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8 great 2016 cars for Bangladesh...that we don't get

But we can if we want

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The car buying crowd in Bangladesh has a peculiar habit of opting for the largest, newest car their money can afford. The cons against that trend are just too damning. Bangladesh's cities are getting more crowded. Roads are disappearing. We don't need massive, boring sedans and vans to transport less than 2 people at a time. And CNG really does a number on modenr cars, ruining them for good.

How about these 8 cars?  They are made for smart people that want the whole package: uniqueness, fun, efficiency and practicality. If only they were more readily available here.



1: Ford Ecosport Ecoboost 1.0 3 Cyl Turbo

AG Motors imports the Ford Ecosport min-SUV in 1.5 litre petrol/diesel variants. The 1.0 Ecoboost turbo motor isn’t imported because apparently a 1000cc’s is not enough for Dhaka - most people would rather buy the 1.5 and convert to CNG to save money on fuel costs. Doesn’t that seem a bit redundant to you, especially when the 1.0 Ecoboost turbo 3-cylinder is a more efficient and powerful engine than the 1.5?

2: Toyota Aygo 1.0 3 Cyl

Brilliant exercise in packaging means the Aygo can fit in all your shopping, zip around town taking your kids to school and never have to worry too much about parking spaces. The tiny motor still puts out 66 HP and 67 lb-ft torque, but since there’s no weight to lug around, it’s highly efficient. It comes with Stability Control and six airbags, so this tiny car will keep you safe as well.

3: Nissan Pulsar 1.2 4 Cyl

The 1.2 Pulsar produces 113 BHP and is part of Nissan’s push into the European hatchback market following the withdrawal of the Tida. In Euro spec, the Pulsar comes with its fair share of equipment and has all the amenities that a city dweller would need. The only access to Nissan hatchbacks in our part of the world is the horrendous Datsun range sold in India. We don’t even get those.

4: Volvo V40 1.5 4 Cyl Turbo

AG Motors brings in brand new Volvo’s into the country, however, they focus on the luxury end of the spectrum with big, thirsty SUVs. The smaller range of Volvo’s are brilliant cars, the V40 being a great mix of style, driving pleasure, standard equipment and overarching safety features. It’s also one of the best looking hatchbacks ever made.


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Started his writing career as a willingly-underpaid writer for Rising Stars, former youth magazine of The Daily Star. Currently he feeds his obsession for all things related to cars by working as Sub-Editor of Shift (automotive publication of Daily Star). He was part of Shift's inception since 2013. This Dhaka University economics student is mostly broke from buying scale model cars, fixing his real car and eating terrible food that often causes him food poisoning. To supplement he also takes on career related articles for Next Step. He is often seen keeping the office computers warm by playing LAN games of Need For Speed Underground 2 because that is the only game that will run on all the computers. In 2015.

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