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  • The systematic oppression of Arts & Commerce in schools

    As a student, it almost seems unbelievable that someone wouldn't be allowed a choice to study the subjects he/she desires. But unfortunately that has turned out to be the reality for most students studying under the National Curriculum of Bangladesh.

  • Amateur Writing Mistakes

    The best way to be proficient at something is perhaps the incessant ordeal of trial and error that goes into it. However, repetition alone is not good enough if one doesn't work on the issues that hindered the progress before. Often is the case that one doesn't necessarily realise where their work is falling short of the standard they are striving to achieve and thus fail to improve upon it.

  • How long till the roads are safe for girls?

    It's 2017. Women have gone on to make colossal contributions to all spheres of life and continue to do so every day, every minute.

  • Software skills to boost your résumé

    Whether you're trying to get through university, land that coveted internship, or just learn something new, everything you do along the way adds something to your CV.

  • Stories that need to be heard

    Save the Children in Bangladesh, in association with JAAGO Foundation and SHOUT, took an initiative to let school, college, and university students experience what life is like for the ones who live on the other end of the spectrum.

  • Scientific Studies for Dummies

    Did you know that a recent study has shown that individuals who berate bus conductors for the fare have a higher chance of becoming millionaires? This is due to a superior hippocampus which processes saving money and future investments exceptionally better than normal people.

  • Too close for comfort

    Harrowing messages from strangers that make us laugh more than they actually harm us, have turned “stalking” a carelessly tossed around phrase – if you're young and attractive, you're “supposed” to have stalkers.

  • Living by horoscope for a day

    It is early in the morning and I am excused from having to be charming by virtue of the ungodly hour and of course, my Capricorn moon.

  • Open Letters To Bullies

    The following are letters from people who have been victims of bullying. Bullying – physical or verbal –occurs all around us and is not addressed sufficiently. Hopefully these accounts will inspire people to take a stand.

  • The Humour Conundrum

    Humour at times simply does not make sense. It usually does not have an ulterior motive, an underlying message or a profound