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  • A Cyberspace Unsafe for Women

    80% of the victims of cyberbullying are adolescent girls and women in their early twenties.

  • Greenwashing

    Your eco-friendly habits are all the rage; they're all for naught.


    As young people, we want to be transported to the hour that made our nation.

  • Internet Safety for Parents

    My parents believe everything they see online. What should I do?

  • A Call for Career Counselling

    What if all students received some expert help?

  • On the Path to Publishing

    Writing a book is a journey. Then, the long and arduous journey to having the book published begins.

  • Switching Schools

    It comes with bittersweet moments and deathless challenges.

  • Streaming NOW

    This article will guide you to truly succeed in the world of streaming.

  • Fashion: Self-expression or consumerism?

    Clothing carries undeniable meaning, becoming a strong vehicle for self-expression.

  • Where is Winter?

    It is mid-January; the calendar should scream winter. But, #WhereIsMyWinter.

  • The Art of Parenting

    For such an important job as parenting, can we afford to learn it on the spot?

  • It’s Okay to Fail

    The point is, there is no success without failure.

  • THE 2020 AWARDS

    On the last day of the most forgettable year, let's unpack our experiences.

  • Empty Room with Cardboard Boxes

    A PhD student pursuing higher education writes about "fitting in".

  • A Study on Learning History

    As we learn about our history, we need to wonder whether we are taught right.

  • The Creative Process

    I wanted to know how an idea was born, and how it ended up being prepared for an audience.

  • Why students cheat

    A small scale survey was conducted online to understand the underlying reasons behind the use of unethical measures in academic activities.

  • Streaming Local, Dreaming Global

    Be it YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, a world of entertainment lies at our fingertips, stripping Bangladeshis of access to their own culture. This is where Bangladeshi streaming sites come in.

  • Living Life on Two Wheels

    From speeding downhill to strolling solo, from racing in alleys to wandering in faraway wherever, the joys of cycling barely begin here.

  • Young Entrepreneurs Starting a Business During the Pandemic

    What led the youth to start their first venture in the middle of a pandemic, and how they are managing to hold their own?

  • A troublesome online learning experience

    SHOUT conducted a small-scale survey for public and private university students to learn about their experience of the online semester.

  • Art in the City

    It only takes a little bit of curiosity and intention, to unravel the clutter to find all the art that hides within Dhaka.

  • The State of Extracurriculars

    The ECA scene in Bangladesh has changed drastically over the past few years, and with it, our feelings towards them.

  • Respect Begins at Home

    We have a serious problem: People in our society do not see women as human.

  • To be an older sibling

    The role of an older sibling isn't as straightforward as that of a parent. You're more of a friend than a parent.

  • Living with Autism

    Even though children with autism are a part of the youth and society, we fail to include and invite them in our lives.

  • A Crisis in Communication

    In the flux of staying cooped up and moving to a new virtual reality, we ask: are our communication skills lagging behind?

  • Where is the music?

    For a while, fans were satisfied with listening to their favourite music on online platforms. Now it is a question if artists are able to retain that connection with fanbases.

  • The Lessons of Online Learning

    Online learning has drawn criticism in Bangladesh primarily due to our unfamiliarity surrounding the concept, having never been attempted before in this magnitude.

  • Stemming from Childhood

    Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. When and where to begin?