• Beyond the Mirror View

    Already established as a popular Television host, her starred blockbuster movie Aynabaji has taken the country by storm and is picking up worldwide acclaim in various international film festivals.

  • Celebrating Life 2016 - A Tribute to True Talents

    By far, Celebrating Life is the only competition in Bangladesh dedicated to bringing out the unsung talents from across the nation in terms of films, photography and lyrics.

  • Ferdausi Majumdar - Tale of the Thespian

    The days were dark and fear lurked at the corners of the patriotic Bengali hearts. During that time, under the Pakistani military dictatorship, presentation of the Bengali culture in any form beckoned trouble. In this gloomy period, it was out of sheer valour, that the handful of Bengali artists, including Ferdausi Majumdar, took it upon themselves to fight the “artistic” war, daringly. Some were unable to overcome that fear, but many did so, in their own faithful ways. This is the tale of one such female warrior. Despite having a strict religious father, she embraced the stage as a performer and did her best to support the cause. Even though the latitude to perform was vague, she availed whatever opportunity there was and pursued her passion for plays. Ferdausi Majumdar also acted in the first drama that was aired on Bangladesh Television (BTV). We are proud to announce that she will be awarded in the upcoming gala night of Celebrating Life 2016 with a lifetime achievement award for her immense contributions.

  • DOOB - A Descend to Ascend

    Mostofa Sarwar Farooki is yet to release his much anticipated film “Doob”, which has created quite a storm in the media recently, after the news published by the Kolkata-based Anandabazar that it was based on the late maestro Humayun Ahmed.

  • What's on the Catwalk?

    From walking the ramps of Bangladesh to walking the international runways, Jannatul Ferdous Peya has come a long way indeed. Born and brought up in Khulna, she later moved to Dhaka to give wings to her dreams.

  • Oh Bob - Where Art Thou?

    Bob Dylan is undeniably one of the most influential figures in music and culture for more than five decades. His contribution to the society is unmatched of; his songs spread out in every corner of America and some of them became anthems for the American Civil Rights and anti-war movements.

  • An Ode to the Jubilant Festival

    Durga Puja is an annual festival celebrating the victory of goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura, celebrated from the sixth to tenth day of bright lunar fortnight. The six days are observed as Mahalaya, Shashthi, Maha Shaptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami, and the last Vijayadashami.

  • Yesterday's Men Tomorrow's Heroes

    Many might argue that despite being surrounded by modernity and gender equality, we still reside in a society that is rather patriarchal. However, in the race towards prosperity in the world of glamour, it is the women who have the edge.

  • The Late Legendary Littérateur

    Our readers are well aware about the Daily Star's initiative titled Celebrating Life, which focuses on film, photography and lyrics.


    Lately, there has been a hype among the movie-goers of the city regarding Amitabh Reza's first film- “Aynabaji”. With the release of all the melodious songs, along with the tantalizing trailer, the satire seems to have created a whirlwind of expectations amongst the film buffs. At a time when the trend in the industry is to leap beyond borders and collaborate, Content Matters Production decided to hold strong to their roots and captivate the citizens with a story that resonates within the vicinity of the great Dhaka city. In the heat of the moment and on behalf of the readers, the Showbiz team met up with the cast and crew of “Aynabaji” in order to break the ice and ask them the big question to find out what makes this film, which was released yesterday, a class apart. To find out more, do head to your nearest theatre that is screening “Aynabaji”.

  • Through the Eyes of Kornia

    It has not been long since she has been under the lime light. Her rise to fame came along after her participation in the singing based reality show titled “Power Voice”.


    This is an out-of-the-box, Eid issue, for our readers to scrutinize the celebrities.

  • Joya Ahsan

    The Quintessential: Leap beyond Borders

    Among the list of those who could usher themselves to making a name, the gorgeous Joya Ahsan is ahead of the game.

  • Tahsan

    A Polymath with Panache

    He started his career in music at the turn of the millennium with alternative rock, and transitioned to a new genre subsequently,

  • The Prominence of Pori

    Within a short time span, the name Pori Moni had created quite an impact in Dhallywood. Her stepping stone to the world of glamour was through modelling, but it did not take much time for her to prove that she possessed the X factor needed to win the hearts of the movie goers.

