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Style council: Return of the clips

Simple Accents

Simplicity can often make a statement. And this is exactly the case with these modest, chromatic metal clips. Hairclips with gold, rose gold or silver accents go with every outfit imaginable. They come in simple geometric shapes and are easiest to pull off. Simple but nonetheless eccentric, these clips are ideal for a minimal approach to this modern trend. Not to mention, they are an efforless choice that turns up the charisma of plain, everyday looks.

bold in brights

Some of us are bolder than the others, and are brighter in nature and style. These chunky, colourful hairclips are the perfect match for that ever vibrant persona. Incorporate a touch of summer by adding these little hints of colour to your look. Trust us when we say it can make a world of difference to even the simplest outfits!

funky fun

At times, stepping out of our comfort zones and getting a little funky is all we need. And what better way to achieve that in the most minimalistic way possible? Hairclips in fun colours and patterns totally make us reminisce our childhood! It’s the cutest accessory you can pull off if you’re in the mood to maximise this trend. These clips are all the fun our outfits call for; a boost of life for the lively little girl within us!

Pearly Chic

Awaken the Parisian in you with the presence of some pearly perfection. These pearl embellished clips climbed the trend tier and became the obsession of every fashionista lately. Its sophisticated yet youthful essence brings forth the chic in every look. Adored by all ladies of the fashion realm, this accessory is a modern staple and looks best incorporated in to elegant attires.

shine bright on a saturday night

Hair buns are what makes the Bengali belle complete. If you haven’t already tucked in few rhinestone-encrusted clips to that bun of yours then you haven’t exercised the full power of fashion, as of yet! Just imagine a situation where you are wearing a halter neck blouse paired with a flawless jamdani, sleek pulled back hair, and a mini bun carefully moulded with Swarovski studded clips.