• Absolutely Essential: Tips for being a 100% True Fan

    Over its thousands of years of existence, mankind has come up with a large collection of insults. However, out of all these words and phrases, the words “fake fan” seem to sting a lot these days.

  • A Day in the Life of Food Hoarder

    In this planet of burgers and chicken dumplings, there are majorly two types of tummies.

  • What to do after Getting Brozoned

    It is that very awkward moment when you realize, to your utter grief, that your feelings are not mutual. What's worse is the fact that all your friends seem to react to the news in a “sorry, not sorry” kind of attitude.

  • Stages of a Noob's Programming Contest

    As computer nerds battle for computational supremacy in programming contests, the lesser geniuses struggle with basic coding, patience, friendships and turning their PCs off and on again.

  • IMS – the Male PMS

    Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) – that moment when testosterone is out of whack in a male and he turns into a rather sniveling version of Matt Damon feeling all the 'feels'.

  • Types of Spectators at a BPL Match

    It's that time of the year again: BPL has gripped the nation. The promise of great cricket combined with performances from various celebrities and a festive atmosphere draws quite a large crowd to the stadium each year.


    There was a time when my username me_headbanger was my sole identity. Somehow, me_headbanger got lost in between junk folders and parental guidance.

  • How pet preferences profile you

    Whether it's the bark that calms you down or the meow that thaws your heart, your pet of preference goes a long way to reflect on who you are.

  • Meeting Relatives after a Long Time

    Sometimes, I don't understand the concept behind extended family reunions. I'm sure my dada'r bhai er fupur chhoto chhele is doing well for himself. I don't need to hear every little detail about his career life.

  • Six Hours of Dubstep Remixes

    What's the weirdest Thursday you've ever had? Hard to say off the bat - and I thought so too. That is, until some dare at the office started trending, and I suddenly found everyone looking to me as the next target.

  • FACEBOOK FOR DUMMIES: Don’t Get Humiliated on Social Media

    Quite often, when I get on Facebook to browse pictures of Pori Moni all day, I come across stuff like “I've been hacked!” or “That's why I don't add family members on Facebook.”

  • Characters You Meet at MUNs

    Let's face it, other than for "developing skills" or "challenging yourself," MUN conferences are often more about that participation certificate, flaunting yourself in formals, and meeting new people. Speaking of the latter, here are a few categories of MUN-ers that you're likely to come across at every conference.


    As a plea to all huggers-please learn to recognise our breed. If someone you've hugged turns into ice the second you noose them in your arms, they're probably a non-hugger.

  • Bengali Dawat 101

    These are not the regular dinners you see in movies. Dawats are the quintessence of our race: intense cricket discussions, fed up moms running after their young and trying to feed them, and that smell of kacchi biryani that is teasing your salivary glands from the kitchen but is taking eons to be served.

  • A Day in Life of a Wannabe Nihilist

    Our protagonist, Belal, who likes to be called 'Be' (a name he adores because of the sheer irony – the pointlessness of 'Be'ing), wakes up sweating profusely. He is quite certain it's because of some dream that portrayed the futility of his existence.

  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Dealing with Your Pun Obsession

    Punning is not a punishable offence, so punch the machine. Pun to no end. Be the pundit of punch-worthy puns. You need to punk everyone before anything else.


    After a long tiring day of battling Dhaka traffic and legal jargons, I sit blessed in the comfort of my own bedroom and binge-watch puppy videos on YouTube.

  • The Art of Making Excuses

    The Art of Making Excuses

    Do you mumble pathetic things like "the dog ate it" while stuffing paper in your mouth when your teacher asks for your homework?

  • Love Thy Neighbour

    Love Thy Neighbour

    Our first attempt at socialising starts with our neighbours, people you surely see gathering on the ground floor right after an earthquake.


    JUST TO-DO IT: A Competitive Story about Life

    Here's some food for thought: what if to-do lists were called “active quests”? Would we still get to the bottom of the augmenting list?

  • An Ode to Classic Memes

    An Ode to Classic Memes

    Back in the day, one only ventured out into Facebook only to like a few statuses, add the occasional beauty/beast (we don't judge), play a few online quizzes and call it fate when the letter Facebook says your crushes name starts with happens to coincide with, well would you know it, your crush. How boring.

  • The Anatomy of YouTube Comments

    It's hard to imagine life without YouTube and harder without the legendary comments each video generates.

  • The Economics of Taking Classes with Your Significant Other

    The Economics of Taking Classes with Your Significant Other

    When you stumble through the threshold of high school into university, you're faced with many new dilemmas. But perhaps the most important could be the one involving whether to take all your classes with your significant other or not.

  • How to Survive the First Week of School

    You know miracles exist when you're hastily stuffing your backpacks and tediously ironing your uniform but your phone beeps and a text announces that school is closed until further notice.


    Are you worried about your weight? Frustrated after numerous futile attempts to make it to the gym? Well, you haven't tried EVERYTHING yet until you've turned to the warmth of your knowledgeable relatives for foolproof scientific remedies to losing weight.

  • Common Remedies for Common Cold

    Common Remedies for Common Cold

    All my life, I have been getting biannual visits from my dear old friend, the common cold. Every time the weather changes even slightly...

  • How Your Mother Met Your Lover

    How Your Mother Met Your Lover

    Regardless of their repeated promises to accept anyone we love, mothers are genetically engineered to snoop around our love life and ensure that we are dating the people who meet their standards.

  • Six Hours of Wiz Khalifa

    Did you ever get a creeping urge to listen to six hours of this guy? Me too and I am genuinely interested in the effects Cameron Jibril Thomaz's music will have on my brain. Throughout the next six hours I will monitor myself and write about my state of being as each hour goes by. I am optimistic of Mr Wiz's compositions and am hoping that this will be a pleasant experience.

  • Debunking myths of girls' stayovers

    Debunking myths of girls' stayovers

    When guys are asked about their stayovers they would mysteriously reply “What happens in stayovers, stays in stayovers”.

  • A Day in the Life of an Intern

    When I was younger and life was full of flowers and unicorns, I had, by accident, watched a lot of British films where beautiful women woke up with makeup on their faces...