• Sheba.xyz: Taking the service industry by storm

    Starting from plumbing, electrical and IT services to managing chefs, chauffeurs and security personnel, Sheba.xyz has it all! We caught up with the ever enthusiastic CEO, Adnan Imtiaz Halim.

  • Redefining 'win-win': Youth in social business

    With the third season of Social Business Youth Summit (SBYS) 2016 knocking at the door, Shazeeb M Khairul Islam, Founder & President of Social Business Youth Alliance-Global (SBYA) tells us why it is the must-attend conference of the season.

  • What real estate has to offer

    Next Step caught up with Sadat Hossain Salim, a prominent figure in the country's real estate arena and advisor to Rupayan Group, to talk about the real estate market and its career scope.

  • Never back down

    Managing people is a challenging task in any business. What makes it even more daunting is diversity, trying to manage different people who are very different from each other. To find out how this challenging task is done, we caught up with someone who has no trouble managing the talent of one of the largest multi-nationals in the world: Giovanni Giordano, Director of Group Human Resources at British American Tobacco (BAT).

  • Nurturing home-grown talent

    A data science enthusiast and Lecturer at NSU, K. M. Saqiful Alam talks to Next Step about his projects and the future of education in Bangladesh.

  • Jugaad: The budget approach to innovation

    We recently interviewed Dr. Jaideep Prabhu, Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Business and Enterprise at Cambridge University and a leading researcher of Jugaad—a frugal and flexible approach to innovation—to talk about why innovation knows no boundaries and how it is evolving every day.

  • The 10 million connection

    This year Synergy Global.co, a team from Bangladesh won the Shanghai Regional Round of the Hult Prize, defeating 45 teams from top business schools.

  • Weaving a career in RMG

    With over 30 years of experience in the RMG industry, Md. Moshiul Azam Shajal, former Director of BGMEA & Managing Director of Posmi Sweaters, gives us the scoop on how rewarding this industry can be career-wise.

  • Going international: Cambridge's plans for Bangladesh

    In conversation with Guy Chapman, Deputy Director, International Network at Cambridge International Examinations

  • Management in the fast lane

    We caught up with the Head of HR of Bangladesh Express Ltd., licensee of FedEx Corp, to get to know more about this fast paced business sector.

  • Succeeding across cultures

    We talk to Hae In Kim, Regional Head of HR, Asia Pacific at British American Tobacco, about her career and visit to Bangladesh.

  • E-commerce is now a 300 crore industry and growing

    Syeda Kamrun Ahmed, CEO of Bagdoom, shares insights on the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh

  • Telenor: Visions from the visionary

    Telenor is easily one of the most far-sighted businesses in the world today. Where others dwindle and decrease in prominence, Telenor has gone from strength to strength. But what does it take to not only be a market leader but to keep a firm grip on such a covetable position?

  • The enabling act

    Rumana Rahman, Head of Human Resources at BAT Bangladesh, shares best kept secrets for upcoming talent.

  • Cross functionality in business

    Next Step talks to ICMAB DBC's Chairman on the 2015 Cross Functional Summit

  • Chorki: A startup to look up local content online

    Chorki is a local search engine that specialises only in local content. We talked with Rashed Moslem, Chorki's Chief Operating Officer, about how Chorki works, its future plans and the team that built this platform.

  • Myths about the state-owned bank debunked

    Today's story is about a state-owned institution. We caught up with Md. Abdus Salam Azad, General Manager, Human Resources of Janata Bank in the hopes of debunking some of the deep-rooted stereotypes we hold about government institutions.

  • Building possibility

    From high-rises to apartment buildings, developers have taken the property and developing business to a whole new level. Rakeen Properties is starting its journey in this business, but the projects they are undertaking are sure to amaze residents of the city.

  • Marketing to the masses

    We talk to Solaiman Alam, Senior Director, Marketing at Banglalink about the changing face of the telecom sector.

  • The power of 'we'

    Over the last two decades, Ajeyo Rohitashwo ~ Al Quazi has distinguished himself as both a corporate leader and a creative mind. A talented HR generalist, lovingly called 'corporate poet' by his peers, Ajeyo now leads as Group Chief People Office of Aamra Companies, one of the largest names in the IT and services industry. Ajeyo has been recently ranked 46th in CHRO Asia's "100 most talented global HR leaders". The first ever live mobile app on Bangla poems 'Ajeyo Kobita' portrays his writings and is available on the Google Playstore.

  • Digital hammer: Breaking geographical boundaries with internet for all

    Yasir Azman talks about Grameenphone's plan to bring in full internet connectivity for Bangladesh and how he draws insights into the Bangladeshi youth by following his 12 year old son's behavior.

  • It's all about moonshots

    A moonshot is an idea so big, so bold, that it is thought to be impossible until it isn't anymore. We caught up with John Sculley, former Former CEO of Apple and PepsiCo to talk about moonshots and the next big thing.

  • The ‘no shortcut’ way

    Whether you're a struggling entrepreneur or a student/employee fighting to make ends meet, stories of people like Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey always provide the much needed inspiration. But then you see someone being 'handed' top management positions because their father or uncle happen to own a well established business (bummer) and you begin to question if all your hard work was in vain.

  • Working for the elites

    Safat Ishtiaq, Marketing Executive at Rancon Motors Limited, talks about motivation, struggle and success

  • Bringing the world to Bangladesh

    Seeing the potential of this happening country, Sekai Lab, a Japanese global IT outsourcing startup, chose to launch their 15th offshore operation here, in Bangladesh. Next Step got in touch with Hiroki Inagawa, CEO of Sekai Lab, to talk about his game plan for Bangladesh. ​

  • Talent management: The next big business sector

    We talk to Ahmed Pasha, Strategic HR of Symphony. We discuss talent management, HR empowerment and how Facebook contributes to stress fluctuation.

  • Learning to be positive about failure

    Founder of Future Startup Ruhul Kader discusses his entrepreneurial journey

  • Venture capital 101

    Bangladesh is now home to a growing startup scene. With all the exciting startups in the play, venture capital firms are being lured in.

  • Brand talk with Aftab Mahmud Khurshid

    Aftab Mahmud Khurshid is widely known for his strategic business marketing and brand building expertise. He shares his brand marketing tips and thoughts about next generation marketers with Next Step.

  • Serving the finest in F&B

    Next Step interviews the Managing Director of Watercress, Sheikh Aftab Ahmed