• How branding took Trump to the Oval Office

    Donald Trump took the concept of “American Dream”, re-packaged it, and sold it successfully to the American people. In the process, he has shown some traits which every marketer should adopt to build a triumphant brand.

  • What it means to be Asia's top employer brand

    CMO Asia is an independent non-profit council of global marketing leaders that awards the top brands in the continent for exhibiting excellence in various arenas. At this year’s awards, BAT Bangladesh (BATB) was recognised for its commitment to organisational culture and diversity, as well the quality of recruitment and differentiated talent management practices.


    The grand finale of IDLC presents Blueprints 2.0 in association with Dhaka Bank Ltd. was held on November 22, 2016 at North South University.

  • The one song that can give you maximum relaxation, according to scientists

    Yes, you read it right—neuroscientists in the UK have found one song that can reduce your anxiety by over 65%.


    British American Tobacco Bangladesh has been hosting its talent search platform Battle of Minds (BoM) successfully for 12 years now. The 13th edition ended with a festive touch on October 24, 2016.

  • Eat. Sleep. Do business competitions. Repeat.

    Business competition: the biggest buzzword in the life of a business student that somehow convinces us to voluntarily prepare slides and practice presentations, despite knowing very well the verbal assault from judges that awaits us.

  • 7 big no-nos when travelling abroad

    7 things to avoid while traveling abroad for work

  • How creativity is shaping the future of brands

    It is no secret that much of a brand's success will depend on creativity and technological innovation. Here are some of the ways brands are being creative with technology and making consumers re-imagine the whole consumer experience.

  • LightCastle Partners rank Bangladesh's Business Confidence Index

    Bangladesh's Business Confidence Index (BCI) has been found to be 39 on a scale of 100—implying between low and moderate.

  • SELISE: Creating software, selling innovation

    The opportunity to use one's business acumen in the field of technology may still not seem mainstream to many of us. One name in the industry that has madethis a reality is SELISE rockin' software.

  • UX design myths debunked

    User experience or UX design is underestimated when it comes to building a digital product. People mistake it as interface design and end up ignoring the fact that just because something looks good doesn't mean it works that well.

  • Why your organisation should celebrate more

    If your organisation is celebrating a big anniversary—like we are at Next Step with our three year anniversary—you shouldn't neglect to mark the occasion. But does your organisation tend to go overboard and celebrate every other special day or is the mildest form of excitement frowned upon in your circles?

  • Beating employee turnover

    We take a good look at the causes behind poor employee retention and how to beat them.

  • The butterfly effect at the office

    Toxic behaviour can spread like wild fire in an organisation. Put a damper on it before it's too late.

  • Winning back lost customers [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Does your industry have high turnover? Perhaps it’s time you started thinking about these lost customers.

  • 4 trends changing how we work [INFOGRAPHIC]

    What will be the major shifts paving the way we work in the next decade?

  • The Left-Side Classroom: Donate for change

    Kazi Fori Government Primary School, Mirpur. Numerous underprivileged children go there to receive education every other day or week. The number of children dropping out due to the lack of resources has decreased and they are more motivated to want to study. The reason behind this incredible transformation is The Left-Side Classroom.

  • The power of collaboration

    Much of the advancement of human history was not through individual effort, but through crossovers of great ideas and remarkable people, who decided to discuss and improve on each others' concepts.

  • How to make friends at work

    Work friends can make the job more fun and provide further incentives for you to improve. But we know, it's easier said than done, so here's our guide to help you out.

  • Rosy path for the budding photographer

    Yes, rosy, and sometimes golden. If you haven't picked up my puns yet, I'm talking about weddings, wedding photography to be precise. Typically, a wedding is a very important part of someone's life. A phase when some lose their freedom, friends and/or pets, and some lose their virginity—which definitely in no way is a bad thing.

  • Misplacing morality in the Facebook generation

    Years before, when I was introduced to the internet, the usage was merely confined to downloading resources for assignments and reports, writing emails to friends living abroad and exploring the unknown and the unseen. Back then, it seemed like the internet was well on its way to redefining my way of doing things in terms of ease of communication. Well, the reality was beyond expectation. And I believe the experience is the same for almost everyone. Thanks to the advent of social media, we are now re-evaluating our entire notion of the internet.

  • The magic of appreciation and recognition in organisations

    It's up to you how you shape your organisation's culture. And regular appreciation and recognition are pure magic when it comes to creating a healthy culture.

  • Beatnik: An innovation driven creative agency

    Digital marketing has become mandatory for any brand to survive, let alone grow. Advertisements and all sorts of content are expected to not only be well made, appealing and informative, but also very engaging. This need has led to the rise of creative agencies across the capital. Among the up and coming creative agencies that are increasingly making a mark in this new industry is Beatnik.

  • Women in leadership: Inspired with Ripa Rashid

    Where 49.5% of the population consists entirely of women in Bangladesh, the expected freedom and rights of women are

  • Crafting the leaders of tomorrow

    Leadership Summit 2016 organised by Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) took place on 23rd April at the Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka. Addressed to future leaders, the agenda of the event was 'realising potentials'.

  • Explore your potential for greatness

    Head of HR of Bangladesh Express Ltd. shares his insight on positive initiative and change.

  • 5 ways to give your brand a facelift

    In an increasingly competitive marketing landscape, a brand has to walk the fine line of maintaining consistency of its messages and cultivating ways to associate itself with different facets of life. That's why it pays to have a compelling brand power.

  • Take charge of your life: Ishtiaq Ahmed on self-transformation

    Why are only five percent of graduates truly successful in their careers? Why does the majority live out an average life? Have you ever asked your seniors these questions? Instead of delving into details, I'm going to lay down the path to 'self-transformation', to show you how to lead a better career.

  • Unusual ways to boost employee productivity

    Creating a workplace filled with happy employees isn't as challenging as we might think. And it isn't about fatter pay checks.

  • This is not what I had planned

    No one can pack a punch like Mike Tyson, or score a satisfying goal like Maradona. They are just a few examples of experts who inspire millions by doing what they do best. But have you ever wondered whether they had started off on the same path?