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  • Is the three wheeled i-Road the future?

    The i-Road looks cutesy and futuristic. But it is no toy. It could possibly be the car of the future. Here's why.

  • 2018 Dhaka Motor Show – wrap up

    The 13th instalment of the Dhaka Motor Show, 4th Dhaka Bike Show, 3rd Dhaka Auto Parts Show and 2nd Dhaka Commercial Automotive Show 2018 concluded Saturday, 24th March, at the International Convention City, Bashundhara.

  • Bangladesh's big underground parking lot meet of Evos, STIs and a wild classic Mustang

    First underground parking meet for petrolheads.The Lancer Evo - Impreza STI meet blew out of proportion with surprise appearances by some fantastic machines.

  • Classic Mercedes Benz meet

    Classic Mercedes Benz meet

  • Tackling the urban jungle with a 90 Defender

    The Land Rover Defender is one of the only cars that can claim to have an instantly recognisable shape. For nearly three decades, the boxy, utilitarian Land Rover brought aid and care to the suffering masses, helped bridge remote locales with civilisation, and sometimes enforced the peace where necessary. From the United Nations to the British Army to hospitals in rural Bangladesh, the Land Rover was seen and heard by millions of people across all social divides and social classes.

  • The face of the planet is changing

    The negative effects of the internal combustion engine and the diesel powered engine is evident – rising global temperatures as a result of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, ongoing depletion of global fossil fuel reserves and clogging up of precious space in the world's cities has made the automobile the prime target for environmentalists and those dictating environmental policy.



  • Buying Guide - Toyota Mark II GX90

    The Mark II GX90 is one of the prettiest sedans Toyota has ever made. It's sleek, smooth and highly capable. We tell you what you need to know if you're looking at buying a used one.

  • Have you seen the new hybrid electric Toyota?

    Have you seen the new hybrid electric Toyota? Electrifying it is not. We imagine the following being part of the memo running though the Toyota design team. If not, it should be.

  • Flagship road yacht – Lexus LS500

    The new LS500 is perhaps the biggest direction change for Lexus in recent years.

  • TVR - the return tour

    TVR was the largest small volume producer of sports cars for nearly 4 decades, and was a driving force in the British sports car development charge in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Now, with new owners and a more solid engineering approach, they're coming back. Here's our tribute to the Black Sabbath of motor cars - TVR.

  • This week's automotive spotting

    Our resident Rooftop Sniper, Shadman Al Samee, made an excursion onto the ground to shoot a pair of extremely well done AE100s. They're different beasts though - one is clean and smooth as butter, the other bristles with pent up aggression.

  • Electric future and Bangladesh in it

    We in Bangladesh have somewhat warmed up to the idea of environmentally friendly vehicles – both the reconditioned and brand new. What electric cars can you buy at the moment, and how will owning an EV affect you here?

  • Enemies of traffic safety: Fog lights and fancy wheels

    When you get a good thing, you don’t let it go. Unless of course you instantly find a better thing. A better thing is almost always greater than a good thing. This is great advice when it comes to choosing fish at the frozen food section. A fresh fish is a good thing. A fish that smiles and waves at you is fresher, hence a better thing.

  • Top 10 - JDM factory specials

    As the prices of JDM rockets like Skylines and Supras shoot up worldwide, we run down the list of the rarest and best JDM factory specials – cars which might be modern classics of a bygone era soon enough.

  • A new way to travel in Dhaka – Amphibious Cars

    If it rains for longer than the time it takes to make a U-turn on Green Road, Dhaka gets flooded. How do you get around then? Get one of these amphibious wonders, of course.

  • 70 years of the Prancing Horse

    Our tribute to the most recognisable automaker on the planet, and makers of the fastest race cars and sports cars on the planet.

  • The European Mustang

    The European Mustang 1970 Ford Mustang Milano Concept

  • Engrs Vs Physx

    Engrs Vs Physx

  • Car Spotting

    Car spotting is a noble profession that involves standing under the sun and in dust, on overbridges or on the side of the road, waiting to take a photo of a rare car that belongs to someone else. It takes paitence and skill, and our Rooftop Sniper, Shadman, has loads of it.

  • Chinese auto manufacturers you should look out for

    In an increasingly globalised world, the Chinese are making headway towards an auto industry that can compete with the

  • Furious 8: Fate of the Furious

    Fast and Furious should really not be a thing anymore. Out of all the sacrilegious things you could say to an automotive enthusiast, that one line might set off a chain reaction that lands my head on a spike with the words “For Paul” scribbled across my bloodied forehead. It does hold some merit – you just need to see the latest movie, the Fate of the Furious, to know why.

  • Fast and furious: the journey

    The Fast and the Furious has been the most recognisable source of on-screen automotive shenanigans since it was launched in 2001. The first few movies brought to light tuning culture for a wider audience through mainstream Hollywood and over time it has morphed into saving the world tropes befitting a superhero movie. Love it, hate it, or be entertained by it, you have to admit that the Fast and the Furious has taken the term “car movie” and taken it to new heights. Literally.

  • Last of the Bel Airs: 1957 Chevrolet 150

    That particular Bel Air looked serene and majestic. And I couldn't wait to get my hands on a scale model since the few that came into Bangladesh back in the 60's had largely disappeared. Sometimes a black four-door would pop up at those infrequent motor shows only to disappear again. That is until late 2016, when Akbar Sattar bought it from the previous owner and set about a restoration task fit to bring tears to a grown man's eyes.

  • 50 years of the Mazda rotary

    Few collaborations between people of different nationalities has resulted in revolutionary automotive technologies that is as significant as the Mazda rotary engine. Similar to British and French engineers coming together to create the Concorde supersonic jet, the Mazda rotary is the product of German ingenuity and Japanese adaptability, and has stood the test of time as an unlikely candidate shortlisted for the greatest automotive engines ever made.

  • Top 10 scale-model real life showcars from Hotwheels

    Hotwheels is a petrolheads entry into the car world. A few bucks sets a kid up for a lifetime of automobilia. Here's the greatest model cars of real life showcars by Hotwheels.

  • 11 of the CRAZIEST show cars ever made

    Some show cars give hints at what may come. Others grab the imagination, shove a couple of dynamite sticks in there and light the fuse. These are the 11 of the craziest cars ever made. Some went into production. Others caught fire.

  • All in the details: Volvo XC90

    Luxury SUVs are a dime a dozen these days. Volvo tries to carve itself a niche with the tech laden, gorgeous XC90.

  • Time capsule: 1978 Mitsubishi Lancer

    The story of this 1978 Mitsubishi Lancer Deluxe is scarcely believable because of the series of numbers on the dash of this relic - 16,418. If you haven't guessed yet, that's the mileage of this pristine blue sedan, making it one of the lowest mileage first generation Lancers anywhere on the planet.

  • Ford Ranger XLT

    All pickup trucks in Bangladesh are work trucks. Few people look beyond the load carrying capacity and see the pointlessly cool allure of a pickup truck. The Ranger isn't your typical work truck. Padded interiors, plenty of buttons to answer all your comfort needs and a stylised look fit for posing with the sun behind your back. It's that kind of truck: for work and for plenty of play.