• 2017 Mercedes Benz E200

    The latest Mercedes E class is a fantastic combination of style, road presence, luxury and comfort. We take out the E200 for a test drive to see how well it copes at being one of the most reputed executive sedans in the world, in Dhaka.

  • 2015 Honda S660

    What is nearly as small as a CNG auto-rickshaw, but has four wheels?

  • 6 days, 6 Toyota hybrids and some burnt tyres

    Early September this year, Toyota invited us over to Japan's Fuji Speedway to understand and sample a range of their hybrid vehicles. They wanted us to know how serious they are about saving the world through continual tweaks. Here are six very different cars for possibly very different sets of people. And it rained. Question is, did I learn anything?

  • 2017 Honda Civic

    The brand new Honda Civic is a redesigned beauty with a massive new direction: turbo.

  • 2016-17 Toyota Avanza

    We all secretly agree that MPVs are our life savers, carrying things that no cars can and going places where no cars dare tread. One of the most promising MPVs in the Bangladeshi market is Toyota Avanza, which has gone through a lot of evolution since its inception thirteen years ago. We took the latest generation RWD MPV out for a test drive and Navana was kind enough to throw in the older model to escort us.

  • THE 2017 BMW 7 SERIES

    BMW has gone mad in a very calculative and delicious manner with the latest generation of their flagship, the 7 series. We take the uber-luxury limo out on a date.

  • Jonway A380

    The Chinese are not known for making particularly great cars. They are usually cheap, tacky and often unreliable. Jonway tries to buck that trend with the new 2016 Jonway A380. Brought in by Rancon Imports, it's a crossover SUV whose design features closely resemble a car we are all familiar with – Toyota RAV4.

  • Lexus RX200t

    For starters, the Lexus RX200t is more fun than I expected a mid-size luxury SUV to be. The 2.0 turbo makes 235bhp and 258lb ft of torque while looking like an unmasked Predator from the Arnold movie. Also, we put our sub editor's head under the automatic rear door.

  • 2016 Hyundai Sonata

    Who knew 15 years ago Hyundai would make exciting looking cars? The 2016 Sonata is great to look at and great to sit in. We take it for a spin to find out if it drives as well as it looks.

  • Front

    2016 Honda CRV

    Besides the terminology, there is nothing really thrilling about crossovers, especially when it's a mid-sized SUV. But Honda's CRV has been the segment boss since its inception more than two decades ago. This week the SHIFT team hunts down what makes the latest fourth gen CRV invincible amongst its league.

  • Front

    2016 BMW X1

    This second generation X1 is a mini crossover. It is also the smallest from BMW, sold in Bangladesh with the most interesting engine for tech geeks.

  • 2016 Great Wall Haval H6

    Great Wall's hopes of making an impact on the global market rides on one mid-size SUV: the all new Haval H6. We take a look at this aspirational alternative to other mid-size SUVs in Bangladesh.

  • 2017 Hyundai Elantra

    The 2017 Elantra in Bangladesh, redesigned to look good. Does it drive 'good' also?

  • 2016 SsangYong Tivoli

    The Tivoli - a funky little Korean SUV with space, loads of standard features and a surprise footnote. Find out more about Ssangyong's little trickster.

  • 2016 Honda JAZZ

    The 2016 Honda Jazz is a futuristic egg full of all good things eggs can provide: sharp handling, well specced, spacious for four biriyani loving adults. Will it win hearts in Bangladesh with its cutesy looks and Honda reliability?

  • 2015-16 TOYOTA RAV4

    The Spice Girls came onto the scene in 1994 screaming at you to “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.” Car consumers

  • Light, lively, litttle coupe: 2016 BMW 218i Sport Line

    We test the latest BMW compact to hit the market: the 218i coupe. We reviewed the convertible 218 a few weeks ago and liked it, how does the hardtop compare?


    With the demise of the 1 series which never witnessed the traffic of Bangladesh, BMW trickled the DNA down to a new member in the family: the 2 series. We test the convertible variant.

  • Efficiency and soul defined: 2016 BMW 318i M-package

    The latest BMW 3 series comes with a cracking three cylinder turbo engine. Is it as fun to drive as it is efficient?

  • Boardroom suaveness

    Strictly in a Bangladeshi context, the eat-your-greens Lexus GS300H is a car you would buy if you were a successful business man and have your chauffer drive you about. What makes me come to that conclusion? Read on.

  • Angry AMG brawler: 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG

    We get our hands on the baby Merc - and its the AMG. In fact, the cheapest AMG you can buy. What's it like?


    A car that you can park remotely. BMW just launched the new 7 Series in Singapore where Shift went for a test drive and review the 3.0 740Li


    We look at the Infiniti Q50, a luxury sedan produced by Nissan's luxury arm in Europe and North America. Its loaded with kit and looks brilliant, but is it worth the steep price?

  • 2010 Toyota iQ: Chic urban mobility

    The iQ - funky micro-car with clever packaging and interior treatment. Is it good for Dhaka's overcrowded streets?

  • Spacious compact : 2015 Nissan Almera

    The Almera is the new Sunny is the new Almera. Massive interior space is it's key selling point.

  • German Klasse: 2013 Mercedes Benz C250 coupe

    We test the Mercedes C250 coupe. Can it match the good looks in the way it performs on Dhaka roads?

  • 2015 Honda City: City Tourer

    The current 6th gen Honda City has super sharp lines breaking up that tall body and it's packed with an efficient engine and plenty of kit. If this city car the best city car?

  • PRECISION STAR: 2012 Mercedes Benz E250 coupe

    Shift tests the outgoing generation Mercedes Benz E250 coupe. Does it have the goods and the performance to match up to the good looks?

  • Striking a chord: 2015 Honda Accord

    The Accord is Honda’s flagship model in many markets. Quiet, comfortable and loaded with gizmos, the Accord has always held a soft spot in the hearts of the families it has served. How does the new one compare to the three box Accords of the 90’s?

  • Curvaceous class: 2015 Mercedes Benz C250

    Smooth, efficient, reliable and drop dead gorgeous. There's no doubt the Germans know how make luxury automobiles, but what is it like to actually drive one?