• Winter is NOT coming

    We're settling into December, and it's still 28 damn degrees. All them Ned Stark memes were lying. Winter is not coming to Bangladesh...

  • You are Cordially Invited

    You use your shiny spoon (or to-be-yellow fingers) to wipe off the gravy, to be mixed later and enjoyed with the fragrant rice.

  • International Ape Festival

    Organised by Chimps27, the International Ape Festival 2016 took place on November 19. Apes from all over the world congregated to celebrate the wonders of hominids.

  • Make my news feed great again

    Because I'm an “adult” [my ID says so] and I have adult friends, and I follow the pages of several international media outlets, of late my news feed has taken the hues of jaundice yellow and Fanta orange. Yes, you know what I'm talking about because it has happened to you too.

  • Which one should you buy?

    The past three years have been absolutely horrible for FPS games. While Battlefield 4 did come out in 2014, Call of Duty slowly went

  • Honk. Please. NO.

    This time last year, I visited the beautiful city of Kunming, in China. While the “City of Eternal Spring” is almost 25 times bigger than the entire Dhaka district in size, its population is only one-sixth of ours.

  • Where them fields at?

    When I was a kid, we used to have Friday morning football matches every single week. Nowadays, you can't even find space for a futsal match.

  • 24 Bananas in da Pocket

    I will tell you a story about a monkey named Farukh. Farukh had a difficult childhood due to his caretaker being extremely abusive.

  • I'm happy today because…

    Are you happy? Are you content or happy? Do you know the difference between content and happy? If you can perceive the difference, how much does the distinction matter?

  • I'm coming out(side)

    Why are habits so hard to curb? Is it because we grow so used to them that our sense of familiarity rests within indulging in those habits?

  • FIFA 07 Masterrace

    While Fardeen is looking at the FIFA 17 demo this issue, I spent the good half of the last six months playing as FC Carl Zeiss Jena on FIFA 07 which came out exactly 10 years ago.

  • Please Stop!

    I don't know what's going on but our weather seems to be as fickle as people's opinions on social media. Like seriously, it keeps changing and has no signs of stopping.


    Here's a little something for you. Try listening to everything that makes sound around you. The point of this game? Zilch. Nevertheless, you seem like a person with a lot of time to waste. Let's play.

  • Daughter of Bangladesh

    Once again Bangladeshis on social media have split like derriere on a particular issue. This time the issue is Margarita “Rita” Mamun, Russian gymnast of Bangladeshi origin.


    You know what I'm sick of? People getting onboard hype bandwagons without even playing the game they are hyped about.


    What I have come to realise is that the youth – people between ages 15 and 24 – are either thinkers or doers. Exceptions are those who think AND do; they score double points in life.

  • Stuck. Pls halp!

    It's 4 pm. I lie still in bed with the windows and balcony door open. The eerie silence of the once-bustling city doesn't bother me anymore.

  • Rain Rage

    You know the sort of people who share poems or songs about the rain as soon as a single drop hits their windows?

  • Pokémon's Back!

    I really got into Pokémon when I was a kid; I used to have hundreds of Pokémon cards, collected little figurines, watched the show every day...

  • Stay tuned

    We turned 3 today. These past 3 years helming SHOUT have seen their ups and downs but what this experience never lacked was excitement ...

  • No More Minefields

    Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley finally got their finales. On the downside, no more GoT and SV; on the upside, we can finally be online at peace on Mondays.


    Let me share two experiences.

  • Kudos to Engineering Students

    I've always thought of engineering as a discipline that I would completely flunk in because of my affinity for business.

  • Fat isn't the worst but it's no joke either

    It's easy to get fat. Or should I say “opulent”? Is “fat” considered politically incorrect? Something somewhere will offend someone anyway.

  • Intrigued by the Arcane

    When I was young I was always befuddled by the concept of magic.

  • The Print Screen Button

    Bullying can be a big slippery slope. One day you're throwing in a light joke and the next thing you know, you're shoving someone into a barrel and letting gravity do its work.

  • Friends. College friends.

    My friend recently got enrolled in a university. He will experience “college” now. I am happy for him.


    “Mom, where's my ID card? I can't find it.” You yell in despair as you are getting late for class. She swerves in, gives you a smack on the head, and hands it to you with a smirk on her face.

  • [Not Purple] RAIN

    Just when you thought you're about to metamorphose into a cactus and Dhaka has become a slightly smaller version of Sahara, it arrived.

  • In Dhaka, What Do?

    For those of us who chose to stay in Dhaka or are forced to (hello, A level GPA of 1.5), it becomes an exercise in futility in every possible way.