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12:00 AM, March 09, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 08:14 PM, April 11, 2015


Lax progress in Taqi murder case

Delayed justice is justice denied

WE would like to add our voice to that of the eminent citizens in their plea made to the prime minister calling for proper investigation to find out the real culprits in the gruesome killing of a young boy in Narayanganj. It has been two years since the killing but, regrettably, no charge sheet has been served as yet. 

But should one have to implore the chief executive of the country for something that should be done as a matter of routine and part of the legal process? This case should have been handled even more promptly, particularly when there are allegations of complicity of politically powerful people in the killing. And this is borne out by the statement to the media in March 2014, of Rab's then additional inspector general that they had found involvement of the son and nephew, of two powerful politicians belonging to the AL and JP, and his 11 associates in Taqi's murder.  

It seems that, in spite of what we hear from people in high places that nobody is above the law, there are indeed people who are above the law. Although we believe in law taking its own course it seems that there is deliberate soft-pedaling of the issue. We understand that the investigating agency has completed its probe. If so what is keeping them from submitting the charge sheet, unless of course, the allegation that there is interference from powerful quarters, an allegation made by Taqi's father, has some substance.

We call upon the relevant agencies not to tinker with the legal process. Let justice be done without unnecessary delay.

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