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  • 4 ways to boost your workplace cred

    Instead of waiting around for your boss and co-workers to notice you, here’s what you can do to boost your credibility in the workplace.

  • 4 ways to boost your workplace cred

    Instead of waiting around for your boss and co-workers to notice you, here's what you can do to turn your fate around.

  • When is it OK to lie?

    If you can stop questioning your morals for a second, you'd realise that lying is indeed justified under certain circumstances.

  • User experience design: Hot new tech skill for 2017

    User experience design is one of the biggest in-demand tech fields right now. Here's what it is and what you can do.

  • 3 things you tell yourself to avoid tailoring your application

    We probably tell you to customise your cover letter or tailor the summary in your CV every other week. But how many of you actually do it?


    Digital Marketing has undoubtedly been one of the most promising sectors in Bangladesh. But what is it really?

  • The four colleagues you need at work

    The potential benefits of having different types of co-workers are immeasurable for any individual, and these benefits ultimately help you grow and prosper in the organisation.

  • Civil engineer what?

    There are some degrees out there that simply tend to be misinterpreted and misunderstood by the people around you and regardless of its existence since the dawn of civilisation itself, Civil Engineering happens to be one such field.

  • The trick women in the White House use to stop being interrupted

    If you thought a White House aide was pretty much set for life because she or he has gotten the metaphorical foot in the door, think again. Because once you get your foot in the door, you have to get a seat at the table. And 21st century or not, for women, it's double the work.

  • Choosing a career: What it takes to be a teacher

    After graduating, people become over-burdened with the pressure of getting absorbed by the job market as soon as possible. In the process, they ignore some factors that are crucial to choosing a career. Let's see what it takes when it comes to choosing teaching as a profession.