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Today's Gallery (2018.02.07)

the Bangshi river

Sand being unloaded from a barge on the Bangshi river in Islampur area of Dhaka's Dhamrai upazila. Stench from the river water fill the area as it is badly polluted by factory waste. The photo was taken on Monday. Photo: Palash Khan

killing it slowly...

KILLING IT, SLOWLY... One by one the priceless water bodies, both natural and manmade, are being destroyed in and around the city, sometimes by the very authority that is supposed to protect those. The pond inside Gulistan Park in the capital is no different. It is slowly being destroyed by dumping of waste, bathing and washing clothes by vagrants, locals and visitors alike. Even the workers of the city corporation doing renovation work in the park are drying it up by extracting water from it. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon