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Audi Quattro 1:24

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This week we have the legendary Audi Quattro in 1L24 scale, a car designed only using set squares by a man wearing square lensed glasses. It’s a box, but a very appealing looking box thanks to those bulging arches over the wheels suggesting meaty wheels beneath. 205/60VR15 tyres were plenty wide back in 1986. They offer that width on family sedans these days. This car was famous for having a turbo 4WD family car that could also drift across and dominate rally stages and Group B circuits.

This particular model is made by Leo Toys. No, we haven’t heard of it much before. Which is surprising because the model is very well detailed. Doors, trunk and hood open to reveal plenty of detail.


Super smooth casting creating a very straight body. Take that overpriced, super wavy Maisto.

Window frames for open doors and separately molded windshield wipers are a rather nice touch.

Excellent engine detail full of all the important bits and thingamajigs.

Clear, sharp decals.


Headlights look bland with no concave reflector beneath.

Tail lights on the real car are smoked unlike here.

Plastic bits such as bumpers have visible mold lines.

Missed out: Those thick dog leg hinges look awkward. Doors could have been spring loaded units that open inside the front fenders like real cars.


Brilliant model of a brilliant car at a very reasonable price. Available online for under 2500BDT. Keep an eye out on DCCCB buy/sell group such deals.

Look closely. You can read the dial. And the mileage.


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