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Job hopping with Genghis Khan

Should you switch?

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Back in the 1200s, Genghis Khan knew if he stuck to his daily routine of pillaging, looting and massacring the opposing villages, he would eventually conquer the world. He never varied from his career path of destruction. He definitely didn’t contemplate opening up a noodles shop and later setting up a chain shop of painting family portraits. He didn’t dabble in job hopping. But this is now and young people early in their careers tend to jump within two to four years. For some it is a fast track to corporate climbing. For others it could lead to creating an unwanted impression of fickleness. But sometimes, you simply need to switch. Here are 4 top reasons why.

Horrible bosses

Genghis Khan was his own horrible boss and he loved himself. Ask his minions to hear some gory tales but then, none of them lived to tell the tale. But those of you reading this probably have at least one boss over you, a boss that has not yet murdered you.

What to do: A bad boss is usually not fixable.

No growth, no excitement

Genghis Khan loved the smell of blood in the mornings. He loved his job. Each victory led him to expand his territory and name.  Are you doing anything that has helped you grow your skills or reputation? If your job offers you no option to develop your skills or try your hand at something that adds value, then you are in the wrong place.

What to do: Look for the specific areas where you can contribute. If upper management is shown your expertise and dedication, usually they try to fit you in.


Genghis Khan was like a Pokémon master except he wanted to conquer or kill them all. He knew where he was headed and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Do you?

Do you wake up in the morning and drag yourself to work? Perhaps check one last meaningless Facebook post before checking another before handing in your report? Do you often cry your snot-filled tears into a colleague’s unattended shawl/jacket?

What to do: See if your organisation has scope for matching your interests.


Genghis Khan had more money than he knew what to do with. It wasn’t his main motivator. If your company isn’t willing or able to give you what you are worth, switch. Many switch jobs in about a year for money because it usually offers a bigger increment. But if you have a good boss and challenging work, the money comes bigger when you stay longer with the company.

What to do: When you have a chance to develop your reputation, stay.

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