  • Sultry Steps to Stardom

    Star Showbiz is delighted to present an exclusive tête-à-tête with the gorgeous, Sohana Saba.

  • The Monologue Of A Maestro

    From my childhood days, I can recall the devotion I had for Asaduzzaman Noor. Given my early involvement with television, I was summoned for a role in a drama when I was in grade seven.

  • Showbiz Highlight Reel (2015-2016)

    Showbiz is proud to be able to bring all the major moments of these two jaw-dropping entertaining years to its viewers, however, for this edition, we have decided not to maintain status quo and present chitchats, rather present the viewers with the highlight of some of the most positive and uplifting stories and insights covered by Showbiz during its calendar years 2015-2016.

  • Wind of Change

    The biggest congregation of television shows take place during the time of Eid, especially in Eid-ul-Fitr. There are aplenty channels racing towards producing a greater number of television shows than competitors, broadcasting shows nearly 24hours each day during the 7-day period of Eid.

  • SHAKIB KHAN - The Off-Screen Dialogue

    The self-proclaimed numero uno of Dhallywood has had an impact so strong in the industry, that it has secured him the title of the 'undisputed' champion in the business. We are talking about none other than the famous Shakib Khan.

  • Chemistry On and off the Screen Ananta and Barsha

    Ananta and Barsha, the power-couple of the Bangladeshi film industry, are renowned for their on-screen chemistry and hard work to bring about improvements in the cinematic arts. Ananta was introduced to the film industry right after he started dating Barsha. With his first movie “Khoj: The Search” he changed the landscape of Bengali Cinema. The couple dated for a while and tied the knot soon after. Showbiz proudly presents an entertaining session with the one and only Ananta and his better half, Barsha.

  • Nitty-Gritty with NAUMI

    From the movie “Krishnopokkho”, the song titled “Cholo Na Brishti Te Bhiji” has helped Naomi garner fame. The song “Tumi Hina” from the film “Tarkata” has been the turning point of her career. After the launch of her first solo album “Naomi” back in 2011, she is yet to release her next.

  • Black

    Beats & Ballads With Black

    Formed in 1998, Black was one of the first alternative rock bands in Bangladesh, producing a unique blend of rock music with hook-laden tunes and equivocal lyrics that stupefied the nation.


    Celebrating Life District Tour is an arrangement by the Daily Star and the Standard Chartered Bank, regarding the collective film, photography and lyrics competition. The winning works from last year are selected and showcased at different universities across Bangladesh.

  • Wedding bells & Mahiya Mahi

    Renowned Dhallywood actress Mahiya Mahi has gained popularity instantaneously upon gracing the silver screen. In a rather patriarchal industry, Shakib Khan dominated industry to be precise; it must have been quite a challenge to hold the title of the “next best”, aka.

  • A Two-Year Experience In Cannes

    I have had the utmost luck of witnessing this colossal film event for two years in a row. I consider 2014 and 2015 to be two of the most successful years in my career, just having to experience Cannes in person.

  • A Preacher of Her Practice

    Leela Samson is a dancer, teacher, writer, and choreographer of Bharatanatyam who has been deeply influenced by the visionary Rukmini Devi Arundale, the founder of Kalakshetra...

  • ISHIKA - Still Married?

    Ishika Khan got married on April 1, 2016, which seemed like a decision being rushed, by some. A sudden rumor spread out like wildfire through a popular print media, stating that she got divorced within a month of her marriage. This came as a shock to all her fans and critics around Bangladesh, and quickly became a hot topic to be discussed about among everyone. When asked about this incident, Ishika downright denied the rumor claiming that she has a healthy relationship with her husband, who is involved in a hotel business and currently staying in London.

  • Jahangirnagar enchanted by MAYA'R KHELA

    Celebrating Life kicked off its annual event at Jahangirnagar University on April 25th, 2016. Starting at 8 pm and concluding at 9 pm, the event was filled with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, all aggregated for the love of culture. This culturally enriched event was full of mesmerizing performances and a brilliant portrayal of Bangladeshi life through a photo exhibition.

  • Shankhachil - Borders' Bridge

    After much political debate, “Shankhachil” was the successful breakthrough the audience had been waiting for. Unique from the predecessors of the joint Indo-Bangla genre, this film is more balanced in its ingredients.