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  • An hour long music video experience

    After the discovery of “Interstella 5555: The Story of the Secret Star System”, I am convinced of one thing: if you haven't watched it yet, you're one daft punk. In terms of the underlying and clearly not punny meaning, this is a one hour long music video. In terms of the superficial meaning though, you're ACTUALLY daft and missing out if you haven't watched this movie.

  • Tribute to a mother-daughter bond

    I have a love-hate relationship with the coming-of-age genre. Blame it on excessive binges of John Hughes duds in the 90s (Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles), but I've grown weary of them.

  • The beloved franchise is still going strong

    “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” can be classified as the movie which will split the fanbase. But why is it so polarising? As I left the theatre,

  • Justice League

    Please be considerate towards me as I write this review for Justice League, while still reeling from the awesomeness that is Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok. While carrying my popcorn inside the hall, I knew from past experiences that [visually] it'd be another dark and serious movie. Little did I know I'd be getting out with an equally gloomy cloud over my head.

  • Thor gets a haircut, and a personality

    Hold up, just a while. I need [read: want] you to get into the mood before your read this review. Go to YouTube, search for and play Led Zeppelin's “The Immigrant Song” into your ears. Okay?

  • Enjoyable? Yes, but very different from the book.

    I'll get straight to the point. Those who haven't read the book will thoroughly enjoy this movie; those who have read the book are going to hate this iteration with a burning passion. That premise aside, adapting any Stephen King novel is a Herculean task.

  • A Mediocre Prequel to a Prequel

    Horror movies are difficult to get right. We often come across great ones that keep us at the edge of our seats, face hidden by a blanket.

  • Dunkirk isn't just a “war film”. It's great cinema.

    Dunkirk is a brilliant film about war, though it is not a “war film” in the traditional sense of the term. War movies are often for rah-rah patriots, but the Battle of Dunkirk was not a victory or a glorious last stand. It was a retreat.

  • The Super-Pig Movie You Need to Watch

    The new Netflix original Okja opens with Lucy Mirando (Tilda Swinton) gleefully announcing her evil corporation's super-pig project that will apparently revolutionise the livestock industry.

  • Gifted: Tale of Unlikely Friendships

    Gifted is a heart-warming chronicle of ordinary relationships that face extraordinary ups and downs. The story itself is not one in a million, but the person it's about is.

  • Human in USA, Monster in Seoul

    With her horribly heavy bangs and dark-coloured jackets, Hathaway plays the role of Gloria - a writer with a drinking problem who's struggling to keep it together.


    Bill Condon's 2017 rendition of The Beauty and the Beast ends with a song by Céline Dion. “How does a moment last forever?

  • Lion: When Google Earth is the protagonist

    If you have been a child, raised a child, lost a child or met a child –any of the situations that involve a mother – this movie will leave a dent on you.

  • La La Land: That Rare Musical I Didn’t Hate

    I suppose that title needs clarification. I love music; I eat, breathe, sleep movies – just not characters breaking into a song and dance routine every 15/20 minutes [reason why I’m not a fan of the traditional Bollywood storytelling format]. I went to Blockbuster Cinemas at Jamuna Future Park hesitantly but with an open mind.

  • A space adventure not out of this world

    What happened when Star-Lord found Katniss Everdeen in a ship destined to go far, far away in outer space? He couldn't “let her go” – and that's pretty much the story of Passengers.

  • Back to the World of Magic

    The end of the Harry Potter Franchise meant the entertainment industry would lack the magic of the wizarding world.


    At long last, the Sorcerer Supreme makes his big screen debut in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatchplays Doctor Stephen Strange.

  • Café Society – Charming but disappointing

    Fans of Woody Allen are used to his quirky forays into cultural icons, from a 1970s' “Love Letter to New York” to literary Paris in the Jazz Age.

  • Swiss Army Man: A Bizarre Trip to Home

    Hank (Paul Dano) is about to hang himself. Having given up all his hopes of being rescued from a deserted island, he


    Just like khichuri is an integral part of the Bengali household when the sky rumbles and the sweet smell of earth is evident, watching movies while snuggled up in bed is a choice for many. Here I compiled a list of movies I'd like to watch on such a day.

  • DC hasn't yet figured out how group presentations work

    Not everyone in the classroom has to be hilarious to be popular. DC Extended Universe gets constantly compared to Marvel Cinematic Universe for obvious reasons.

  • Just Keep Swimming

    Remember the not-so-happy clownfish who had you worried sick about his abducted son? How we all jumped in joy rooting for their reunion as the father Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) swam halfway across the ocean aided by a scatterbrained yet amusing blue tang to rescue his son Nemo (Hayden Rolence) from an aquarium?

  • Should you sit through 2.5 hours of “X-Men: Apocalypse”?

    I'll start with something that's been bugging me since “X-Men: First Class”: Jennifer Lawrence is nice and all but #BringBackRebeccaRomijnAsMystique.

  • Should you sit through 2.5 hours of “X-Men: Apocalypse”?

    I’ll start with something that’s been bugging me since “X-Men: First Class”: Jennifer Lawrence is nice and all but #‎BringBackRebeccaRomijnAsMystique.

  • Marvel does it again!

    At first glance, Captain America: Civil War seems like a film that fits in with the tried and tested formula of The Avengers.

  • The Jungle Book: A Visual Experience to be Had

    If you're a long time Disney fan, like yours truly, you've probably grown used to the disappointments that come with the Disney live-action.

  • ROOM: Macabre, yet hopeful

    What if your world was no bigger than a tiny, squalid room that was visited by a monster every night?


    While Marvel has had success with film adaptations of their comics, things have not been particularly sunny for their rivals, DC Comics.

  • The Saga Begins Again

    Sitting down at the theatre a few days ago, it felt sort of surreal that it had been 10 years since the last Star Wars movie premiered.

  • A Satisfying and Thrilling Final Chapter

    Fans of the dystopian, sci-fi Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and/or the movie franchise itself certainly had both doubts and