It seemed like the model's illustrious career, completed with the prestigious “Best Female Model” awards in four consecutive years, was bound to be present at this crossroad today. Puzzlingly enough, this was the first time that the gifted diva had been the judge of a competition. “I never really wanted to be the judge in any competition. I always thought that I would feel extremely guilty if I had to break any of the young contestants' heart,” admitted Mou. “However, I am really enjoying my role as a judge here. My wonderful judges Tahsan and Shuvoo always keep the atmosphere very jolly and light,” she said with ever-present glee. In response to a query about her being a role-model to young aspiring models, she shot it down with utmost humility, “Look, I've been lucky enough to have a good career, and it is not only to my credit, but everyone who have been involved in it. I consider the directors, scriptwriters, photographers and every single member of the crews that have worked with me over the years to be a part of who I am today. I would consider myself lucky even if a single girl considered me as her role-model,” stated an earnest Mou.

Storming in the make-up room was Arifin Shuvoo, perhaps re-enacting an explosive entrance sequence from one of his super-hit films. The Dhaka Attack famed actor is the youngest judge on the panel but is by no means lacking in knowledge or panache, as evident by his acclaimed career in acting. “I would just like to request the contestants to not take the opportunity that they have received for granted. Work hard for your goals, and you will definitely get what you want,” said the dashing actor.

The theme for this year's competition is Dekhiya Dao Odekha Tomay, which roughly translates to “show the unseen side of you”. The age-old stereotypical view of feminine beauty will be ignored in order to make way for the contestants to show their talent, resolve and inner beauty to the world. After all, it's 2018, and the stars have aligned to give us the most intriguing version of Lux Channel i Superstar as of yet!


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