• Dhaka Noise Project 2016 EP launch

    The EMK Center is holding a new type of electronic music event on December 14 – a listening session and the launch of the Dhaka Noise Project 2016 EP (Akaliko Records).

  • Sleep as Android

    Having a separate alarm app for your phone might seem redundant but bear with me. On my Xiaomi Mi4, I've been having issues with the default alarm app being flaky.

  • SOLOLEARN - Your Ticket to Coding

    Whether you want to learn coding just for fun or to build the next hit app or your own website, installing SoloLearn is a good first step.

  • A Minimalist Space Strategy

    Constellations is one of the most captivating games I've played so far and as far as I can remember, the only game that persuaded me to do in-app purchases (which I couldn't do anyway because I'm poor).


    Framed is a puzzle game but calling it just that would be downright unfair. Developed by Loveshack, Framed is like an interactive noir comic where you have to save the protagonist by changing the panels.

  • eReader Prestigio

    There are a lot of complaints when it comes to ebooks, most of which stem from "It just doesn't feel like a book".


    If you do most of your work at home on your desktop computer, and you're one of those lazy people who like lying down a lot, Unified Remote could be the solution to all your problems (not the health related ones).


    Time and again, we stumble across mobile games that push the limits of our patience while enticing us with their seemingly simple mechanics which are oh-so-complex to master.

  • Look left, look right – GO.

    Platform: Android

  • Channel Your Inner Engineer

    Light House, a puzzle game by Banana Development, is an amazing brainteaser that I've gotten addicted to recently.

  • Procrastinate on Mars

    Procrastinate on Mars

    When a game is easy to pick up and fun to play with just the right aesthetics, you know you just got yourself a new buddy for leisure times.

  • For the Manga Artist in You

    Draw Manga teaches you to draw manga characters. The characters or models are categorised as Chibi, Girl, Boy and Other.

  • An Arabic Twist on Twenty Questions

    Akinator the Genie is a game app that opens with a genie swooshing out of a magical lamp, promising to be able to read your mind.


    Colouring has been proven to be an effective way of de-stressing in a very hectic everyday life. However it's not as easy to get your hands on colouring books, especially adult ones. Neither is it easy to spend that level of time on colouring.

  • WOOHOO at the Press of a Finger

    The Sims Freeplay brings to your smartphone the magic of being a creator and controlling every aspect of a fictional town with fictional people...


    In Downwell, you play as a guy who jumped down a well full of monsters wearing boots that shoot bullets. If that doesn't intrigue you I don't know what will.


    If you have been struggling with retaining your focus and concentration at work or while studying and keep repeatedly checking your phone, Forest just might be the app you need.

  • Turning photos into paintings

    Ever wanted to have yourself painted by the likes of Pablo Picasso or give your picture an effect from Breaking Bad? Well, all you need to do is download the filtering app that has taken the social media by storm – Prisma.

  • Monument Valley

    Monument Valley is a cross between a puzzle game and an art project. The game throws you into this wonderful and colourful world filled with large towers...

  • A Musical Time Machine for Me

    Music streaming apps are picking up pace in Bangladesh. GAAN is one of them and one that I personally have come to love over the last few weeks.


    While there are various parking and driving simulators available for the mobile platform, the ones by Studio Up Down have been clearly dominating the genre for some years now. Their latest game, Dr. Parking 4 is an overall improvement over its predecessors.

  • What's In the Box?

    Ever wanted to be locked up in a room while a mysterious box sits in the middle for you to unlock? Yeah, me too and The Room grants you that opportunity.


    Score! Hero is a mobile game that has thoroughly satisfied me with its immersive gameplay, storyline and praiseworthy visuals.


    Podcasts are growing increasingly popular and iOS users are lucky because podcast apps are already built into their phones and iPads.


    When I sit down in front of my laptop to write, I keep getting distracted by the Facebook notifications and YouTube videos and whatnot.


    In Fading Light you control a pixel of light and navigate by tapping left or right on your screen.


    Set in a snowy, mountainous terrain, Alto's Adventure is about a snowboarder on an adventure through woodlands and the wilderness.

  • Okay, Indeed.

    'Okay?' is a game with simplistic rules and an even simplistic user interface.

  • Monefy

    I'm that person who tends to spend all her money as soon as she gets it, and when I realized last February that I was broke within the first 12 days of the month...

  • jetAudio Music Player - MADE FOR AUDIOPHILES

    While most smartphones come with pre-installed music players, if you are an audiophile, you might be looking for something more.