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  • Let's build kit cars

    Kits are not for everyone. But they help create unique pieces fit for a one-off collection.

  • FD RX7 and Honda City Turbo: 2017s HotWheels JDM invasion

    It has been a few revolutionary years at Mattel's Hot Wheels as the designers have started dishing out JDM pop culture

  • Gt40 MKIV by Shelby Collectibles

    Why is the 1967 GT40 so special for classic racecar collectors? It was the first GT40 to have a NASCAR style steel tube

  • 1998 Lotus Esprit V8 Turbo by Autoart

    Lotus always made fun, quirky, light and fast cars. They weren't always known for their reliability though, earning the

  • Sunstar Subaru Impreza 555

    We have heard of Bburago and Maisto as the preferred budget model car manufacturers. Kyosho and Autoart sit

  • Toycon 2017 - first of its kind

    While the rest of Toycon was largely devoted to people selling their wares (everything from posters to action figures

  • TVR Collectibles

    TVRs are the dragon equivalent of cars. They simply shouldn't exist because they are built around an implausible idea of fire and fantasy. And yet, TVR lived, on and off. It offered crazy designs, pointless horsepower and occasional glorious bouts of fiery display. This is the perfect manly car. So what do we have of it in scale models?

  • Toyota Allion scale models

    The Allion and Premio are basically larger, upgraded Corollas. Owners hate that comparison but if you look under the flashy skin, it is all nearly the same.

  • Custom features: Datsun 240ZG conversion

    Let's start with a simple mainline 240Z from Hotwheels.

  • Fujimi S13 Silvia custom

    Kit: This was the S13 Silvia driven by Iketani, leader of Akina Speed Stars in the anime Initial D. The kit is made by Fujimi and comes with

  • Collecting racecars

    Decals or not? Some people love race car decals, others want clean road going cars. There's a certain thrill to collecting world famous, race winning cars - even with the decals.

  • McLaren Vitamin 12C

    Pros: Smooth paint, very straight non-wavy metal casting. Functional spoiler albeit fragile. This one needed repairs.

  • The art of diorama photography

    When it comes to displaying your precious model car collection, few ways are as rewarding as having a scale specific diorama.

  • Classic Benzes in 1/43

    Two classic Mercs simply isn't enough Mercs. But it is definitely a good point to start. Featuring the most graceful and elegant Mercedes designs ever to roll out: the W111 series cars of the 60's.

  • 2017 Ford Mustang in scale

    Easier to own a home AND a car in Bangladesh than to pay for a single 1:1 Mustang. Doesn’t mean you still can’t have one.

  • Small but still furious

    The Fast and Furious franchise is minting money off family, death, brotherhood, muscle growth products and model cars. Everybody loves crashing, exploding cars and the safest and easiest way to do that is to do it with model cars.

  • The best Mazda rotary scale models you can buy

    We love the rotaries but a scale model would be much easier to buy...and maintain.

  • Top 10 scale-model real life showcars from Hotwheels

    Hotwheels is a petrolheads entry into the car world. A few bucks sets a kid up for a lifetime of automobilia. Here's the greatest model cars of real life showcars by Hotwheels.

  • Quirky frenchie

    The Citroen 2CV isn't pretty or fast. The French car was built from 1948 to 1990, remaining mostly unchanged. Its specialty included a 9

  • Scale enthusiasts from DCCCB meet

    The Diecast Car Collectors Club Bangladesh has come a long way from being just another group of like minded people on Facebook. It's turned into a genuine community of scale model car collectors who are pretty passionate about their hobby.

  • Classic road racing in scale

    Alfa Romeo made cars that were meant to seduce before they had broken down or rusted away. The Giulia is an especially enticing model with the perfect wheelbase, wrapped in a body that could only be described as petite and graceful.

  • 1/43s: Premium vs basic

    What sets a “premium” 1/43 car, made by the likes of Kyosho, apart from a “basic” one, such as one produced by Hi-Speed?

  • Fairlady 2000 rebirth

    The Fairlady 2000 is the second generation of the famed line from Datsun. The 1967 model was pretty and a far cry from today's messy Z cars, and in collectible form the Fairlady doesn't offer too many options for purchase. However, Hot Wheels has decided to change that in 2016 with a restomodded take on the 2000.

  • Audi Quattro 1:24

    Legendary 1986 Audi Quattro in 1/24 scale, a car designed only using set squares by a man wearing square glasses.


    One of the most unusual 1/18 scale models you can buy, this British Racing Green Triumph is a brilliant piece that you should definitely have in your collection, especially if you’re a fan of European classics.

  • 1:64 Countach and Subaru Impreza from Tomica's Premium range

    Tomica is Japan's biggest contributor to ensuring kids grow up loving cars. They've been making 1:64ish model cars

  • Bricks and wheels

    Superior build quality, meticulous attention to detail - exactly what Enzo Ferrari would expect of Ferraris, and what you get with the

  • Kyosho 1/64 Subaru Legacy

    Competing in the early 90's, the Legacy was a properly successful AWD rally car, but was eventually replaced by the lighter, swifter Impreza in the mid-90's. Kyosho has replicated it in wonderfully detailed 1/64 scale.

  • Winged Warriors

    Rundown of the best 1:64 Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird models

  • The coolest lowrider scale model cars

    Lowriders are colourful, loud and slow automotive art. Here's the best scale model options you can have.