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  • Why not a code of conduct for the lawmakers?

    A CoC is important not only for ensuring justice but also to establish a lawmaker's accountability to the people and the parliament. There should also be a clear accountability system under the purview of the Ethics Committee led by the Speaker of the Parliament as its Chairman.

  • Points for hon'ble MPs to ponder

    The content and tenor of deliberations at the House on July 9 raise the question whether the MPs acted within their mandate. The answer is an unequivocal no. Article 94(4) of Bangladesh Constitution stipulates that the Chief Justice and the other Judges of the SC shall be independent in exercise of their judicial functions.

  • For a fairer electoral process

    Newspaper reports say that the Election Commission (EC) is going to start 'drawing' or 'redrawing' boundaries of parliamentary constituencies in the country.

  • Islamic extremism: The elephant in the room

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's so-called 'Arab-Islamic-American' summit in which US President Donald Trump addressed heads of

  • Issuance of passports can be made easier

    Passports are issued to the citizens of a country for international travel. They are issued by the concerned department or by any of its overseas missions, to those who are citizens by birth or by descent.

  • Taking down the "Symbol of Justice"

    Finally, the Goddess of Themis had to step down. And she had to do so unceremoniously, under duress. Earlier, the elders of the

  • Rule of law and political use of Islam

    Political leaders and political parties professing a vision of a modern and progressive society need to take a stand based on principles and idealism and lead the people, appealing to and awakening their best instincts, instead of giving in to fear and prejudice.

  • When in doubt bring Ershad out

    You have to hand it to the former general/president. Nobody can really match the age-defying, flamboyant showstopper like Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad.

  • Upholding the dignity of higher judiciary

    Over the last year or so the executive and the legislative arms of the State appear to have geared up their disparagement of the higher judiciary.

  • The Lady of Justice

    The sculpture at the Supreme Court premise does not represent any idol. Rather, it is an inspiration and solidarity with the world in its respect for truth and justice.