• The $900,000 question behind Dylan's Nobel

    Many writers might give their right arm to be paid almost $1 million to deliver a lecture. But Bob Dylan's silence since he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature might mean he never sees the award money.

  • Bob Dylan still silent on Nobel literature prize win

    Twenty-four hours after awarding Bob Dylan the Nobel prize for literature, the Swedish Academy says it had still not managed to speak to the reclusive US singer.

  • Seafarers

    The sea holds the ship like one might hold a gemstone, lightly gripped between the tips of its forefingers, stuttering. It tries to be

  • Are you a mere portrait painted on canvas?

    Are you a mere portrait painted on canvas?

  • Awaking

    I shall be waiting for you

  • The Blackbird

    On the beautiful wings of the Blackbird,

  • Ephemeral Love

    The news took us all by great surprise. Some of us were shocked, and others were very upset. One friend Mahbub, who

  • Hope

    The pale colour of an exhausted day

  • Mamunur Rashid's Oeuvre

    Mamunur Rashid's Oeuvre

    Many of the theatre persons of Bangladesh left the country in 1971 for Calcutta and had an active exposure to the stage productions of the city.


    Rabindranath keeps awake by you every day...

  • The Allusion

    My paradise is regained...

  • The Investigative Report

    The Investigative Report

    The dead body of a seemingly unknown young man...


    So many years gone by, but oh! wonder, yet to learn...

  • Mamunur Rashid

    Mamunur Rashid's Oeuvre

    Shakespeare found the world a stage. Similar comments could be found in literatures, oral or written, of places across the globe.


    I do not wish exile anymore

  • When your word is someone else's bond

    Within minutes of Melania Trump finishing her speech at the US Republican Convention, the news was out that she had plagiarised a

  • Commitment

    In the coming spring I will love you

  • On a Train

    Sue and Glen, standing on the moving train, stood facing each other as they held a steel pole for support. Crowded with office

  • The Colour of Season

    Whenever, I had come over to Sydney to spend time with my family, we met most of the times on road or cottage fence and

  • Threshold

    An everyday face

  • Two Poems by Masud Khan

    I never went to Kurigram.

  • The Colour of Season

    The winter has begun from of 1st of June officially in Australia. I wonder, if the season does follow the calendar.

  • A peek into the life of an alienated youth

    Set within and on the outskirts of Dhaka City, Like A Diamond In The Sky (Shazia Omar, Penguin 2009), is a novel that addresses the alienation of Bangladeshi youth through the struggles of a 21 year old drug addict, Deen, and his 'khor' friends.

  • Lost

    I have a feeling of unease,

  • Ode to July

    In the yearly cycle of months, we are now well into July. In season's

  • The passer-by

    ‘Shaggy rags carpet the sky with tiny pores for rays to penetrate,

  • Fiction and the unconscious

    The outcome of the referendum seems certain to divorce us from the European Union. But Britain itself has already been internally fractured by an angry campaign full of dishonest threats and promises. The leading promoters of Brexit were mainly responsible.

  • The Traveller

    The traveller walks on, singing as if undone,

  • The Man

    It was midnight. The man was lying dead; his head had hit the edge of the sidewalk and then cracked open, the blood was slowly but


    See, such a beautiful sparrow is