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    Blind to the beauty of this world

  • Invisible

    We're in the sky now. I insisted on the window seat, of course. It's been about two hours that we've been airborne now. I tried to get

  • Before

    I used to be a pretty big nerd, before. I'd willingly spend time on education. Before, studying didn't seem so draining. Things are different now though, and they say having a personal goal helps. So my personal goal is to study.

  • Streaks

    She watched the flashing hourglass beside two pink hearts, six hundreds and the number 658.

  • Fierce Rain

    Rearing a fierce rain inside.

  • Dear Henry

    Things haven't been the same since you left us. We've all been stuck here in this pit of misery and we're hoping you'll come back, but we're all too painfully aware that you never will, regardless of how much we want to.

  • Missing

    The yellow of the sodium streetlamps failed to cut through the foggy winter night as I paced towards my destination. I was probably going to be late again. Pulling my jacket tighter, I shivered as the cold wind blew against my already numb cheeks, rendering them a shade of dark red.

  • Huntingtown

    Stacks and racks of cats

  • Winter, Grief, and Glee

    The sky was a sickly shade of sepia.

  • Ships and the anchor

    She groaned wearily and shut her eyes, pretending she'd never heard it.

  • Return

    "In an envelope made of sleepless nights,

  • The Little Survivor

    Anarchy caused by a ruler's unfair reign,


    We cross the street, heading towards opposite directions, and catch ourselves looking at each other for a fleeting moment, before we walk away. Your form is as familiar as ever and I know you recognise me too.

  • The Unexpected Gift

    John walked into his kitchen, throwing his keys onto the counter along with the mail he had picked up on the way home.

  • Friends from old days

    “Hovering above the age old banyan tree that is standing on the field with its long tentacles and intruding roots, they used to herald the possibility of a bleak future, or at least, the people thought so.

  • Twelve in one

    January will make us steady,

  • Three Stars in a Diagonal

    I had a habit of looking up at the sky every now and then whenever I walked back to my dorm at night. Granted it did not make for a very smooth walk but it had become almost an impulsive thing to do.


    I pointed the telescope to the sky. There was nothing unusual. Sighing, I set the telescope back and looked up at the sky.

  • Puppets of time

    Time is a puppeteer with glasses—Round, squeaky clean, and gold rimmed.

  • Imperial justice

    Imperial justice

    The machine wandered into town a week after the child's death.

  • Your throne beside mine

    I will bring you the sun

  • The love of my life

    I've never expected to come across an embodiment of beauty such as yourself. The way you skip around the house so gracefully and nonchalantly like you don't have to worry about all the unfairness of the world.

  • Masterpiece

    She is an empty mansion-

  • Existence and Other Inconveniences

    I regret to inform you that I, the tenant from flat 3B, shall no longer be living at your apartment. I have come upon this decision after

  • The Phoenix

    I'll be nestled into the oak's crown.

  • In Melancholy

    Shahran found it hard to distract himself. He tried making eye contact with her but she wouldn't look back. She was sitting on a table with the rest of her friends, laughing away at a joke they were sharing.

  • Inconspicuous

    I pressed the hat tighter upon my head, tilting the brim to partially conceal my eyes. The angle was just right to be able to sneak a discreet glance towards the pillars of the plaza.

  • A New Bright Day

    Raindrops, bus stops,

  • The Tomorrow at Your Door

    She looks through the window to see a broken world. The fumes spiral the skyscrapers, drones announce the onset of the second hurricane within the last ten hours. She wears her government issued protective's despite the late hour.

  • To the last hour

    'To the last hour of my life, you cannot choose but remain part of my character, part of the little good in me, part of the evil.' — Great Expectations, Charles Dickens