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  • Actress Mithila

    The Marvelous Mithila

    Rafiath Rashid Mithila is not just a name, she is the epitome of beauty, talent and grace. As an artist she has proven herself with

  • Popular Dhaliwood actress Popy

    Flashes of Flamboyance - Popy

    Juddhoshishu is a movie about the Liberation War. The plot is based on 1971 and post-war Bangladesh. I am working under the direction of Shahidul Haq Khan in this film.

  • Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

    The Magic Of Mim

    Bidya Sinha Saha Mim – a name that combines beauty and brain with the sheer presence of sincerity and discipline! Born in Rajshahi, she stepped into the world of showbiz in 2007 through Lux Channel i Superstar.

  • Abul Khair Litu

    Abul Khair Litu - The man who thought of it all

    Even though we hosted the first Bengal Classical Music Festival in 2012, I had planned for a classical music festival of this scale for a long time. You might remember that we organized regular classical music

  • Nusrat Imrose Tisha

    The Enchantress Next Door

    Is it the endearing smile, or is it the charming personality? Is it her impeccable acting, or her elegant demeanor?

  • dhallywood hot news

    A Love Letter to 2017!

    In some ways, 2017 for the entertainment industry was like the previously newlywed bride that built a rapport with you over time. You have good understanding with each other, but at the same time have some tumultuous fallouts that, in the long run only help you to become a stronger couple. Similarly, the achievements that the industry had received far overshadowed the controversies that had surrounded it.

  • An Ode to the Guru of Rock James

    An Ode to the Guru of Rock

    At this point in time, the term “Guru” might as well be comparable to the likes of “Sir”, “Lord” and so on. The title was initially held by the late great Azam Khan, the title signifies a person of high esteem, often times the epitome of

  • 4th Silk Road International Film Festival

    The Road to China

    The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China (SAPPRFT) invited participants from ten selected Silk Road countries to attend a conference on how to improve media communication between the respective countries. Rafi Hossain, Editor of Star Showbiz, was one of the invitees. He narrates his experience that he accumulated on the very productive and wholesome trip.

  • Baul Shafi Mondol

    Preaching Love through Lalon: Baul Shafi Mondol

    Ever since his journey to self-discovery began, Baul Shafi Mondol has found himself enthralled by the teachings of the prominent Baul philosopher Fakir Lalon Shah. Through cheerful music he has preached the message of love and tolerance, steadily establishing himself as one of the most well-known Lalon singers of the country. In this exclusive interview, Shafi Mondol talks about his spiritual journey and shares his opinions on the future of Lalon music.

  • Tashfee Singing the Melody of Tomorrow

    A few days ago, she proved what insiders of the Bangladeshi music industry already knew: she is here to stay and make a mark. She became the first female artist to become an ambassador of ArtistSpread, joining the likes of Miles and Bappa Mazumder.

  • Basic Ali Popular Comic Strip

    Tawsif Mahbub and Sabila Nur Bring Basic Ali to life

    Tawsif Mahbub and Sabila Nur are known as two promising names in the current generation of young actors. Being cast in a number of serials together in the past, these two best friends now find themselves on a brand new project

  • Anjan Chowdhury

    Anjan Chowdhury - The Mind Behind Dhaka Int'l Folk Fest

    First and foremost, my hometown is in Pabna, which is the origin of Baul music. Thus, I have always been a fan of folk music.

  • Doob Director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki

    Doob: The Frontier of a New Wave of Cinema

    'Doob: No Bed of Roses', released on 27th October, has already taken the country by storm. Receiving a plethora of positive reviews from critics and fans alike, 'Doob' is considered by many as Mostofa Sarwar Farooki's best work yet and the best Bangladeshi film released this year.

  • Celebrating Life 2017 Gala

    Celebrating Life 2017 Gala

    Deemed as the premier competition for budding film-makers, photographers and lyricists, this year was Celebrating Life's 10th iteration. The award ceremony, Celebrating Life 2017 Gala, which also honored timeless contributors to the fields of film, music and photography, was held last Saturday, 28th October, at International Convention City Bashundhara. The unique theme of 'Diversity in Bangladesh' was represented by diverse performances from both young and experienced artists, as well as winning participants from all over the country. It was truly a night of joyous celebration.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award Winners!

    The present isn't possible without the past paving the way. There are notable personalities in music, film and photography of this country who have not only contributed to the development of these fields, but helped Bangladesh as a whole grow as a nation.

  • Celebrating Life, Celebrating Diversity!

    Celebrating Life is known nationwide as the premier competition that highlights unsung talents hidden in the nooks and crannies of Bangladesh. Emphasizing on film-making, photography and lyric-writing, the participants of Celebrating Life each year are brimmed with potential.

  • Nasir Ali Mamun

    Nasir Ali Mamun

    Nasir Ali Mamun is a prominent portrait photographer whose pictures revolve around important personalities and celebrities of this country.

  • Celebrating Greatness

    Sabina Yasmin is no stranger to awards, her golden voice has accumulated 12 National Awards until now. After ruling the music industry for four decades, she is to be awarded with The Daily Star-Standard Chartered Bank's ‘Celebrating Life Lifetime Achievement Award’ in Music.

  • Jannatul Ferdoush Peya

    I am done with studying law, and I am giving my exams for the license. I would ideally want to be a Barrister, as well as continue my media work.

  • Shampa Reza

    Shampa Reza

    It is indeed. I have to say that I previously have never believed in beauty pageants as such, as I still think 'beauty' is a subjective matter. I never even watched any miss world competitions.

  • Iconic Magician of Bangladesh Jewel Aich


    From my perspective, I don't find them very respectable. I will say that I respect the women participating in such contests, but the concept of such contests is an insult to women.

  • Osthir Somoy Shostir Golpo: Promoting Young Talent

    At one point in time, the Bangladeshi television industry was in its 'golden age', primarily due to the production of high-quality dramas and fiction. After the popularization of satellite television, the industry almost fell flat on its face due to competition that the industry was arguably not ready for.

  • Mithila's New Life

    Maintaining a successful career in acting while being a mother and an active voice for women empowerment may sound like a tall order for many, but for Mithila it's a lifestyle.


    Shobnom Bubly had an incredible career transformation in the span of only a few months. Although many imply that much of her success comes from her affiliation with Shakib Khan, she is more than ready to hold up on her own. With her new films 'Ohongkar' and 'Rongbaaj' released this Eid, she is soaring higher than ever. In this exclusive interview with Star Showbiz, Bubly bursts her bubble about her relationship with Shakib Khan, her upcoming plans and much more!

  • Syed Jamil Ahmed's RIZWAN

    For years, I have thought that Syed Jamil Ahmed has a magic box, from which he brings out amazing productions one after another.

  • Locarno Festival 2017

    Film festivals are held with prominence in all countries. Out of the countless that exist, 14/15 international film festivals are awaited


    Open Doors is an exclusive segment arranged by Locarno Festival where special spotlight is shed upon specially selected countries in

  • Xefer - From Artist to Brand

    She is guts personified. She has been endorsed by many famous personalities as one of the most of the promising young artists, as well as one of Bangladesh's first YouTubers.

  • Bobby Strikes with Bijli

    With her first venture being 'Khoj – The Search' in 2010, it didn't take long for everyone to know Bobby's name.


    You would have to be extremely resilient to not look twice. Boasting an alluring smile, confident demeanor and dazzling looks, she is a complete package. No matter the role, she embraces it with thorough dedication. Having recently made her debut in Tollywood, she looks to broaden her horizons in the local film scene. Star Showbiz presents to you the no-holds-barred interview with the ravishing diva, Sohana Saba!