Satire | The Daily Star
  • Tips for learning to drive

    For all of you above eighteen, your most recent birthday means more than adulthood and a national ID. It means you're allowed to get a driver's license and finally go for those joyrides you love, legally. However, not everyone is born with the skill of Michael Schumacher, so let me teach you the way of the vehicle before you run all the pedestrians over.

  • It's a wonderful life

    I have this routine where I regularly recite something I'm grateful for before going to bed. Today, I am grateful for being a woman in this country. Let me tell you why.

  • #PlantLivesMatter

    Nowadays, people take great pride in being vegan. They are saving the planet, they are saving the unfortunate cows from being exploited by farmers.

  • [YOUR TITLE WILL BE HERE. Which must include “101” or “For Dummies” somewhere in it]

    [This is where you give an introduction that will say nothing about your article and will only confuse people further. Make sure you use ample redundant words because you need to fill that word count up.]