• Political correctness and the changing face of the auto industry

    Political correctness is changing the auto industry in ways that may not be clearly evident at first - but it definitely is. How is it politically correct to own certain cars, and why are some people put on the cross for owning others?

  • Horsepower Dreams - HKS

    Mr. Hasegawa was a bright-eyed engineer at Yamaha in the early 1970s when he decided to follow his dream of building race cars and engines at his own company. He established HKS in 1973 along with partner Goichi Kitagawa and chief sponsor Sigma Automotive, going on to have a lasting impact in the world of tuning. He passed away last week at the age of 71.

  • 8 great 2016 cars for Bangladesh...that we don't get

    Forget the boring old Allions and Premios. Here's 8 great 2016 cars for Bangladesh...that we don't get. But we could.

  • 9 scariest cars to drive of all time

    Cars were meant to transport you from A to B in one piece preferably. These 9 cars prefer to do so in pieces or on fire or upside down. Sometimes, all three.

  • Supercar showdown

    Supercar showdown

  • 6 days, 6 Toyota hybrids and some burnt tyres

    Early September this year, Toyota invited us over to Japan's Fuji Speedway to understand and sample a range of their hybrid vehicles. They wanted us to know how serious they are about saving the world through continual tweaks. Here are six very different cars for possibly very different sets of people. And it rained. Question is, did I learn anything?

  • Toyota the eco warrior

    The future isn't about flying cars and women with bionic implants posing against glistening landscapes. It is about intelligent cars and buildings that literally eat away at pollution. While the former looks cool, the reality is about developing a robust, sustainable process that supports our fragile ecosystem. I headed to Japan on a tour of Toyota's battery, hybrid-vehicle manufacturing and testing plants to see what all the hubbub is about.

  • An Autonomous Future

    With tech companies trying to make the jump into the auto industry, we look at Google's attempts at shaping the future of automobiles - mainly be removing the need for drivers.

  • Buttons buttons & more buttons

    In 1885, Karl Benz devised a contraption that had the basic workings of the modern internal combustion engine and drivetrain – multiple strokes, pistons, crankshaft and a basic gearing mechanism to transfer the power. More importantly, it used gasoline as the chief source of energy, and the viability of the Karl Benz Patent Motorwagen made petrol the fuel for mass-mobility.

  • New Car Preview: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

    Rangs Limited, authorised dealer of Mitsubishi Motors has the 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in. Most of the previous models plying our roads are black, government owned and chauffer driven. They are also round, and have no unique angle – looks just like a typical SUV. The new one isn't. In a rather short date with the demo vehicle, we find out what the new gen Pajero sport is all about.

  • 100 years of BMW

    BMW has a reputation of making the best driver's cars and is eponymous with quality, reliability and efficiency. Over the course of a century, the German automaker has taken a precise scalpel to the cars they've engineered, and delivered some truly wonderful driving machines. They've established themselves as a leader in luxury cars, with a forward thinking mindsetthat continues to deliver. How did BMW become the industry leader it currently is, and what does their vision of the future entail?

  • Automobile visionaries

    5 visionaries that pressed a rest button on the automobile world

  • The low life, the loud life - All about low riders

    We all know what they are and know that they’re pretty damn cool. But where did they come from, how do you explain the lowrider style?

  • Lost samurais of Japan: Cool yet most under appreciated JDM performance cars

    Some true Japanese gems never got much attention. Either they were too expensive, too complicated, or not really all that ripe for tuning - these are the black sheep that you have to be brave to take a shot at customising. This week, we list our favourite JDM black sheep.

  • Our Roads and Stance

    We look into the number one problem plaguing lowered and stanced cars in Bangladesh - the roads themselves.

  • Budget 2016/17 – how does it affect you?

    National budget announcement time is extremely stressful for car importers, resellers, buyers and owners.We bring you the important details related to the transport and automobile sector outlined in the budget.

  • When Honda Civics meet

    Honda Civics are a huge part of tuning culture all over the world. Until recently, Dhaka’s

  • Zagato’s greatest

    Zagato Milano started its journey in Milan in the 1910s with its founder, Uno Zagato, wanting to bring advanced construction and bodywork techniques from airplanes to automobiles. From the start, Zagato forged a highly successful alliance with Alfa Romeo, coachbuilding several models and taking on projects from the biggest names in European car-making. Over the course of their illustrious history, Zagato has built some of the most desirable machines ever. We take a look at their past catalogue.

  • Nostalgia kick for Bangladeshi car geeks: 80’S BTV show stars

    This week, we at SHIFT got all nostalgic and are bringing you the best of classic BTV cars from those series we all used to cherish.

  • Are cars getting uglier?

    Are cars actually getting worse looking with time? We take a look at some questionable design practices, with the Lexus IS placed under the spotlight.

  • Everything becomes a GTR

    Nissan's VR38 engine is definitely a powerhouse, but putting it family friendly crossovers and pickup trucks? Ridiculous. Or awesome. We do our own versions as well.

  • The art of Rallycross

    Bangladesh is home to an emerging bunch of motorsport enthusiasts. To steam off the heat, only one event is held a year, since 2014. CEMS Bangladesh is hosting the 11th Dhaka Motor Show from 30th March, ending with the 3rd installment of Rallycross on the 2nd of April 2016. Here's our guide to mastering the art of rallycross.

  • Brute squad: Land Rover Defenders on the roll

    The Land Rover Defender is no more. So we gather together a few restored modern examples in Bangladesh of this iconic off-roader.

  • Import Face-off 2016

    Import Face-off is one of the largest tuning and import culture events in the United States - filled with drag racing, hyper-low stanced out cars and plenty of aftermarket support. Last week, our photographer went to cover it. Enjoy our photo coverage, straight from Bakersfield, California.

  • Volvo's design revolution

    Let's admit it. Volvo makes the best looking “normal” cars on the planet today, and we're all a bit surprised.

  • Royal rumble – 2016's performance SUVs

    The world is SUV-crazy right now. We debate on which is the least offensive SUV from manufacturers who should not be building SUV's. Featuring valuable feedback from our readers.

  • Mini cars, big meet

    Model car collecting is a hobby best suited for individuals with patience and a taste for war as everyone scrabbles for the best pieces. Here's the 2nd meetup of the biggest collectors' group in Bangladesh.

  • The future since 1884: Going Electric

    It's been 126 years since the first successful electric car (or more accurately, carriage) came out and for the entire time, the journey has been a race between time and tech. Then and now.

  • The Art of the Automobile

    Cars are sometimes rolling pieces of art. We highlight the ones that defined car design for generations.

  • King of Kustom: George Barris

    George Barris, the King of Kustom, passed away in his sleep on November 5th, 2015. We pay our respects.