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    At the time of reading this, the new God of War is already out and you've probably already played Sony's new masterpiece. Unfortunately, my copy of the game was lost in the mail. This did however give me some time to think about all the marketing that goes behind video games, and the impact it has on industry standards and on the minds of video game enthusiasts. In short, pre-release gameplay footage, tech demos of new consoles and marketing campaigns surrounding everything leads to one major development – hype.

  • Chronicles of playing against a friend who's better than you

    The only thing that's better than gaming alone is having friends. Even better than that is being able to game with said friends. Of course, when you frequently play against skilled opponents you start to show some less than pleasant traits. Below are some of the more embarrassing ones.

  • Chronicles of playing against someone actually better than you

    Not to be confused with the other article bearing the same name, this one is for people who have lives and don't spend all day playing video games like losers. We know what it's like to be outmatched in activities that actually matter. The following are some of the things that go through our head when that happens.

  • A day in the life of a gamepad

    Dawn arrives with first light—no wait it's the middle of the day, what gives? The answer is soon revealed as I realise I was at the bottom of a pile of dirty laundry. Banished to the corner, never to be seen again until the hour of need arrives, my suspicions prove to be true as I am swiftly plugged into the computer. It's time to get ready for the ordeal all over again.

  • Classics that deserve a replay

    For all the gamers out there, the future promises much in the form of innovation. With the increased development of VR as well as various AR projects, gaming technology is about to get an overhaul and expand its horizons significantly. Before this new era is ushered in, however, we thought it would be a good idea to put on our rose-tinted goggles and pay homage to some of the classics which have stood the test of time.

  • Overused storytelling clichés in gaming

    A well-crafted, engaging story can elevate a good game to greatness. Sometimes, however, even games unanimously regarded as classics can suffer from clichés in the storytelling department.

  • Innovation - How Nintendo stays in the game

    The video game industry is indebted to Nintendo for a great number of reasons. Whether it is bringing video games out of arcades and making it accessible to the populace with resounding success or bringing the industry back in track after the video game crash of 1983, Nintendo remains as one of the forefathers and pioneers of this billion dollar industry. While several other classic companies teetered off to

  • 5 great Steam games for 5 dollars or less

    Everyone likes a good bargain on their games. Not everyone has the money to invest into a big title. But sometimes the cheap stuff in the “$5 and under” tab really gives you killer deals. Let's look at some of them right here.

  • Ubisoft's new direction and what it means for gamers

    In the past two decades or so, Ubisoft had kept gamers (and themselves) very busy by releasing at least one AAA single-player title every year – namely, entries from the Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed and the Tom Clancy franchises. In the earlier days, they did a very good job of juggling the workload as most of their games would be acclaimed by gamers and critics alike.

  • The greatest remake ever?

    I never buy video games at launch but when the Shadow of the Colossus remake was released, I bought it without thinking twice. The original Shadow of the Colossus was the kind of experience I still have vivid memories of. It shaped the love I have for video games today, and ultimately set up unprecedented expectations I would have from the medium.

  • The benefits of humble bundle

    Games are costly, there's no denying it. Even with the problem of distribution solved for PC gamers in the form of Steam, buying AAA titles, or even continuous purchases of indie/smaller titles, your money spent adds up.

  • Stages of being addicted to a mobile game

    You're bored, browsing the app store on your new fancy phone, desperately looking for something to kill the time. Snapchat's great, but when your crush opens your bland “strk” snap without even replying...

  • The allure of difficult games

    Games are a form of art, but first and foremost they are a source of entertainment. This is why the primary goal of any game should be to provide joy to the user, right?

  • Why you should buy the nintendo switch

    2017 was a very lukewarm year for gaming but the biggest surprise of the year was the success of Nintendo's new console, the Switch. With record breaking opening year sales, matched only by the legendary PlayStation 2, the Switch is the most happening console since the launch of the younger Sony giant, the PlayStation 4.

  • Video game soundtrack covers you need to listen to

    Everyone loves video game soundtracks. Often times it's the heart of the game itself, lending itself to the atmosphere and the setting, matching the mood of a scene, or just generally being fun to listen to as you escape reality for a few hours.

  • Best buys for steam's south asian region update

    So recently the biggest online platform for game distribution, Steam, got a huge update to how it prices games for us.

  • State of the loot-shooter genre

    Overshadowing traditional linear First-Person and Third-Person shooter games, Loot-Shooters have been all the rage amongst gamers in the past few years. But are the offerings of the genre worth the investment of more than a hundred hours of game time? We look into the heavy hitters in this category to find out.

  • Learning worldbuilding from video games

    The art of storytelling is not confined to novels. It can be found in a song, it can be there in a poem, and it most certainly can be in a video game. As a matter of fact the word “Can” doesn't do justice to the video games of the present.

  • Are you boss rushing or are you boss dragging?

    Studio MDHR's debut game Cuphead, first teased back in 2013, finally got released after high anticipation on September 29 and boy, does it deliver. The game can be defined as an indie “run and gun” fashioned in a retro motif similar

  • A Potential Masterpiece

    Piranha Bytes' new release, Elex, manages to disappoint but at the same time engross the players over an unforgettable experience. In spite of all the shortcomings, it manages to be one of the most immersive experiences one can ask for.