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4 clever ways to wake up faster

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Let's face it. Nobody in their right mind would get out of bed at 7 in the morning. But since society deems it fit to have us in our cubicles by 9 a.m. sharp, even the hopeless non-morning person must change their ways. Despair not, for scientists have come up with a solution for the sleepiest of heads.

1. Draw your curtains

The body stops producing melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, in response to light. So if you want to shake off that grogginess, open the windows and get a good dose of vitamin D. Have breakfast in the veranda, or if you're feeling particularly determined, put on those trainers collecting dust and go outside for a walk.

2. Put on some Europop

Researchers at New York University discovered that when participants listed to music, their brain oscillations synchronised with the temp of the songs. So music with a faster tempo brought them towards higher frequency beta waves, which are associated with active or busy thinking and higher levels of concentration.

3. Get a glass of water

A study at the University of East London found that participants who had a glass of water with a cereal bar performed better in a series of mental tests than those who had a just cereal bar. Considering that the brain is 73 percent water and you expel moisture through respiration and evaporation in your sleep, your brain cells can't function at their optimum level if they don't have the water they need. Getting around 250 to 500 ml is a good guideline for most folks.

4. Douse yourself with cold water

When the body is exposed to sudden cold, it redirects blood away from the peripherals to deeper tissues and organs. Additionally, the brain gets impulses from receptors in the skin to stimulate the release of neurotransmitters and stress hormones like noroadrenaline. Since the winter season is coming up, at the end of that nice hot shower, douse your face, arms and legs with cold water for 2-3 minutes. The increased blood flow and release of chemicals put you in a better mood and leave you feeling energised.

Illustration: Amiya Halder

Connect with the Author:

Amiya Halder works as In-Charge for Daily Star's weekly career supplement Next Step. She has the daunting task of turning dull, sleep inducing articles into interesting content. She often steps in to create info-graphs which happens to be one of her specialties. Amiya has a recurring worry that her arms are too short for taking selfies, rather like the Tyrannosaurs Rex. This IBA student refuses to let her poor selfie taking skills hamper her team building activities. Most of that involves accepting LAN games of NFS and beating the guys most of the times at races. It's called team building exercise and she practices what she edits.

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