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The passer-by

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‘Shaggy rags carpet the sky

with tiny pores for rays to penetrate,

with highly charged fluffy clothes

which weave threads of fire,

with melodies of light to signal the cessation of those moist clothes."

"A peculiar creature, a dove commences its journey into life,

shuddering at the thought of being isolated from its flock,

quivering under the resonant booms and the nuances of a sinister light,

wedged between somber and blue atmospheres it hastily patters through the colossal cotton,

the dove not within itself due to the pangs of stormy wind and fire,

only the wind taking it stiffly through those wild guffaws of the sky,

no motion, except the salty discharges of lamentation from swollen eyes."

“Slowly an ascent begins,a sunrise, it ventures through the flying maze of ice, with fiery eyes,

the rusty wings, embodying wishes of neatly hatched eggs, submerges in happiness,

the whole world in a feather, only the universe being witness."

"An antiquated dove in a new orb,

sends back letters of light and jovial voices, to the beginning of the risen foam,

with only an ethereal light in front, the dove returns its sighs,

the end of the storm is approaching near, and that is where the sun lies."

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