• Job hopping with Genghis Khan

    Genghis Khan knew if he stuck to his daily routine of pillaging, looting and massacring the opposing villages, he would eventually conquer the world. He didn’t dabble in job hopping. But this is now and young people early in their careers tend to jump within two to four years. Here are 4 top reasons why.

  • 4 ways to boost your workplace cred

    Instead of waiting around for your boss and co-workers to notice you, here’s what you can do to boost your credibility in the workplace.

  • 4 ways to boost your workplace cred

    Instead of waiting around for your boss and co-workers to notice you, here's what you can do to turn your fate around.

  • When is it OK to lie?

    If you can stop questioning your morals for a second, you'd realise that lying is indeed justified under certain circumstances.

  • User experience design: Hot new tech skill for 2017

    User experience design is one of the biggest in-demand tech fields right now. Here's what it is and what you can do.

  • 3 things you tell yourself to avoid tailoring your application

    We probably tell you to customise your cover letter or tailor the summary in your CV every other week. But how many of you actually do it?


    Digital Marketing has undoubtedly been one of the most promising sectors in Bangladesh. But what is it really?

  • The four colleagues you need at work

    The potential benefits of having different types of co-workers are immeasurable for any individual, and these benefits ultimately help you grow and prosper in the organisation.

  • Civil engineer what?

    There are some degrees out there that simply tend to be misinterpreted and misunderstood by the people around you and regardless of its existence since the dawn of civilisation itself, Civil Engineering happens to be one such field.

  • The trick women in the White House use to stop being interrupted

    If you thought a White House aide was pretty much set for life because she or he has gotten the metaphorical foot in the door, think again. Because once you get your foot in the door, you have to get a seat at the table. And 21st century or not, for women, it's double the work.

  • Choosing a career: What it takes to be a teacher

    After graduating, people become over-burdened with the pressure of getting absorbed by the job market as soon as possible. In the process, they ignore some factors that are crucial to choosing a career. Let's see what it takes when it comes to choosing teaching as a profession.

  • The life and times of a territory manager

    Life after university is going to be so much better right? Working 9 to 5 at a cosy office, post-work hangouts with friends/colleagues at a cafe, and finally a fat pay-check all to yourself. However if you are employed as a territory manager (TM), life is going to be the exact opposite.

  • What do EEE grads really do?

    Most electrical engineers are confused with electricians. Contrary to popular belief, they do not fix light bulbs.

  • Job hopping with Genghis Khan

    Job hopping with Genghis Khan - When is it right to switch jobs?

  • LinkedIn mistakes you're too qualified to make

    Opening up an account on LinkedIn is a piece of cake, but you might as well be just another guy on the internet with a profile full of inconsistencies.

  • The 3 biggest challenges you’ll face when collaborating

    While teams that get along are dime a dozen, what are the usual mishaps that lead to the not-so-great outcomes?

  • Negotiating salary: 3 pro tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Whether you're starting your fab new job or just aiming for a promotion, you should be negotiating to get what you deserve.

  • 5 steps to finding the job of your dreams

    Being employed in a reputed organisation is the long cherished dream of every graduate. But finding a suitable position in the job market right after graduating is no less than a battle.

  • Is the job right for you? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Pay is important, but certainly not as important as the job title that you are working for.

  • How to bridge the gap between creatives and marketing

    Marketing and creative teams have been working closely together for decades now, but some things don't necessarily get easier with time.

  • Dealing with the unemployment blues

    Unemployment is a serious situation which is feared by the vast majority of people. Not only can having to tell people about your jobless status be shameful and embarrassing, but without a regular source of income, the possibility of financial hardship can be difficult and can also bring an unwanted change to your lifestyle.

  • The game of swivel chairs

    If you're frustrated with the office politics in your cubicle, where better to learn a thing or two than from the televised epitome of subterfuge and self-serving intentions.

  • Why you should have more team building activities [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Team-building programmes provide realistic experiences that empower individuals to contribute to common goals. The success of most organisations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective teams.

  • 4 skills managers will need in the next 10 years [INFOGRAPHIC]

    The fundamentals of leadership haven’t changed. However, the circumstances surrounding our work are constantly changing.

  • Professional etiquette for 2016

    Poor workplace manners can be stressful to those around you. So boost employee morale and productivity this new year with Next Step's guidelines for workplace etiquette.

  • Meeting etiquette every professional should know in 2016

    To help you in your work life in 2016, here are the top tips from Barbara Pachter, career coach and author of The Essentials of Business Etiquette.

  • How to land your dream job

    These days, most of us have a dream company even before we have a dream job. And while it's great to not be broke halfway through the month, there's a difference between a job that pays the bills and a satisfying career.

  • Let's talk about employee motivation

    We always talk about employee motivation, but do so without realising what it entails – an inner stimulation to create belongingness in the employees. It takes the 'I' and replaces it with a feeling of 'We'. So what are the factors that motivate employees?

  • Service mantras

    Some say it's easier to get new customers than retain old ones. Because retaining a customer requires work. To reduce the churn rate every organisation requires an elaborate action plan and a customer centric mindset. And part of it might include hammering 'customer service excellence culture' into the minds of every front line manager.These are the wise words of renowned corporate coach Dhammika Kalapuge.

  • Better Bangladesh holds workshop on career development

    Better Bangladesh, a youth development organisation, launched their first workshop on career development on November 14th.