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  • Rabindranath Tagore's Spring Songs

    Since whether you keep me in mind or not isn't in my mind at all,

  • Crossing Borders

    In one of my trips to the USA, I had a ticket on Royal Jordanian Airlines with a stopover at Amman. I halted there for three days, saw

  • The Three-Legged Cat

    Ammu is crying in the next room. Incessantly. I can't stand it any longer. Why did she do it? I have no doubt that she did it even

  • Musings on a Poet, a City and a Football Team

    Alone upon the housetops, to the North

  • Chronicle of a Death Least Foreseen

    As I was just leafing through Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in a feeble attempt to cope with the emptiness

  • Poetry

    I imagine the lives of others,

  • Syed Manzoorul Islam: “A Veritable Man of Letters”

    Dr. Syed Manzoorul Islam – or SMI sir, as he is popularly known to us, his current and former students – is one of the most dynamic people I know. I first met him about twenty-five years ago in an undergraduate classroom where he

  • From an untitled,unfinished, unpublished 1971 story

    I knew it was Tipu, without even looking at the blanket-wrapped body they were carrying on their shoulders. I knew it was Tipu, because as always, he had filled up every space with his presence. He was my only child, and I often

  • Music, the Goddess of Passion

    I confess: music for me is intimate. I don't know about genres and canons. Nor do I know the reasons that compel a composer to

  • Bewitching Heidelberg

    Much like the famous German song “Ichhabmein Herz in Heidelberg verloren” by Fred Raymond, which later became the theme song of