• Why I am not celebrating

    In a recent commentary piece, Mr. Mahfuz Anam shed light on the Democracy Restoration Day and outlined the demands that the then tripartite alliance between the Awami League-led 15-party coalition, the BNP-led 7-party coalition and a group of left-leaning parties, made to the nation.

  • Mujibur

    The cost of ignoring the Constitution

    Our history is full of glaring examples of how narrow political interests of successive military and political governments have undermined the fundamental spirit of our Constitution considered the fruit of the historic Liberation War.

  • We, the people

    On December 16, 1972, on the first anniversary of Bangladesh's victory over Pakistan in the liberation war, the new Constitution came into effect as citizens of the new-born country looked ahead to a new dawn of hope after years of terror and oppression they had suffered under the military dictatorship of Pakistan.

  • How other Saarc countries appoint EC

    It will be a 'good gesture' by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina if her government consults with BNP and other political parties to form the new Election Commission next February even though her government is not legally obligated to seek others' opinion on the issue.

  • Expanding the Bangladesh-China trade frontier

    Expanding the Bangladesh-China trade frontier

    Despite positive developments in bilateral trade, there are certain gray areas and constraining factors disfavouring Bangladesh in optimising mutual gains from trade.

  • On a transformational journey

    China has been taken a strong place in the global economic landscape with its large GDP and rapid economic growth.

  • The race for global supremacy

    The race for global supremacy

    The Cold War that began in the wake of World War II between powers in the Western Bloc (the United States, its NATO allies and others) and powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its satellite states) terminated with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

  • Suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11: Another American obsession

    Americans since the founding of the United States seem to be in a perennial state of narcissist obsession.

  • Saluting a people's army

    On first of August this year, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China celebrated its 89th founding anniversary. PLA indeed has

  • Must not be the legacy we leave behind

    Must not be the legacy we leave behind

    That the Sundarbans, the unique world heritage site and a lifesaver for the coastal people, is in grave danger, with or without the planned Rampal coal-based power plant is not in dispute.

  • Ending violence against girl children

    What we need to do

    In the last one and a half years, 24 girls below three years were raped. It was also reported that most of the perpetrators were known to the children.

  • It's the people who matter

    Connecting with people is an inherent urge in human beings. Movement of people and ideas contributed towards the progress of societies.

  • Uneven contest, not a classy debate

    Let's begin at the beginning: Lester Holt, thought to be a Republican by political belief (so what!) was appointed Moderator for Monday's

  • No SAARC Summit this year: Is war imminent?

    India's Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj may have appeared belligerent in her speech at the United Nations. But she represented India's

  • My Hawai'i commitment

    The world community feels that Bangladesh should turn the tiger from an 'umbrella species' to a 'flagship species', as this is the national animal of Bangladesh.

  • Is SAARC coming apart?

    When we speak of SAARC, we usually hear two reactions – cynicism and skepticism,” Modi had told the 18th Kathmandu summit, which was to be held in 2012 but postponed to 2014.

  • Race for the top UN job

    Race for the top UN job

    In the chaos that is the running theme of the US elections, another election of a world leader is underway, albeit largely unnoticed, on US soil.

  • Can we have full disclosure, please

    Can we have full disclosure, please?

    Bangladesh is well-known around the globe for its many achievements. Rapid economic progress, exceptional exports growth, universal primary education, elimination of poverty and bold strides in addressing income inequality.

  • Hillary trumps Donald in the debate - but does it matter?

    The jury is still out on who won the debate here, but the punditocracy in the United States seems fairly unanimous. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton crushed Donald J. Trump, the Republican candidate.

  • Why Bijnor's communal villainy did not spread

    I had Muzaffarnagar riots of February 2013 at the back of my mind when I drove towards Pedda village on the Bijnor-Najibabad Road where three Muslims had been shot dead by Jats who fired with guns and pistols from the terraces of their homes.

  • Speaking in tongues-Language and personality

    Speaking in tongues: Language and personality

    We respond to others based on our dominant language, but when their dominant language is not congruent with ours, our understanding may not be congruent with what they intend.

  • Europe's leadership crisis

    Europe's leadership crisis

    The European Union's list of crises keeps growing. But, beyond the United Kingdom's “Brexit” vote to leave the bloc, Poland's constitutional-court imbroglio, Russian expansionism, migrants and refugees, and resurgent nationalism, the greatest threat to the EU comes from within: a crisis of political leadership is paralysing its institutions.

  • Challenges for the next election commission

    Elections are the only instrument of democratic and peaceful transfer of power with the consent and choice of the majority. Therefore,

  • May I have the left lane … please?

    Much has been written about the monumental traffic jams that literally inflict physical, psychological, economic and emotional trauma

  • Uri is only a symptom

    Baluchis-tan in Pakistan is like our Kashmir, an integral part but still rebellious after almost 70 years of Maharaja Hari Singh's

  • Saner views from Pakistan

    Readers may have read an introspective piece on 19th September under the caption 'The hanging of Mir Quasem Ali'. It was indeed

  • Hillary-Trump slanging matches from the ringside

    Hillary-Trump slanging matches from the ringside

    Next Monday, we will see the first of the three debates that are billed to bring out the best in the two candidates' competency, knowledge, leadership qualities and abilities to defend their policy positions, plans and visions for their incumbency.

  • Wrong side driving is wrong, even for ministers

    The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, has said that both men are wise when one says something and the other listens.

  • Getting migration governance right

    Getting migration governance right

    More than 4,300 migrants have died this year trying to reach their destinations. In the Mediterranean Sea alone, 3,200 people have perished, and in the Andaman Sea, just east of the Bay of Bengal, thousands of migrants have been stranded on boats with nowhere to land, or have been held hostage by their traffickers.

  • Voices from a small town

    Voices from a small town

    The building that houses the Jessore Shahittyo Parishad is not much to look at. From its appearance, it's difficult to get a measure of the impact it made in its heyday.