I've never been the kind of person who sits and stares at stars. Never until recently when it's the one thing that seems to hold my sanity intact.


    Look into her eyes.

  • Antman's Diary

    Day 969. After spending nearly 32 months in shrinkage, I've had an epiphany.

  • Footsteps

    The footsteps were moving away. She sat in her corner, knees tucked into her chest, waiting and wishing for them to never turn around.

  • Stars

    To the stars that do not shine - Not a lot of stars are seen in the sky,

  • Dormant

    Dawson props the guitar carefully on his lap, and starts playing a tune he has never played before. It is one of those windy days of fall that indicates the arrival of an impending winter.

  • The Birthday Dinner

    The music drowned in the hustle bustle of the people at the reception. I squeezed past the crowd flocking into Reggie's and out into the fall breeze.

  • What We Are

    Ask me what we are.

  • Dieting

    Nila stood motionless in front of her mirror, deeply pondering over the reason behind her sudden gain of weight. She looked at her reflection for the nth time and put on a gloomy face.


    To the part of me that lives in a world beyond my sight

  • The Last Sip

    I was densely clouded by last night's dream. I saw some dark clouds stratified just at one place among the entire pearl white winter sky.

  • Dark. Dusky. Dirty.

    Her sister had the lion's share,

  • Penumbra

    All these unsent letters piling up on my desk...

  • Enigma

    I awoke with a strangled cry, seeking to bury the host of unwelcome nightmares to the remotest part of my brain.


    Ambling into his dimly lit room, Maruf hastily shuts the door closed, cutting off abbu mid-lecture about whatever nonsense he was yammering about.

  • I Wish

    It was 2 o'clock. The sky was clouded today, but somehow, somewhere in the distance, a star shone. Bright like the sun—only smaller.

  • To Divinity

    Vie, we win, we incept on Mother Earth.

  • Crossroads

    The nights could not have been colder; the air during the day could not have been any muskier. The place, it reeked of blood.

  • The Festival of Joy

    The sun poked me

  • A Paradise Found

    Beside a small town, there was a meadow. Nobody ever gave a glance towards it. It was always part of the surroundings.

  • From Mirpur to Massachusetts

    Most of us are familiar with the devastating occurrence of a very close friend or relative moving to another country in search of a “better future” and abandoning us for a lifetime.

  • The Sapling And Life

    There weren't any animals then.

  • Adamantine

    She is the storm that shatters the silence. She is the wave that breaks against the shore. The radiance of this surreal abode lingers in his eyes.

  • Of Horses and Wizards

    I furiously typed seven choice curse words involving horses at the wannabe Wiccan on the messageboard. M'gick or Mgick.com was where practitioners of The Art most often hung out.

  • Your Mirage; my shelter

    I used to look up at the starry sky

  • Realities

    "You're not real" Rida whispered as a rivulet of sweat trickled down her forehead. She kept on repeating it like a mantra, "You're not real, I'm only imagining," as if convincing herself more than convincing the figure before her.

  • Sun Kissed

    A gust of brisk air brushed her face as she stood under the sky, strands of her hair flying about. A stream of sunlight spotlighted her beautiful face, causing her to squint a little.

  • Training Wheels

    The little girl had a mixture of bewilderment and relief plastered to her face. She had swerved herself and her bicycle out of the CNG auto-rickshaw's path at just the right moment, narrowly averting the head-on collision.

  • Her grave and the Amaranth

    A butterfly sat on her grave, “Where are you from?” she asked.

  • Dilemma!

    Tangled and twined in tag of war