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03:07 AM, March 21, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:32 AM, May 27, 2015

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Fuel and fire: 2000 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

Is achieving 500+bhp enough? Nope.

The ownership experience of a car takes many forms, usually restricted to mundane school and office run activities in Bangladesh. With a rapidly increasing number of makes and models available to the general public in the brand new and reconditioned markets, there is an increasing demand for advanced automotive repair and proper tuning workshops which are able to handle the higher grade of sophisticated work involved. These are workshops equipped with the best equipment, and run by passionate people well versed in the ways of advanced automotive repair and tuning.

Autosmith Ltd, the brainchild of Anji Ahlan and A. A. Bayezid, displays a level of practical knowledge and craftsmanship that has rarely been seen in Bangladesh before. The tuner culture crazed car crowd in Dhaka was buzzing about Autosmith Ltd, and the gurus running it.

Bappy Rahman, owner of the only Lancer Evolution VI in town, was impressed. When he took his Evo VI to Autosmith to fix an intercooler mounting, the fire of the Evolution and the fuel in the heads of misters Anji, Bayezid and Bappy would mix to eventually give the asphalt shredding explosion of raw horsepower that is the Evo today.

Bappy wanted more power from the Evo, and with that in mind, purchased a turbo much bigger than stock. When he brought it to Autosmith Ltd to be fitted, they suggested upgrading the engine internals with forged parts, a necessary step to ensure the engine can endure the enormous levels of boost from the massive turbocharger. With parts arriving by the crates, it was an insane mix: forged pistons, camshafts, crankshafts, higher lift cams, upgraded valvesprings, better cooling, the entire works needed to ensure a bulletproof engine block. After working late into the night in search of horsepower and torque, endless dyno runs and computer aided tuning sessions later, the Evo VI emerged with the numbers: 650 + horsepower, with around 520 HP at all four wheels.

When we sampled a little of that power one weekend, we were treated to a dual display of pure horsepower, with Joy Alam joining us with his 500 + wheel horsepower Subaru STi (featured in Shift on 18-04-14). His verdict on the monstrous Evolution was enough to sum it up. “If you thought my STi is fast, the Evolution is just crazy. It’ll rip your face muscles apart and bruise your body from the acceleration under full power.”

They both have their unique ways of delivering flavour when it comes to power. The Evolution is, indeed, an exotic experience. It spits and growls and punches your gut like a thug overdosing on adrenalin, and if you can’t hold on to your insides as the car gets moving properly, you’re advised to puke it all out after the supersonic ride is over. You might have to, whether you want to or not.

The Evolution even looks like the hellish beast whose heart throbs under the hood. Flared wheel arches, a sky-high rear spoiler, and an obtrusive air intake jutting out of the front bumper, it looks battle ready. We have a feeling if it ever saw the Japanese Wangan, it might even scare off a few of the big fishes prowling in the night. The electric blue paintjob sparkles and shines like a show car, but once you get a ride in it, you’ll realize this is absolutely no garage queen.

It’s all a testament to how far Bangladesh has come in the automobile sector, that there are dedicated tuning and repair shops which are run more out of passion than out of a direct necessity. 





While Autosmith's Evolution VI was mental enough at the time of the feature, at present it has been further enhanced with a big brake kit comprising of 15 inch rotors and six and four piston calipers, front and rear, from WIlwood. Along with that, the engine has been further squeezed to produce more than 600 AWHP (all wheel horsepower). That much power at the wheels definitely needs a great gearbox and suspension/braking, and Autosmith is currently working on those aspects of the car to raise it to an even higher standard. We'll update as soon as we have more information.

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