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  • Learn languages

    Are you enthusiastic about learning new languages? Are you, perhaps, a film connoisseur who likes watching foreign lingual movies? Or


    Tired of seeing your guitarist friends show off their guitar tuning apps? Are you new at this musical instrument business and don't know how to tune your four-string hipster magnet?

  • Run for your life

    “Zombies, Run!” is a rather dramatic shift to a regular running app, with engaging zombie apocalypse based storylines. It's basically designed to make running more motivating since the thrilling missions are engrossing and help a user run accordingly.

  • Relaxing sounds for every mood

    Imagine yourself lying on the beach, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves. Or perhaps, you light a campfire on a cold winter night in the forest listening to the owls hooting over the crackle of burning

  • Set. Follow. Achieve.

    At the beginning of each year, I see people around me setting goals like “Will fight two tigers with bare hands” and it makes me feel bad about making certain life choices (i.e. keeping them around me).

  • Team building made easy

    Unless you're a really lucky person, you probably had to work on a group project at some point in your life.

  • Lifting strong

    StrongLifts 5x5 is possibly one of the best fitness apps out there. It's not only a pseudo-training journal, but also a built in long term training programme that guides you through your training sessions like a personal trainer.

  • Grow your forest of productivity

    If you've ever found yourself sneaking into your phone to check how many reactions you got on your Facebook post when you are

  • The High Intensity Interval Training Buddy

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a difficult thing to do. To work your muscles so vigorously within such a short time frame is both admirable if you manage to pull it off, and extremely tiresome. But you know what's even more

  • Professional-grade editing in your pocket

    If you're like me, then you prefer a comparatively nuanced approach to photo-editing as opposed to cranking up the HDR slider on other photo-editing apps. Adobe Lightroom CC for mobile is the perfect companion to truly bring out the best in your photos.

  • Secret Photo Stash

    Everyone probably has photos they want to hide. It could be pictures of your crush or that one obscure and creepy meme that you found funny but if anyone else were to see it, it's solid evidence to throw you in jail.

  • The End of the World A Story

    Not if you're recovering from an emotionally taxing break-up or from a very rough patch in your relationship.

  • World's Most Annoying Alarm

    Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Are YOU tired of being late for school? Work? Life? Then stop reading this and download “Alarmy”.

  • An infinite number of games

    You've got two choices at hand. Choice number one is to go on the app store and spend hours and hours looking for games, painstakingly waiting for them to download (especially if you've got slow internet), trying them out and then sighing in possible frustration when you realise this isn't really that fun. Choice number two is to download “Bored Button”, an app with a possibly infinite number of arcade games, for free.

  • Colourful 2D Racing

    Let me just first mention that I have a strong dislike for repetitive games where your only goal is to beat your own high score. However, it's with games like “Data Wing” that I make an exception.

  • The Audio Alternative

    Finding a genuinely good free music player is annoyingly difficult for music aficionados. This is where JetAudio comes to the rescue.

  • Live the RPG life

    If you're someone like me who loves RPGs and the whole levelling up, skill point reward system, Habitica might be a good addition to your productivity apps list.

  • Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia

    Local multiplayer games on phones are a rare sighting. Only a handful of games can advertise such a feature and almost none have hit

  • Ludo STAR

    If there is one board game that every Bangladeshi kid grows up with, it has to be the legendary “Ludo”. It is super cheap, easily available in even the smallest grocery stores and immense fun for all ages.

  • Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

    At this point, it's more or less common knowledge that long-term exposure to the light from your phone, laptop, TV, etc. strains the eyes and this is due to the emission of blue light from these sources.


    If you ever came across something called “There is no game” on the Google Play Store and ignored it considering it to be something like the “I am Rich” app on the Store, you are missing out on a lot.


    Chicken Scream is pretty much like every runner game - you have to make a chicken run, jump, collect some coins in the process and avoid several hurdles to keep it alive.

  • Math Made Fun

    Brain Equation is a puzzle game that lets you test your mathematical and problem solving skills. Developed and ideated in Bangladesh,


    The importance of engaging in extra-curricular activities inthis competitive age cannot be stressed enough.

  • Pacifica - Your Pocket Therapist

    Pacifica is a stress, anxiety and depression relief app that claims to use principles from Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.

  • A Torture of a Word Game

    If you like challenging spelling games, then BAIKOH is just the game for you. This high score based game features blocks of falling letters with which you have to make up words until a column passes the ceiling. The rule is pretty straightforward and easy; the game however, not so much.

  • Your Handheld Sports Central

    If you're an avid follower of a sport team, but school and/or work is starting to catch up with you, and you're sad because there was a match tonight that you probably could have seen but didn't even know was taking place, 365Scores is the app you are looking for.

  • The Avengers Go Back to School

    Marvel Avengers Academy re-imagines Marvel heroes (and villains) as high school students. You start with young, cocky Tony Stark who joins Avengers Academy, led by Nick Fury and Pepper Potts.

  • EGG, INC

    Idler games absolutely make no sense. You're basically watching numbers grow and there's a weird sense of accomplishment to it. Usually games have a reward for technical prowess and such but in idlers, you just tap and buy upgrades.


    RPGs on mobile devices tend to feel far heavy than they should be. It's awkward playing a God of War rip-off that slowly turns my phone into an induction cooker.