• A Casual Listener's Account of Classical Music Festival

    Rabindranath Tagore had apparently prayed to be resurrected to the rhythm of music. I am no expert on classical music, yet I yearn for November in this cramped city.

  • The Journey: BFF to Stranger

    Best Friends Forever” can easily turn into “Barely Friends Frankly” before you know it. You may have referred to your BFF as your soul mate – the one who was supposed to be in your life till the very end.

  • What to do after Getting Brozoned

    It is that very awkward moment when you realize, to your utter grief, that your feelings are not mutual. What's worse is the fact that all your friends seem to react to the news in a “sorry, not sorry” kind of attitude.

  • Dealing with Overthinkers

    According to the Oxford Dictionary, “overthinker” isn't an actual word, but it definitely should be, because there an alarmingly large number of people suffer from this problem.

  • Thesis Semester Prep

    Approaching the end of an undergraduate degree can be an exciting time but nothing dampens those feelings faster than an impending thesis.

  • A Day in the Life of Food Hoarder

    In this planet of burgers and chicken dumplings, there are majorly two types of tummies.

  • A f(l)ight with your stage fright

    “His palms are sweaty, knees week, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already…”

  • Diet obstructions for an average Bengali

    One of the many factors that deter our already low self-esteem is the fact that many of us do not have the perfect body-mass index, all thanks to the Bengali tradition of having two rice meals a day.

  • How Borhani Stopped Me from Being a Genre Snob

    You know that one guy in your middle school who wore a Pantera t-shirt anywhere and everywhere, constantly reminded you that “pop music will be the death of humanity” and reminisced about how good the 80's were? Well, that was me and, I'm quite sure, many of you.

  • It's not always PMS

    To many, the universal definition of a good woman has been one who is tamed, gentle and calm. But the one time you are pushed to your limits and all hell breaks loose, you're probably thought to be PMS-ing.

  • IMS – the Male PMS

    Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) – that moment when testosterone is out of whack in a male and he turns into a rather sniveling version of Matt Damon feeling all the 'feels'.

  • How to handle criticism

    Criticism: a word that makes people jump from their seats and prepare for Mongol conquests in a second. We get offended fast and react faster.

  • Biggest Pet Peeves on a First Date From a Girl's POV

    The thought of first dates can induce butterflies in your stomach. They could either be too good to remember or entirely cringe worthy, depending on how much you have messed up your demeanor.

  • A Girl Driving around Dhaka at Midnight

    It'd probably be considered “defiant act” that I have had midnight trips around Dhaka as a girl. There is something about my city which creates a craving in my heart to explore the desolate tarmac roads when they are taking a rest from all the commotion that has become a part of our lives.

  • Recovering from a Bad First Impression

    We've all been there – inadvertently offending someone because of a gaffe, making friends groan by telling flat jokes, or failing to


    “We don't meet anymore (x3), like we used to dooo!”

  • Calculated Procrastination

    Is it not the basic dream that you can effectively maximise the period of procrastination without having to feel like your life is going to fall apart more than a few times? That is where decision mathematics comes in.

  • 100% Guaranteed to Work Acne Remedies

    Frantically pulling your hair over your forehead or deliberately turning your face to the right during a photo is just some of the things that come with being cursed with acne.

  • No “Happily Ever After” for Us?

    People went crazy over The Huffington Post's article titled “We are the generation who doesn't want relationships” because we related to every bit of it.

  • The Lazy Girl's (Real) Makeup Routine

    Makeup, though overpriced, is a magical thing. Some girls use makeup for a boost of confidence, while others simply love the satisfaction that only comes from the perfect contour (no girl uses makeup to attract guys, so please stop approaching girls wearing lip balm and asking if they're going to meet their boyfriends).

  • The Beauty Regimen that Costs Nothing

    Tired of fairness creams, YouTube tutorials and internet remedies that gets you nowhere to being the lustrous, flawless, model like beings you want to be? Perhaps you've been looking at beauty the wrong way all along.

  • Dealing with your Inner Negative Critic

    I can't remember the last time my mind didn't nag about my imperfections in front of the mirror. Voices whisper that I'm not good enough, cajoling me to believe that I don't have sufficient potential for achieving my goals. Wallowing. Ruminating.

  • ADHD medication, the trending 'Academic Steroids'

    If you're a student stressed about finals, praying for a miracle to pull you back from distractions and help you focus, you aren't alone.

  • Where Them 6 Seasons At?

    Welcome to Dhaka, the land of eternal summer. Where the weather is warm and the sun is smiling and the birds are out and about. Except that's putting it mildly.


    If I had a dollar for every time someone mispronounced or spelled my name wrong, I'd be a billionaire by now – no kidding.

  • Long Distance Siblingship

    Having a brother or a sister means having a best friend and arch-nemesis living with you right at home.

  • How Your First Gym Experience Could Go Wrong

    After seeing all those inspiring Instagram posts and Snapchat stories of fitness junkies and deep captions like


    Normal people take a lot of things for granted - dryness, for example. But life is not so easy for all of us, people

  • Dealing with Best Friend's Break Up

    If you are living vicariously through your best friend's relationship, deciding the next text and gobbling down their

  • Writing Using Pseudonyms

    Usually I get mails from readers curiously asking me who I really am.. I get along and feign a different personality,