Blue Train Camry: 1992 turbo SV30 | The Daily StarComfortable, reliable cruiser gets turned into a bruiser with the help of some 3SGTE turbo goodness: 1992 Toyota Camry SV30
12:00 AM, April 01, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:17 PM, July 14, 2016

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Blue Train Camry: 1992 turbo SV30

Toyota built a reputation out of making reliable cars that don't break down. They excelled even more so at building boring cars that helped people fall asleep more easily than BTV News at 10. This particular Camry, the V30, was one such car that combined both and proved to be highly profitable for Toyota all over the world. It did not need to have performance. Regions like ours though considered it a posh car. It was the big car you bought cause it oozed 'cool'. While Camrys, especially the V30 and the V40 were good looking cars, they never had any sporting pretensions.

They were made to be reliable, comfortable vehicles that moved people from place to place while softly playing Yanni in the four-speaker setup. But some people step away from the mainstream and get a ridiculous idea to turn this front wheel drive slushmobile into a thing of interest. They force feed the vehicle some sporting capabilities whether the car wants it or not. This is such a story.

The Camry you see here belongs to a friend called Fahim-uz-Zaman who may or may not have all his screws bolted on tight. His car on the other hand is well tightened up. He has had the car in his family since 1996. It went through several guises, all reflecting a young man's stages of growing up. Big spoilers versus small spoilers, evil black wheels versus clean light wheels, loud stereo versus I-don'tcare-for-stereo and furious bodykit versus grown up subtlety. What you see now is a ten-year transformation from slightly fast and furious to very fast yet very understated Yakuza-style cruiser.

Currently the Camry sports a 3SGTE giving out anything from 200-220bhp, roughly. While this is a big-ish car, it isn't a particularly heavy car. Remember: there's no powered seats, airbags, traction control equipment, battery packs, heavy audio equipment or dead gangsters in the trunk. The design is subtle with a simple bodykit that accentuates the clean lines with a little touch of purpose. That hood scoop is small and totally functional to feed air to the top mounted inter-cooler. And the color remains dark and out of the limelight.


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