• Classic road racing in scale

    Alfa Romeo made cars that were meant to seduce before they had broken down or rusted away. The Giulia is an especially enticing model with the perfect wheelbase, wrapped in a body that could only be described as petite and graceful.

  • 1/43s: Premium vs basic

    What sets a “premium” 1/43 car, made by the likes of Kyosho, apart from a “basic” one, such as one produced by Hi-Speed?

  • Fairlady 2000 rebirth

    The Fairlady 2000 is the second generation of the famed line from Datsun. The 1967 model was pretty and a far cry from today's messy Z cars, and in collectible form the Fairlady doesn't offer too many options for purchase. However, Hot Wheels has decided to change that in 2016 with a restomodded take on the 2000.

  • Audi Quattro 1:24

    Legendary 1986 Audi Quattro in 1/24 scale, a car designed only using set squares by a man wearing square glasses.


    One of the most unusual 1/18 scale models you can buy, this British Racing Green Triumph is a brilliant piece that you should definitely have in your collection, especially if you’re a fan of European classics.

  • 1:64 Countach and Subaru Impreza from Tomica's Premium range

    Tomica is Japan's biggest contributor to ensuring kids grow up loving cars. They've been making 1:64ish model cars

  • Bricks and wheels

    Superior build quality, meticulous attention to detail - exactly what Enzo Ferrari would expect of Ferraris, and what you get with the

  • Kyosho 1/64 Subaru Legacy

    Competing in the early 90's, the Legacy was a properly successful AWD rally car, but was eventually replaced by the lighter, swifter Impreza in the mid-90's. Kyosho has replicated it in wonderfully detailed 1/64 scale.

  • Winged Warriors

    Rundown of the best 1:64 Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird models

  • The coolest lowrider scale model cars

    Lowriders are colourful, loud and slow automotive art. Here's the best scale model options you can have.

  • Drastic plastic r32

    Let's talk about plastic. It causes ecological headaches because it never degrades. But it is also supremely workable to take any

  • Bare bodied racer FERRARI F40

    The F40 debuted in 1987 as the successor to the beautifully sculpted 288GTO, a car itself a legend. The F40 was also made to

  • Miuras in scale

    The definitive petrolhead child's bedroom poster in the 90’s was invariably a Lamborghini. No doubt for many it was a Countach, but for some, it the first supercar ever, the Miura. We look at the Miuras in scale.

  • German Mercedes from China

    Turn over almost any die-cast car and you will see one particular badge everywhere: Made in China. It’s easier to manufacture everything in China, be it cars, toys or mythical fake eggs. But are the models they make any good at all?

  • 1:43 Ferrari Daytona: hot little torpedo

    Ferrari’s designs were once only about three portions: a mile long hood, a tiny space for a person to sit in crookedly and a short

  • The JDM invasion by hotwheels: Mazda RX3

    Hotwheels has been bringing on the JDM invasion in small amounts. This RX3 shows how serious they are.

  • Custom Hot Wheels: Usdm Build-off

    Bangladesh's model car collectors participate in a USDM themed build-off to show what magic they can create.

  • Custom Integra Type R

    A custom Hot Wheels Integra...that has been reverted to stock form?! Read on.

  • Custom Hakosuka : The best of JDM cues on one classic Nissan

    The Hakosuka is the soon to be unattainable Japanese myth, stored away in safes for fear of getting dirty. But scale models allow us to do whatever we please. Here's our take on what a Skyline can look like.

  • Tomica's Crown Wagon

    This week on Collectibles: an absolutely gorgeous, classic Toyota Crown wagon from Tomica's Neo Vintage line.

  • Brian’s Ford Escort RS

    Brian's Ford Escort from the Fast and Furious movie, one from Hot Wheels and another from Greenlight, in two different scales.

  • Hottest HWs of 2016

    Hot Wheels in 2016 started off with a bang with more JDM specials and factory USDM hotrods. We look at the best of the lot that's sure to attract customisers.

  • Tiny Defenders

    To celebrate the end of the Defender (or more accurately lie in a corner sobbing uncontrollably), we bring you three tiny Land Rovers.

  • Creating a rusty Chevy truck in miniature

    A Chevy C10: This week we bring you a rust effect custom Hot Wheels done by Joshua Barrokh.

  • Mini cars, big meet

    Model car collecting is a hobby best suited for individuals with patience and a taste for war as everyone scrabbles for the best pieces. Here's the 2nd meetup of the biggest collectors' group in Bangladesh.

  • Corona RT40 taxi

    I've always lusted after the Corona RT40, to the point that I almost convinced my family to trade in our comfortable, modern Toyota Vista

  • Mini Golf

    Today's pick is this rather popular and common first generation Golf model by Bburago. This along with a test drive of a rare for Bangladesh 1:1 Golf.

  • Muscles and 'coolth'

    This week is all about the classic muscle. Now American cars aren't known for their finesse or their originality. The best of the bunch

  • 911: Minichamps VS HotWheels custom

    We pit Hotwheels' excellent 934 Porsche 911 against the same from Minichamps. To do that the former needed some custom work.

  • Customizing a diecast 1:18 Diablo

    This Bburago Diablo had some proportion and detail issues. Here's how we fix some of it and add some details to ignore what's left.